10 best Google Meet alternatives to consider

Google meet is undoubtedly one of the best online video communication tools existing at present. We all know that online video communication tools like google meet, zoom, join.me have become highly important according to the current situation.

Though social media and messenger applications have made online communication so easy. But these are good for person to person audio and video calling.

When it comes to the necessity of commercial or organizational purpose to meet a whole team virtually, we can’t rely on social media and messenger applications.

Moreover, we are now more likely to execute virtual classrooms, online conferences to accomplish things even while staying at a distance.

These online video communication tools have made it possible to gather up hundreds of people in a virtual place.

However, google meet is widely popular as the most secure and versatile video communication application. But it’s not the one that is dominating in the current market because there are other applications such as google meet that are considered as the competitor of google meet.

In this article, we will show you 10 useful google meet alternatives to consider if you also get it in your mind or you are just simply interested to learn about it. here you will get some uncommon applications that you have never heard of before.


List of google meet alternatives and competitors

According to the current situation, there are so many applications developed to fulfill the online conferencing requirements. They have brought so many exciting features and options to provide the best experience.

You may already get used to google meet and don’t intend to shift others. But here we listed down the 10 best google meet competitors where you may find one that seems good to you.

When making the list, we have focused on the features and pricing so that you can easily get all the specifications at a glance. Here is the list of current best google meet alternatives and competitors.

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft teams
  • Webex meeting
  • Bluejeans meetings
  • Join.me
  • Google hangout
  • TeamViewer
  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting
  • Webex app


Zoom comes in the first choice when we are talking about google meet alternatives. It has gotten much popularity these days because of its slick interface and feature rich integration.

Zoom is highly popular as a cloud video conferencing application. It comes in handy in all types of video conferencing requirements such as distance learning, live events, webinar, and commercial purposes.

Zoom offers an easy to use interface with all the required functions for online video conferencing. It allows audio and video conferencing with a chat option through which users can send messages person to person and the whole group.

Zoom Website home page

You can schedule meetings, record important lectures in online classes, screen share, change background, live preview, and so on with zoom.

It also includes file sharing, whiteboard, hand raising, host and participant controls while accepting third-party integrations.

Zoom is available in free and paid plans. You can start using its free plan free of cost which has limitations in some aspects. Considering both free and paid users, there are more than 300 million participants daily contributing with zoom.

With such a massive user base, it is highly accused because of its poor security that can easily be affected by malware and hackers. Besides, it seems more expensive than Google meet.

Microsoft teams

If you are a business and extremely looking for some kind of business communication application, then Microsoft teams are here for you. As its name suggests, it makes the platform highly interactive for business and they can use it to collaborate, communicate, train and so on.

Microsoft teams incorporate all the powerful features and tools in one place. Unlike Google meet and all other competitors’ applications, it works through the team, channel, and tab. You can create new teams within Microsoft teams and execute different channels to communicate about various topics.

Microsoft Team Signup and Sign in page

Microsoft team’s user interface is so comfortable that you can get all the options easily to find in the left sidebar, a search bar on the above of the screen to search or type commands and the dashboard occupies the rest of the screen.

No matter what type of organization is yours, Microsoft teams will adjust your needs perfectly. You can make unlimited audio and video calls, instant messaging, live meetings with the whole team, file sharing schedule management, screen sharing.

Microsoft teams support Microsoft 365 integration. So, you can use all the other Microsoft products with its ecosystem, and also you can integrate hundreds of non-Microsoft products with it to make your work easy.

However, the quality of video calling and security is unquestionable. Microsoft Teams is available in free and paid plans. It is accessible on computer and smartphone platforms.

WebEx meetings

Webex is a video conferencing application developed by Cisco. At the time when meet and zoom took the market entirely, Webex made its own strong place among the potential consumers base.

Cisco made the platform easy to use for all. It comes with an intuitive interface and the experience is designed to boost up business productivity by seamless online communication.

WebEx Meetings Free Starting page

It includes exciting features aimed to support all types of businesses and enterprises. If you are interested to know about the features of Webex meetings, here are all the features that it offers.

  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to use
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Supports VoIP
  • Instant messaging allows the person to person and group messaging
  • In meeting personalization
  • Breakout rooms
  • Raise hands
  • Create polls
  • Good security over recordings, and internal communications. Paid plans available with HIPAA and BAA compliance and TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 support
  • Real time captioning supports 100+ languages
  • background noise removal and voice enhancement
  • animated emoji and gesture recognition
  • allows integration
  • file sharing

Webex meetings determine to add artificial intelligence known as webex assistant later in 2021. With all the features it includes, it is still going head on head with its competitor zoom.

