Complete tutorial on How to use text to speech feature on Discord on pc and mobile

The text to speech capacity can be an excellent method to make yourself clear in talks. For example, on Discord, you can enact text to speech utilizing a basic slice order when writing your message.

You may need to enable the feature first, depend upon your present client settings. What’s more, you should know that if others have the part disabled. They will not have the option to hear what you say. Below we will give a full tutorial on how to use text to speech feature on Discord. Keep watching will make you feel easier.


How to use text to speech on Discord on mac or windows?

Instructions to Enable Text to Speech on Discord:

There are two settings you need to turn on for the text to speech highlight to work. First, you can enable the capacity across the entirety of your channels or just the current one.

  1. Open the Discord application on your Mac PC.
  • Snap the User Settings gear on the base left of the screen.
the base left of the screen
  • Snap Notifications on the left rail.
Snap Notifications on the left rail
  • See down to Text-to-Speech Notifications.
See down to Text-to-Speech Notifications
  • Select For all channels or For current selected channel to figure out who will get an opportunity to hear your message. (To turn this feature off, choose Never.)
figure out who will get an opportunity

Note: This setting works the two different ways: you’ll have the option to send audio text, and you’ll hear sound messages from others in the current channel or all channels, depending upon the alternative you picked.

  • Back on the left bar, click Text & Images.
Back on the left bar
  • Flip on the switch close to Allow playback and usage of/tts command. Snap the X on the upper option to leave Settings.
Snap the X on the upper option to leave Settings

Should Discord Read Out Your Text

Whenever you’ve empowered the element, you can utilize it immediately by composing an order, which is:

Make sure to incorporate a space between the order and your content.

Note: If different people from the channel have the feature disabled, they will not hear the sound. Be that as it may, they can, in any case, see the text. Request that others turn the element if you like to convey it as such.

  1. Open Discord and explore the divert in which you’d prefer to send a voice message.
  2. To have your message read resoundingly, type:
divert in which you'd prefer to send a voice message
  • Press Enter to send the message. The message will show up without the slice command. Instead, a voice bot will read out loud your message, gone before by “Username said.” For case, “Molly said hello.”
Press Enter to send the message
  • Utilize the/tts slice order whenever you need to share a sound message.

How to Enable Text to Speech on Discord – Android

Sadly, we are sad to say this; however, the Discord application for Android doesn’t offer the Text to Speech include at present. We don’t know the specific motive behind why. Yet, we trust that the portable application will have this feature soon.

We tried the application and checked its Notification Settings, yet without any result.

the application and checked its Notification Settings

We always went through the Text, and Images Settings yet couldn’t discover the alternative for Text to Speech.

Text, and Images Settings yet couldn't discover

Writing the “/tts” command before the message likewise doesn’t chip away at the mobile application.

chip away at the mobile application

While the Discord application for Android doesn’t give the Text to Speech, it works as a smart text and voice talk application. Indeed, even without the element, you can, in any case, convey and talk with different clients easily with no concern.

Note about TTS voices

Discord doesn’t have an excellent voice bot for the web application to utilize the underlying text to speech bot upheld by your program. Thus, if you’re Discord through a website page, the TTS voice can change depending upon whether you’re utilizing Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Furthermore, you can customize your voice depending upon the highlights every program offers. For instance, Chrome permits you to change its voice bot and even purchase new, exceptional voices using specific extensions.

How would I disable text to speech in Discord?

I saw something where TTS is empowered as a matter of course at the command level. However, enlisted clients can’t identify it and may get upset because it isn’t something you know. So it would help if you impaired the Discord Text To Speech (TTS) at the order level since that is the way it intended to work.

  • Snap-on the “Client Settings” and discover “Text and Images,” and tap on it to proceed.
  • View down to tap on the “permit playback/use of/TTS order” catch to debilitate it.

Close the Discord from the taskbar or errand chief. Then, start meeting again by re-opening the program from the menu, and the TTS will presently don’t work for you and messages that come from companions and worker individuals.

Step by step instructions to send Discord Text To Speech Messages

Try to read the last part since I will give data about the capacities. So you don’t need to chip away at fixing the basic issues. Permit me to disclose how to utilize the TTS include progressively, and it will deal with the Discord.

  • Open any content channel of the worker or open a current private message/direct message.
  • Add/tts before writing the content to pass on your message.
  • Snap-on the Send catch to pass on the message to the individuals or direct message.

TTS works in direct messages and Discord workers, so don’t stress over the impediments. However, you can’t utilize this voice work in voice channels since clients need to type/tts in the messaging channel.


How to use text to speech feature on Discord? Or what is its practical effect? TTS innovation permits them to know data such that it makes content simpler to hold. TTS permits people to appreciate and choose content utilization in a hurry, removing content from the PC screen and into any climate that is beneficial for the customer. If you watch the above tutorial, you will get a complete idea that how to use text to speech feature and Discord?

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