BanrAds – The most exciting software review + Buying guide

Ever think of an asset that could make your online journey flexible and seamless? Yes, you may think because everybody is now looking for tips, tricks, tools and resources to make our job easier and when it comes making videos for online, there are a lot of option will appear if you make a search for it.

But it is really difficult to find out the best one among the heap of integrations when all of them added the best title in their name. however, to make your job easy, I am here with a professional software review of BanrAds that will probably change your mind if you read the full discussion here about it.

Maybe you are an online marketer, eCommerce retailer, enthusiasts of animated video ads or whatever you are, you must have put high effort to make your online journey successful and profitable. Aren’t you?

Because of being the edge of people’s interest, everyone is now thinking of making a high profile in online. Some go for personal branding, some struggling to make visible their business brand all over the world by proper using online strategy.

In this regard, there is nothing good than eye catching animated video that will show professionalism in your sector. Maybe your competitors have already such integration through which they are making it in their own.

So why are you lagging behind? In this article, we are going to introduce you with a mind blowing software that will definitely come in handy to you. Let’s drive into the discussion,

BanrAds – The most exciting software review + Buying guide


What is BanrAds?

BanrAds is a simple but effective animation creating integration that comes like a whole animation studio for those who are really need of it. At present there are so many tools and integrations that is integrated for the animation creator and practitioners.

But without any doubt, BanrAds is the most advanced and versatile one among them. The software recently released and already claimed a huge good review from the users and also from professional animation creators who has tested it.

At present, it is really so tough to make your brand standout from the crowd for marketers and online retailers. Because online has become extremely competitive as everyone comes here to make money and profit.

It is necessary for online activists that they have to create engaging marketing and advertising contents to get customers attention. And video content is now at the top of demand in this regard because people are more likely to spend hours and hours by watching videos online and social media.

Therefore, marketers, vloggers, social media retailers are highly attended to make scroll toppers animated ads, motion banners to present their selling ideas effectively.

Then BanrAds will help them to create animated banner ads within a few minutes and even in any niche. BanrAds comes with hundreds of digital banner templates and animated designs.

What is BanrAds

BanRads product review – At a glance

Making banners for marketing, advertising or any other purpose requires a high price hiring freelancers or professional agencies. Sometimes, the price seems unreachable to small retailers as they are lack in investment.

BanrAds can be a savior to them in this regard. It is unbelievably affordable but offers all the extreme features you need to professionally make animated banners and motion ads for your business. You don’t have to do any complex adjustments nor use any complex tools, just select the image, go to their website and use their own artwork to make an animated image ad with BanrAds Animation Design Studio and you will get what you want to make.

If you are reckoning to have such kinds of helpful software to deal with the situations in your own, then BanrAds is highly perfect for you. Here is a brief product description of this to get a quick overview of the product.

DeveloperKimberly & Danny DeVries
ProductBanrAds Pro Agency
Launch dateJanuary 14, 2021
BonusYes, Huge Bonus
NicheAnimated digital banner making software
Official websiteBanrAds Pro Agency
Guarantee30 days money back guarantee
RecommendationRecommended by professionals

Features of BanrAds- what will you get from it?

It’s time to know the reasons of why everyone is recommending BanrAds as the best personal animation creation integration. It is because, BanrAds includes some great features making it the easiest digital banner creating asset at present.

If you are looking for a trustable complete breakthrough review of BanrAds features to discover all about it, then we are doing the same here below for you.

Easiest workspace

BanrAds comes with the most easiest form of digital animation advert creating software in the world. Even if you don’t have any previous experience, you wont feel lack of knowledge because it makes all the process as simple as possible for the users.

The interface includes a 3 step process through which you can create animated banners for any niche. For your convenience, here are the steps that you can follow to make animated ads with BanrAds.


Take screenshot with your screenshot software of the image that you want to use as your animated banner or ad. You can take screenshots from websites or anywhere you want online.


Upload the image file to BanrAds background removal module. It will automatically remove the background from the image and will let you download the adjusted image instantly.