Currently, there are more than 120 million Webex meeting users all over the world. It is available in both free and various paid plans that start from $13.50 per host per month. With webex meetings, you can host online meetings with up to 1000 participants.


Bluejeans meetings is a feature-rich modern video communication platform that is demandant of high appreciation and consideration. It doesn’t get the much attention that it deserves because of the great features it includes.

BlueJeans get free trial page

Bluejeans split out the service into different categories such as,

  • Bluejeans meetings
  • Bluejeans events
  • Bluejeans rooms
  • Bluejeans gateway
  • Bluejeans telehealth

Bluejeans has made the platform easy and simple. It provides one-touch access to meetings no matter what device you are using.

Bluejeans integrates content sharing, meeting recording, text chat, and video conference with up to 100 participants sharing a screen. Its real-time intelligence enhances productivity and simplifies management in live meetings, webinars, and online conferences.

Another interesting feature of bluejeans includes a Dolby-powered directional audio experience that enables great sound experience in online meetings.

Bluejeans meetings have four individual paid plans and each of them includes different features and offerings. The price starts from $9.99 per host per month and it enables up to 100 participants in a meeting.

The next plan is Bluejeans pro which costs $13.99 per host per month and allows up to 150 participants. Bluejeans enterprise costs $16.66 and offers unlimited recordings, real time captioning, brand customization, and so on.

However, the platform provides good security options but lacks file sharing and common webinar features.


Join.me provides a simple and faster way to connect, communicate and collaborate for virtual meetings, learning, and whatever purpose you have got to use such an online video communication tool.

If you are looking for a powerful yet simple video communication application, then Join.me will completely meet all your requirements.

Join.me front page

Though it doesn’t include specialized features, it has a user friendly interface and all the basic online conferencing features you need. With Join.me, you can schedule meetings, create and present real time illustrations with its whiteboarding feature, share your screen while in a meeting, and personalize the background.

Join.me allows third party integrations as you can integrate google calendar or outlook to schedule virtual meetings. Also, you can record meetings, call directly to international dial in numbers with join.me.

Join.me offers an array of plans including a free plan that allows just 10 participants on a particular video meeting. Its business plan starts from $20 per user per month and allows up to 50 participants in a meeting.

The second business plan costs $30 per month and allows up to 250 participants that are huge considering its other plans.

Finally, the platform ensures users’ security as it has enabled 256-bit TLS encryption to protect users’ video, voice, and message data from malicious third parties.

Google hangout

Google hangout is a google workspace collaboration application that offers instant messaging and video calling for almost free. Though it is being replaced by google chat it still remains as a particular application.

However, google workspace isn’t considered a business perfect integration like google meet and zoom but you can use it as a personal video communication application.

google hangouts starting page

Despite this, google hangout has a lot of exciting features through which you can highly benefit from. As it allows group video calls, you can use it to organize instant business meetings and conferences with employees, or you can go through its messaging and audio calling option.

Here are some google hangout features that can make your mind start with it.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Calls
  • HD Video Calls
  • HD Group Conferencing
  • Auto Screen Focus
  • Intelligent Muting
  • Compatibility with multiple computing devices
  • Built-in screen sharing
  • Hangout on Air
  • Integration with other Google applications
  • Custom Control for Admins

Google hangout comes with an interface that feels like using a social network. The interface is simple and intuitive and you can get all the included options on its home page from which you can conduct the conversation, audio or video call what you want.

Since it doesn’t have specialized features to support big organizations and business purposes, it can be used for simple business meetings and interaction between business owners and consumers.

You can google hangout free but if you have a workspace account, you will benefit more than using its free plan.


TeamViewer is one of the popular virtual communications that enables users to connect remotely with computer devices as well as to conduct meetings and so on. The software makes remote connection easy and versatile with its easy to use interface.

In the industrial sector, TeamViewer is highly considered as the best screen sharing tool out there. It allows remote computer access, screen share tools and there are some other interactive features that come with this software.

TeamViewer Free Download page

TeamViewer supports cross platform access which means you can access an Android or iOS phone from a desktop Windows or Apple computer, or vice versa.

