Best speech to text software 2021: online, free & paid.

As voice typing is becoming familiar day by day most technology companies have included this in their product. However, there is so much software also available and these can be used by the user with their choice.

These are some popular voice typing software:


Dragon Home

Dragon Home is popular for its user-friendly features

Dragon Home is popular for its user-friendly features. People of every class can use this. And its accuracy level is so high. Even it can work with 99% accuracy. More surprisingly, the user of Dragon Home can edit their documents also by using their voice. Playback is the extra benefit of the dragon home voice typing system. With this feature users of dragon home can select a block of text and then can give the command for the audio version. As a result it will be a very easy task for proofreading as you can listen to what you have typed. Dragon home can be used in today’s touchscreen PC also. So that it will be your best assistant at home and outside of home.

Price: Up to 500$.(Not specified).

Availability: Windows.


  • High accuracy level up to 99%
  • Dragon Home can catch your command and transcribe them into text as first as you can speak.
  • Playback system is the very unique characteristic of Dragon Home.


  • This is not free of cost.
  • You have to talk too much naturally otherwise this system can’t catch the command.
  • There is a huge chance of making an error in dragon home as this can’t catch noisy speaking.

IBM Speech to Text

IBM Speech to Text  can catch commands very perfectly.

IBM is popular among the best voice typing software as it can catch commands very perfectly from the selected 7 languages. No matter the audio quality is low. It can catch its desired command from the noises also. Firstly it captures the most used words or phrases of the user and that’s why it can work more accurately than the others from those very selective words or phrases. IBM can catch the speech which is recorded. If the user wants to transcribe into text from a recorded audio then IBM will be the best option. This system is available in these languages like Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

Price: 0-999,999 for USD 0.02/minute 1,000,000+ for USD 0.01/minute.

Availability: online.


  • Captured the most used keywords of the use. 
  • IBM can transcribe into text from a recorded audio. 
  • This is a best option for office use.


  • Can work on selected languages.
  • IBM is a high priced voice typing system in comparison with other voice typing software.
  • Accuracy level is not satisfactory .


Temi works on advanced voice recognition technology

Temi, an extraordinary software in the field of voice typing. It works on advanced voice recognition technology. The most startling thing is that this “temi” can transcribe from the video also. And it can complete this task within five minutes. Again after transcribing into text, it can convert that into PDF or in MS WORD. Again astonishingly you can get your converted file in your email also. But you have to provide good quality audio for transcribing. Temi provides a free trial of first 45 minutes and it will take charge from you. However journalists or other professionals choose it because this temi gives a professional and formal output. Though it needs to deliver a noise free audio. Otherwise the output will be garbage. 

Price: $.25/audio minute.

Availability: online and Android version app.


  • Clear transcription.
  • It provides a free trial of forty five minutes, so that users can make sure whether it is a suitable one or not.
  • Besides this mobile app for temi is also available.


  • Can’t work with noisy audio.
  • Temi takes a lot of extra charge. That is not an user friendly policy.
  • If someone wants to use temi, zee should think twice about its cost.

Braina Pro

Braina pro work on 100 and more languages.

Briana is a perfect voice typing app because it can work on 100 and more languages. And Android users also can use it because of its mobile app. It can be called versatile apps. It performs like personal assistance also. Anyone can set the alarm with the assistance of this app. Again if someone feels to hear an ebook loudly then Braina may be the best option.

Surprisingly it can record the commands and save the file for future editing. The most interesting side of this app is that it is updated from time to time. It supports a built-in microphone also. Braina can search files on your device also. After all, it is a perfect one from all sides. Braina pro is used vastly by the businessman. 

This Briana pro is not only used for voice transcribing. It is also used for giving commands like open a web page or search something.

Availability: windows

Price: $49/year.