After that, you have to import both files into the BanrAds image design studio. Overlay the images and select your animation. Isn’t it very simple? Now you can send that to any of your prospects.

Clean Dashboard to stay connected with all your projects

BanrAds has a clean white label dashboard in it. That means, you can preview all your work staying on a particular screen and manage them how you want. You can set up your advertising campaign, choose the design you want to push, and select the audience you want to show your ad to. Not only that, you can unlock your own full white label client panel right inside your BanrAds dashboard.

BanrAds Clean Dashboard

Besides, the dashboard will help you in so many aspects such as,

  • Sell BanrAds at different prices and different subscription models
  • Provide discounts near special days like ‘Black Friday Sale’, Cyber Monday, 4th of July, Christmas etc
  • Run different promos to make the most profits possible with BanrAds White label License
  • And you don’t need to create a separate spreadsheet or manual notes to keep the details of every customer
  • Set your advertising budget and let the traffic flood your offers. Whether you choose to use targeted audiences or broad, BanrAds Push Agency gets it done

Hundreds of animation design templates

BanrAds offers high flexibility of creating animated banners for your digital marketing campaign and web advertising, no matter what your niche is. It has hundreds of animated design templates capturing different niches.

You can produce as much animated videos as you want with BanrAds. You can use them for your own purpose and also sell them to any marketplace with company provided license.

Hundreds of animation design templates

Presets of all social media and physical banner

social media banners are considering as a strong impacting tool for social media marketing and advertising. if designed well, those banners can easily capture scrollers attention and tell the story behind it.

since there are different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. therefore, marketers have to implement different strategies compatible to that platform. in addition to that, different social media platforms used to recommend different sizes and quality of videos to be accepted.

If you don’t make your videos according to the requirements, your video won’t be allowed to show in the timeline. therefore, social media marketers have to properly manage videos in all aspects so that they will allow and perform well.

but if you create animated videos with BanrAds, then you don’t have to worry about the size adjustments to match any requirements. because it has presets of social media design sizes particularly for each social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

not only that, you can also get preset banner design sizes for physical and web banners also.

Allow custom sizes

you can make animated banners and videos in a size you want with your preferred width and height. by making videos with variety in size and shape, you can make them exceptions to the as usual web and digital banners. as people also love to see unique things, you can easily put them in the interest of people by using customize size with BanrAds.

150+ design effects

BanrAds 150+ design effects for the users to make their animated videos attracting and engaging. since all are now intended to make quality content to grab the consumers attention online, you must have to do something different to win the competition of attention spanning.

discrimination come with the way of looking and also the way you are attempting to make things. it also depends on the creativity of mind. however, if you are a newbie and you don’t have experience in digital design, you can still do better with BanrAds.

simply BanrAds makes the process automated where you don’t need any creativity or skills to do get things done. all you just need to do is, choosing templates, edit how do you want make it and then use to your project.

Shapes and hand free drawing

If you don’t like to use others image to make your own brand animation, then you may have got creative ideas in your mind and you want to make them live with free hand drawing accessories. No problem, BanrAds will help you to do so. As it has internal hand free drawing option for creative people to quickly get what they want. You can also use shapes to create something unique to adjoint on your animated banners and videos.

2 million+ stock images

you will get 2 million+ stock of digital images in BanrAds. perfect image is crucial creating the best form of videos whether it is animated or as usual types of videos. getting the right image isn’t so easy and, in most cases, we have to pay for the proper forms of images we need.

but when you have BanrAds in your hand, you don’t have to worry about images to create animated banners for your website and ecommerce stores. it offers 2 million+ stock images from where you can easily pick up required ones through the built in search option in it.

Collaborate with team members

BanrAds supports team collaboration where you can create workspaces and collaborate with team members, clients and other designers. Collaboration is highly requiring in graphic design activities because here needs acquaintance of both clients and project handlers for the best output.

because of the collaboration feature, BanrAds makes itself suitable for the outsourcers who take orders from clients worldwide of making animation banners online. they can use it to create and sell animated banners and profit a huge as well.