With TeamViewer, you can accomplish so many tasks remotely such as,

  • share files with its fast and secure file sharing option
  • text chat
  • HD VoIP and video conferencing
  • Record meetings
  • remote printing
  • Create channel groups within your license and assign them to users so specific teams always have access to the channels they need
  • Custom branding
  • Hardware and software integration

Besides, TeamViewer is a secured connection for making virtual communication and accessing other devices for specific purposes. Remote access and support capabilities with the level of security and privacy necessary for organizations to remain HIPAA compliant. And also it has malware protection that keeps your device safe against viruses, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware.

You can download TeamViewer almost free on your PC and you can also upgrade it to business, premium, and corporate license. However, its paid plans cost so much that it doesn’t seem affordable for small businesses and free users.


If you aren’t living under a rock, you must hear the name of the Skype video calling application which is quite familiar in this sector. The application launched in 2003 aimed at making video calling available for all.

At present, Skype is a Microsoft product and has over 300 million users around the world. Skype is popular because of its modern and slick interface. There is no complexity that makes it a common choice for all types of people.

Skype sign in and download page

Skype provides variety of features to engage and make good online meeting experience. It includes,

  • Audio and HD video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Recording
  • Live captioning
  • Dial in calling through international numbers
  • Smart messaging
  • Private conversation
  • File sharing
  • Raise hand
  • Live translation

However, there are no breakout rooms, whiteboard features in it and some users give negative feedback about its security. Recently Skype made it available to join or create video calls without making an account or downloading the app.

Like other video communication tools, Skype facilitates freemium business model which includes some paid plans. Its paid plans start from $3.29 and the price differs for different regions.


GoToMeeting is an easy fast collaboration and video communication application you can rely on. It supports business purposes and provides all the necessary tools to conduct business meetings online.

You can consider it as one of the best google meet alternatives because of the bulk feature it includes but you may find its price a little bit higher than google meet.

Video conferencing is made easy with its simple interface. You can host online meetings with up to 250 participants that is almost similar to google meet.

GoTo sign in and buy now page

But there is no free plan in GoToMeeting. It has three individual premium plans, they are, GoToMeeting professional, Business, and Enterprise. The enterprise plans are customizable and you will allow hosting meetings with up to 3000 participants.

The price starts from $12 per month for the professional plan and the business plan costs $16/$19 per month. Here are all the features you can be benefited from it,

  • HD video
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Preview your webcam
  • Screen sharing
  • Recordings and transcriptions
  • Drawing tools
  • Keyboard and mouse sharing
  • In-session chat
  • One-click meetings
  • No download needed
  • Background noise suppression
  • Encrypted sessions
  • Seamless integrations
  • Unlimited cloud recording

The application is also good in security as it provides strong security features including SSL encryption, 256-bit AES encryption, and single sign-on. Also, you can lock your meeting room with the password so when a new participant tries to join, they would require your permission.

GoToMeeting offers 24/7 phone support. You can catch anytime and conduct live chat with them.

If you aren’t feeling comfortable with google meet and you want to change your taste, then you should consider GoToMeeting.

Zoho meeting

Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform and webinar solution that helps people find new ways to collaborate and work remotely with efficiency. It is designed to enhance your remote collaboration experience today with its highly secure online meeting platform.

Although Zoho meeting is not so compatible to compare with google meet, if you are looking for a low cost solution, then it will be best for you.

Zoho looks simple yet classic video conferencing application. You will get surprised by knowing that it allows only 10 participants in its basic paid plan. But it increases up to 100 for $12 per month.

Zoho sign in and free signup page

If you need to include more than 100 participants, you have to go for Zoho webinar that allows 1000 meeting attendees in the max tier.

However, with such a low price, Zoho offers all the powerful features of collaboration that make it perfect for mid-sized businesses and organizations. Here are the features you can get with Zoho meeting,

  • Simple to use and easily scalable
  • Audio and video conference
  • Screen share
  • Recording
  • Brandable interface
  • No download requires
  • Deep integration with Zoho’s ecosystem and other major third-party services
  • Lock meeting
  • Industry-level security

Zoho is the best solution if you are in need of a simple and low-cost online video communication tool for your purpose.

Finally, these 10 best google meet alternatives feature almost the same as google meet that we have already seen above. You can choose any of them to use which seems adjustable for your purpose instead of google meet.

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