  • Mobile app is available for braina pro users.
  • The installation. Procedures are very easy for the users. They  don’t have to face any complexities for this 


  • Mac version is not available.
  • There is no customer support center. If you face any problem in time of using this , you will have to solve it yourself.
  • A huge time is needed for the training procedures.

Speech Texter

Speech texter is a free speech dictation app.

Speech texter is a free speech dictation app. And this available only on the chrome and android systems. This is exceptional because it is free of annoying ads. Mostly it is manageable and you may make it free from annoying ads.

And if you are very concerned with your privacy then a speech texter is the best option for you. Because it doesn’t store your file in archives. 

Setting up a speech tester is very easy. Click on the left corner and then click on Start. Then you can start talking.

While you start talking the entire result will be shown at a window. Then you can save the file as a .txt or world file.

The extra facility of this app is the auto-save mode. Accidentally if your device is switched off then the file will be saved automatically and later when you will start your file again, you will find your file as before. This speech texter is available in at least 63 languages like Amharic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, etc.

Price: 0.004$/15 second 


  • This is a free app.
  • Accuracy level is so high like if of type 200 words then the number of mistakes will be limited to 7 or less.
  • High security and privacy are maintained.


  • Speech Texter is available only on chrome and android systems.
  • Can’t catch noisy commands.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google docs voice typing is a very easy and accurate medium for voice typing.

Google docs voice typing is a very easy and accurate medium for voice typing. It is very easy to use because for setting up the Google docs voice typing you need to use chrome and then go to tools and then click on voice typing. A microphone will appear on the screen. It denotes that the system is ready to hear your command. If you are muted for 30 seconds, then the system will be stopped automatically. And no matter what, you can resume the system by clicking on the microphone icon again.

And if you need any help just click on the question mark of the microphone icon. And then a list of help will be shown and you have to click on the desired point.

After typing you can edit your file by commanding like “select paragraph” “make it italics” etc.

The google docs voice typing is available in many languages like Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bahasa Indonesia, Basque, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, etc.

Price: free.


  • It can capitalize the words correctly, automatically.
  • If you write 100 words on google docs using voice typing then the number of incorrect words will be limited to 3 words.
  • Easy to edit using google docs.
  • Auto-saving mood.


  • Though “Google docs” is easy to use but its bad side is, it is available only on chrome.
  • The accuracy level of Google docs is higher than any other voice typing apps but it can’t hear speedy commands.

Apple Dictation

built-in voice typing system for Apple

Apple dictation is offered by Apple. And it is a built-in voice typing system for Apple, powered by Siri. It is very simple to work on mobile. Just click on the microphone icon and then start speaking. But if you want to work on the computer, you have to go to the “system preference” after that click on the keyboard and lastly on dictation.

Apple dictation works with an internet connection. If there is no internet connection you can’t work with Apple Dictation.

It can’t work continuously; it takes a break of 30 seconds after every smattering.

And editing with this system is very easy. If you want to create a new paragraph. Just say “new paragraph” or if you want to select the very last word just say ” select the previous word”.

This is encompassed in iOS and macOS appliances. This Apple dictation underwrites 31 languages like Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Price: free.


  • This is a built-in system in most MacOs and iOS devices.
  • No extra hassle for setting the voice typing system.
  • Very useful for taking short notes on mobile phones.


  • Requires an internet connection.
  • Can’t work continuously.
  • It takes a break of 30 seconds after every smattering. 


"Speechnotes" is built-in and a sister concern of google.

“Speechnotes” is built-in and a sister concern of google. Its specialty is that you don’t have to create an account or download anything else. This is so user-friendly and a user can do his task with 90% accuracy with this system. Speechnotes can do some tasks automatically. It can capitalize with itself and anyone can edit the typed document on speech notes without any hassle. This system will automatically save your document on the cloud and then you can print that file with one click. This system will let you have a smooth and excellent experience in the sector of voice typing. Though this is not like Google drive. And a user can’t get access to the speechnotes file from another device. And this system is available in many languages like Deutsch, English, Français, español, italiano, português (Brasil), русский, ‫العربية, 中文 (简体), 日本語 

Price: 60$/10 Hours.