For instance, if you sell 10 copy of animated banners created with BanrAds for $47/m or $997 one time, you are initially making $470 per month or $9970 one time. Although, you aren’t going to sell just 10 copies in a month. If you are dedicated freelancer and you have a good client base, then you can imply the number more.

Choose suitable format to export

BanrAds will allow you to export files when you have finished them. It supports all the file exporting format and will allow you to choose which you want to save as your file type. You can export design in 6 different formats such as JPG/JPEG, transparent PNG, animated GIF, PDF document, MP4 video according to your purpose.

Also, with BanrAds, you can export your design as clickable HTML5 ads which your clients can use for their advertising on google or with other websites.

Choose suitable format to export

Engaging fonts, static and animated GIF’s, 150 design effects

With BanrAds, you can get 300+ eye catching fonts to implement in your digital banner, static and animated Gifs to look them mesmerizing and also design effects to make fully customize banner for your purpose.

More Design Effects

For every online retailer, affiliate marketers, vloggers and other online activists, it is so much important to have a personal software through which they can make animated web banners in their own. BanrAds is implemented having all of them in mind.

There are so many software’s in the present marketplace but BanrAds is distinct from all of them because of its quick and easy implementation system.

Why should you choose BanrAds?

In the above discussion, we have come up through all the features that you can get with BanrAds. From that, we can easily understand that the software is integrated to fulfil all the needs of animated banner creation.

If you are an online marketer, then you know how online banners can save your campaign and help you to boos up the profit. Therefore, digital advertising gets high importance in all the separate online platforms including social media also. Even online marketers, ecommerce retailers need to plan different advertising strategies to reach their goals for different platforms.

In this case, BanrAds will help them with its easy to control dashboard that will allow to monitor all the running ad campaign from a single tab. With its ultimate agency version, you can share your animated image designs directly, without the hassle of downloading and posting it manually.

However, there are a lot of reasons that would make you choose BanrAds instead of other exaggerated software’s in the market. What are they?

  • Speed up your design work with magic background remover
  • Ad links to your design with the image linker
  • Ad pixels to your designs with the pixel module
  • Safeguard your designs with Dropbox integration and share Dropbox links
  • Analyze your animated image campaigns with the split testing module
  • Get access to the 1700+ attention grabbing templates in different niches
  • In depth analysis of traffic generated by views, clicks, CTR, referral source
  • Free access to launch your 6-figure product in 30 days training
  •  An upgrade that will help you grow your business even faster
  • Direct embed code for websites
  • Share directly on Facebook feed, pages, groups and twitter platforms
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Who will highly benefit from BanrAds?

BanrAds is a great integration implemented to capture massive demand of online animation image and ads creation. Which means, no matter in which niche you are in, you can high handedly grab this to ensure successful marketing strategy from your side.

There are several types of marketing and advertising strategies that ecommerce retailers and marketers adopt to get attention and customers. Animation ads is admittedly the best one of them. If you are in need of making brand awareness, product advert, need more traffic in your website and social media page, then BanrAds will help you to create engaging animated contents and that will make the job done for you.

Below is a list of several sectors who are which are highly required of such great animation creating software. If you find yourself here, you should take it today for your own benefit.

  • Video marketers
  • Local agencies
  • Ecommerce retailers
  • Social media markers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Vloggers

BanrAds buying Guide

Seeing all these great functionalities in a single integration, you may be thinking that it will be very expansive. But surprisingly it isn’t, BanrAds comes with a low price that will seem affordable if you are a solo artist or you have a low budget.

You may have idea how the video editing, animation ads making software’s ask a huge price that sometimes can’t be catchable for small entrepreneurs. Without prolonged the discussion, lets jump into topic about the pricing issue of BanrAds.

BanrAds has 1 front end and 4 OTOs. They are,

The front end license value worth $67. You must have to buy this one to go for the OTO’s further. See details about the front end license to get access in it.

Here described the 4 OTO’s of BanrAds and what you will get with them.

