10 Google Meet add on to boost up your virtual meeting

Google meet is one of the best virtual conferencing applications that comes with a feature rich platform offering all you need just right there.

If you are a Google meet user but still unfamiliar with the Google chrome add ons, you are missing a lot. Add ons are browser extensions developed to integrate with Google meet. These add ons have different features aimed to make your virtual meeting more versatile and meaningful.

Virtual communication becomes a part and parcel of our daily life. We use various kinds of applications to connect, communicate, group conferences, online events, webinars, and so on.

And in the last year when schools, colleges, and all other educational activities have to close off due to the pandemic, virtual learning has made it possible to carry on learning activities from home.

Being a simple and intuitive virtual conferencing application, Google meet has got huge popularity in pandemic as educational institutions and business organizations find it highly reliable.

Google meet is supported integration, so you can integrate other Google workspace applications and third party integrations also.

In this article, we will show you some effective third-party add-ons you can integrate with your Google meet and benefit through it.

Though there are so many extensions, we will show you the 10 best Google meet add-ons you should consider to boost up your virtual meeting experience.


Google Meet Enhancement Suite

As its name implies, it enhances users’ google meet experience by allowing them to do things simply. It includes more than 40 features where each of them is very effective. The basic features that come with the google meet enhancement suite are,

Google Meet Enhancement Suite
  • Push to Talk: quickly mute and unmute yourself with the press of a key
  • Auto Join: skip the join screen and get straight to the meeting
  • Auto Join with Participants: automatically join the Meet only if participants are present
  • Quick Leave: quickly leave a hangout by pressing Shift + K
  • [NEW] Return to the home screen on leave: automatically returns you to the Meet home screen after leaving a Meet
  • Leave Confirmation: asks to confirm when you try to leave a meeting
  • Always Play Chimes: always hear chime sounds when participants join and leave, or when a new chat message is received
  • Open Meet links in the desktop app: automatically open Google Calendar Meet links directly in our Google Meet desktop app
  • Quick Start: quickly start a new Google Meet with the click of a button
  • Set Background Color: set custom background color for your Meet
  • Auto Captions: automatically enable captions on calls
  • Auto Mute: auto mute microphone on join
  • Auto Video Off: set the video to off on join
  • Pin Bottom Bar: pins the control bar to the bottom of the screen
  • Participant Video Style: show or hide participant names and speaking icons

Besides, there are some pro features such as auto record, sort participant list, quick emoji reactions and so on you can get through this extension. Just install it and start enjoying all these features instantly in your virtual meeting.

Google Meet Grid View

Google meet grid view makes it possible to view all the participants on the screen. Since google meet allows a limited number of participants on the screen, sometimes when there are large online events and webinars, we need to see everyone who is joining the meeting.

Google Meet Grid View

Thanks to google meet grid view as it adds a toggle to use a grid layout in Google Meets. When you install this add-on, it will add a button in the top right bar through which you can enable grid view with a click.

Creating equal sized window for every participant, this extension also enhances meetings by highlighting the current speaker, hiding participants who don’t enable video, and including your own video.

Nod reactions for google meet

It is commonly known as Nod – reactions for google meetings. google meet doesn’t have the internal reaction or emoji option. So, if you want to have some fun in your video, these exciting add-ons will give you the chance to use emoji reactions in your video meeting.

Nod reactions for google meet home page

Besides, this add-on helps a lot in the virtual presentation showing the attendees and their reaction while you are busy presenting your project.

For this extension to be useful, it must be installed by both the presenter and the attendees so that the emoji reactions may be seen by the presenter.

Meet Attendance

Virtual learning is more versatile with google meet when you have installed the meet attendance extension in your chrome browser. This extension comes in great assistance for the teachers organizing large online classes with google meet.

Meet Attendance official page

Meet attendance collects daily attendance of your virtual classroom on a google sheet so you can observe who is present and who is not in one click.

After installing this extension, go to google meet and select the participant’s view and accept the permission. Now close and reopen the people to capture attendance. Click the attendance icon to open the Attendance Spreadsheet. This extension also records the attendee’s duration in the meeting with a separate google sheet if you allow it.

Meet Chat Notifications

Another great google meet extension you should have at your meeting. This extension is used to show a notification for when someone uses the chat in Google Meet.

Meet Chat Notifications official page

Google Meet Call Timer

By this extension, you can see how much time you have spent on a video call. The extension allows you to add a timer on your video call and notify you with a beep sound when the timer is completed. The good thing is the timer is only seen by you.

Google meet call timer official page

If you are maintaining hard schedule even in online meetings, you can use this extension as a reminder and tightly maintain your daily schedule.

Dualless Window Splitter

Dualles is an excellent option for those who don’t have a dual monitor. You can say dualles is a poor man’s dual-monitor solution. It works excellently allowing you to split your browser window into two halves.

The most interesting fact is, that you can control the size of the window and adjust it according to your needs. The extension simulates the environment of the dual monitor. Utilize the space for the 16:9 monitor.

Dualless Window Splitter official page

While using this extension, you can press the middle key on the split window button and it will duplicate the current page on another window.

It also has a bookmark management function that relaunches your favorite site in a new tab and windows will be split in the recorded ratio.

Google Meet Transcripts

Google meet has real-time captions through meetings participants can see what people are saying as the transcript. But that won’t be recorded or copied. So ultimately, the captioning option doesn’t come in helpful when you need this badly.

Google Meet Transcripts official page

However, this extension will allow you to record the closed captions in your meeting including the meeting transcript. All past transcripts recorded, can be copied to the clipboard.

When this extension is installed on your browser, you don’t have to worry about important topics that are discussed in virtual classes or meetings. because you have all these chit-chats recorded on your clipboard and you can see them whenever you want.

Google Meet Push-to-Talk

Push-to-talk saves you from hovering over your mouse trying to mute and unmute the option repeatedly. It enables your keyboard spacebar to control mute and unmute the microphone while you are in a meeting.

Google Meet Push to Talk official page

From now, you don’t have to go for the mute icon because it is right there in your hand. Just click the space when you want to mute the microphone and then press again when you have to say something.

Besides, this extension allows recording webinars simply. When you are viewing a webinar page a RECORD button will be available making it a snap to record the webinar and have the video sent to you afterward.

Visual Effects for Google Meet

What if you can use visual effects while on a virtual meeting with google meet. This extension will enable the chance for you. Visual for google meet extension allows applying various effects like Blur, Pixelate, and Inverse to your camera live during Google Meets.

Visual Effects for Google Meet official page

It offers virtual green screen feature through which you can hide your background on the preview screen. It also includes AR sunglasses, Random donation, Rainbow, Screen text, freeze, contrast, and many more exciting features.

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How to install google meet add-ons?

The above are the 10 best google meet add-ons that seem highly necessary to enhance your google meet experience. All the google meet users who know about the usage of these extensions, integrate them with google Meetings.

It will take you directly to the google browsers app store where you can see the install option to install the add-on.

Also, you can install any Chrome extension by searching its name on the browser. After installing the add-on, look at the above right corner of your browser. You can see a puzzling sign that belongs to the extensive menu. Click on that and you can see all the extensions installed on the browser. You have to pin the extension to make it workable.

After that, go to google meet and you can get the extension you just installed visible here. Finally, there are so many google meet add-ons available in the app store. But these 10 are the most important to have all the google meet users. You can check all the other extensions and can install any of them if you want.

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