  • so user-friendly that a user doesn’t have to create an account or install anything. 
  • An auto-saving system so that, once a file is saved, there lies no risk of being deleted.
  • Auto capitalization.


  • The accuracy level is not so satisfactory.
  • The user can’t get access to the saved file from another device.


professional software for voice typing

Winscribe is a very professional software for voice typing. It is a New Zealand-based company and owned by Nuance. This system is especially recommended for legal purposes, the healthcare sector, education, and law enforcement. 

This winscribe is available for Android and iPhone devices. It allows a user to transcribe his voice or audio into text. Most importantly, point to be noted that this is available on blackberry products also. And when a user works on winscribe his data is encrypted. document management is a very easy task on this system callinscribeibe. Normally this is used by the professional and its service is so satisfactory. The accuracy level is also satisfactory. People who use software are free from the task of capitalization and punctuation. By itself, it can do these types of activities. This inscribe is available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

Price: 49$/12 months.


  • Highly recommended for professional activities for its formal setup.
  • Accuracy level is high and sometimes up to 99%.
  • Low-priced software so that newly started organizations effort it easily.


  • Specialized for some sectors. This is not recommended for general use.
  • The availability is not worldwide.
  • This is available in some specific parts of the world.


the best option for voice typing if you want to do the task with a little effort.

“Transcribe” is the best option for voice typing if you want to do the task with a little effort. It works in 3 ways. And it can catch commands from 80 languages. And the “transcribe” is popular among the users who are concerned with their privacy. Because “Transcribe” is the voice typing app that is committed to secure your file. It is a multi language voice transcribing software. Used by the lawyers , journalists, doctors, educationalists, because of its formal and professional transcribing.playback system is offered by the transcribe. With this you can listen to what you have written. And it is very helpful for editing.

Availability: online.

Price: 20$/year.


  • Works on 80 languages 
  • Different methods
  • Playback is the vital part of transcribe, because it is very helpful for editing.


  • It requires an internet connection when it works.
  • Faces difficulties in recognizing different accents.
  • Honestly speaking except these two things, there are nothing negative about transcribe.


excellent app for voice typing and wherever you go the keyboard pops up.

Gboard is an excellent app for voice typing and wherever you go the keyboard pops up. It is available on Android and iOS. If we make it clear, if you go email or wherever you want the keyboard will appear. And you have to click on the microphone icon then the voice comment listening will be started. This is so easy to use. 

And astonishingly this app can capture your voice command as fast as you can speak. And the extra benefit of this app is that it works on your voice particularly. So that it can improve its capture strength firstly. 

Gboard’s accuracy level is so high. And here is the exceptional quality of this app. There are so many voice typing apps and their accuracy level is also high. But they can’t even catch the voice when you speak first. But this Gboard can catch your voice as you speak. As the Gborad works on specific users’ voices so that it can capture the voice pattern of that very specific user. 

If you stop talking for about 10 seconds then it will stop listening. And if you want to start voice typing again, you have to click on the microphone icon for the second time. This is available in so many languages like Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, etc.

Price: free.


  • Accuracy level is high along with speedy talking.
  • Works on specific user’s voices.
  • It is available on the Android system and iOS.


  • Sometimes it may crash.
  • Again there are records that it doesn’t work on android properly and then the solution is that you have to reboot your device.

Voice typing has become popular in the last few years. Because of its magnificent features. It is popular in the persons who are not able to write with their hands using a keyboard and mouse. Though, indeed, voice typing can’t be the best option than using a mouse and keyboard as mouse and keyboard are hundred percent accurate. On the other hand, no voice typing software is available with 100% accuracy. But this is also true that nowadays different voice typing software is available for specific sectors. And all that has taken a revolution in touch-free typing.

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