OTO 1 (BanrAds Ultimate – $77)

OTO 1 include features such as,

  • 3 DFY Client Getting Presenter Videos
  • A Professional Sales Presentation
  • Invoice Template to Bill Your Clients
  • A Work Agreement to Legalize the Relationship
  • A Lead Capture Website Displaying My Client Getting Video
  • Swipes to Attract Your Prospects to The Lead Capture Site
  • Sales Video Training

OTO 2 (BanrAds Push – $77)

OTO-2 is also known as BanrAds Push upgrade. It is an important upgrade to all the users who has a wide activity in social media campaigning and advertising. Because this upgrade will help them to manage those campaigns professionally and hassle freely.

Simply put, you will get a simple but effective ad manager with this upgrade. unlike the other google and Facebook ad manager that makes it highly confusing to choose the audience to target or to run campaigns, it will allow you to choose the audiences you want to show the campaigns.

Isnt it the thing you would pay a lot of money for? But in BanrAds, you can just get it with $97.

OTO 3 (BanrAds Agency Kit – $47)

  • An upgrade that will Add A High Paying Service to Your Portfolio
  • A Module for direct Google & Facebook ads management
  • Create a post from inside the App with the animated Image/ banner
  • Posts that can be used to create Facebook & Google Ads from inside the software
  • Auto Boost to FB and Google Ads, with selected criteria/rules
  • Check the Look and Feel of Your Ad with Ads Preview
  • Manage ads and edit ads or sets to Draft, Live, pause, or publish
  • Bonus Facebook Ads Video Training with Team Kimberly & Danny de Vries
  • Bonus Facebook Ads Video Training with Facebook Ads Guru David Schloss

OTO 4 (BanrAds WhiteLabel – $297)

This upgrade will allow you to sell BanrAds as your own by providing white label license. That means, you can rebrand this software and sell it under your own custom domain and keep all the profits. If you grab the upgrade, you can start making money by selling this outstanding animation design platform in 2021.

  • Whitelabel license to BanrAds.
  • Your own branding – (custom logo and colors).
  • Your own custom domain.
  • Your Own Full White Label Client Panel.
  • S1-Click add new clients.
  • Easily manage all your clients.
  • Delete clients in case of non-renewals/cancellations.
  • You can sell one time or sell monthly

Frequently asked question about BanrAds?

Here are some FAQ included to make the answers of your inquiries. So, if you have any of the inquiries in your mind, you can get quick answer from here below.

Do you need to download any software or app to use BanrAds?

Since BanrAds is a completely cloud based animation creating platform, you don’t need to download and install any software or app to use it. Just legally make your purchase and access with any device from anywhere you want.

Are there any monthly or ongoing fees to use the app?

Absolutely not, once you have made one time purchase to buy the integration, it won’t ask you to pay for any internal features or else. You can slightly upgrade your account through the four different OTO upgrade which previously described.

Remember, the software is now its launching period, therefore it has made discount to all of its upgrade and also the front end license. And the price may change to a monthly subscription at any time without notice once the discount offer will expire. Therefore, you should grab yours one right now!

Does BanrAds work on PC or Mac?

BanrAds is created as SaaS Software (Software as a Service) and is cloud-based. This makes BanrAds accessible to all browsers and all devices, as long as you have an internet connection!

How can you get instant support from the BanrAds dev team?

To get support for problems or to get answers any of your inquiries, you can open a ticket at their support desk easily. Just send an email to [email protected].

What are the pros and cons of BanrAds?

Here are the BanrAds pros and cons to make your quick decision of buying the integration.


  • Cloud based app
  • Easy to use interface
  • Built for beginners and experts
  • Easiest way to create animated image and online banners
  • Commercial license included
  • Stock images, templates, effects and so on


  • We found no mentionable cons of this system yet

Final Verdict

From the personal experience of using the integration, I would like to recommended every online marketer, social media activists, affiliate retailers and all those who needs to stand out in this competitive field of online with their business and brand.

To make a strong impact with visual identity, brand owners implement a lot of strategies to make it successful for them. And as a strong visual material, animated banners and images makes the highest impression from audiences who you really want to target to pay attention in your business.

Then BanrAds will help you in this regard to create animated advert in your own way. No complex skill required and uses of complex tools, create what you need with just three simple steps with its offered templates and customizable systems.

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