Google duo tips and tricks for better video calling experience

Google has come up with the Google Duo app for modern video and audio calling needs. The app replaces google hangouts which was once so popular as an instant messaging application.

but google brings some more features in Duo such as video calling, conferencing, and miscellaneous that makes google duo the simplest video calling application so far.

If you have already used google Duo, you must find it useful for everyday communication with friends and families.

However, Google Duo has some interesting features that aren’t hidden but you have to know about them before using them. These features will add more fun to your video calls and make the overall video calling experience seamless.

In this article, we will demonstrate some google duo tips and tricks for better video calling experience. So, let’s see it,


Call from your phone contact list on Duo

After downloading and installing the google duo application, it will show the available contacts who have duo accounts in the phone contact list.

Call from your phone contact list on Duo

With this feature, Google gives users the ultimate freedom to make duo calls directly from the dialer. You can even decide whether to make video or audio call.

Group calls

With the google duo update rolled out in 2020, google increased the number of participants who can join in a group video call. Previously, the duo allowed only 12 people to participate in a group video call which increased to 32.

Conference call

Now, you can invite more people in group calling and it also makes google duo available for small video business video calling requirements.

To create group video call in google Duo, open the application > New call > create group > choose contacts you want to add > click start to make video call with your buddy

Send voice and video messages

Along with the option of sending text messages to any contact, google duo allows leaving voice and video messages to the recipients.

It becomes so effective especially in the situation when you are busy and can’t make a call. You can send both voice and video messages as you wish.

To send voice or video messages to any google duo contact, go to the contact > hold it > a menu will appear from which you can see the option ‘Record message’.

Record your message and send it to the contact, it is as simple.

Low light mode

No matter what, you want to look yourself clear on the video feed while in a video call with someone. To ensure a good look on the video call, the first thing to consider is a quality camera phone, then you have to confirm good internet connection, good lighting conditions.

If all of them are set up perfectly, you can expect good video feed output in your video call. However, google includes low light mode to help users continue in video calls when there isn’t enough lighting.

Low light mode works great in darker environments. By enabling low light mode in google duo, users can get adjusted lighting settings to carry on with video calling when there is insufficient light.

Data saving mode

If you aren’t in a Wifi zone but you need to create a video call with someone, the only way to do that is using mobile data. It is known to all that video calling consumes higher mobile data.

With google duo, you don’t have to worry about mobile because it has data saving mode for mobile data users. Although enabling data saving mode can impact your video calling quality, you should disable this when you are in wifi to experience the best video quality with the connection.

Go to settings and enable data saving mode if you are running out of mobile data but you have to do some important video calls.

Dark mode

Dark mode is now popular in all types of mobile applications. It helps to reduce strain to users’ eyes and use the application in low light conditions.

google duo dark mode provides excellent visualization with light grey or white color text and full black interface. It won’t cause any distraction. You can go with it at night when all the light is turned off in your room.

Picture in picture

Google Duo has picture in picture function that helps users to create the video feed short and do other works on the device. Sometimes it requires using other applications in a video call.

Picture in picture turns the video feed on a smaller window, so you can easily do whatever you want in the back of video calling.

If your duo isn’t enabling PIP, then it may be disabled from settings. Go to settings in google duo and find the PiP option to enable.

Move picture window

While you are enjoying the picture-in-picture feature, your video feed becomes smaller. In such a situation, you can drag that smaller picture window anywhere on your screen to make your job perfectly done.

Block duo contacts

You can block a contact anytime who might disturb you. when you block any contact, the person won’t be able to call or message you using google duo. But if you have added the person to any other social media platform, then can message you through that.

To block any contact, tap and hold on the contact, block contact option will appear to you instantly.

One to one call in browser

Google duo has browser version available. So, you can use google duo in your chrome browser and can make one to one calls if you have microphone and webcam set up on the desktop.

Filter and effects

Google chrome has a large collection of filters and effects to make the video calling experience funnier. Just create a video call with smartphone and you can see a lot of effects appear on the screen. Click any of them and you will see the effects on the video feed.

Download call history

If you want, you can download and export google duo call history using other messaging applications. To download call history, you have to dig inside the settings. Open the duo app > at the top right corner, click on the three dots> select ‘Help & Feedback’ > in the next screen, you have to select the three-dot icon again > at the bottom click ‘export call history’.

By downloading the call history, you are keeping a backup of your google duo history which may be needed in future.

Download-call history

Improve video call quality

You can improve video call quality using Wi-Fi connection. If you are using data connection, then you may face the low video calling quality because there might be data saving mode enabled in the setting.

If you want to experience better video call quality, you have to disable it from the setting.

Set reminder for your next call

With Google Duo, you can set reminders to call a particular person. If you are going through a busy schedule, then it seems difficult to remember to call a person for your needs.

No problem just set a reminder in google duo and the application will notify you at the right moment. To set a reminder, open the google duo > go to contact > you should get the option of setting reminder for a call.

Google duo vs WhatsApp – which one is better?

Google Duo is commonly known as a video calling application while WhatsApp is more likely to be used as an instant messaging application.

Whatsapp is used by businesses and companies to connect with consumers and to keep organized employees in a particular platform.

Google duo vs WhatsApp which one is better

As a video calling application, google duo brings so many interesting features that you can’t see on WhatsApp. It has unique features like ‘Knock-Knock’, picture in picture, effects, and filters, video messages, and so on.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is so straightforward as an instant messaging application. It has audio-video call and instant messaging features but no effect or filter option included.

You can send voice messages but won’t be able to send video messages on WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp is more popular than google duo and used in multi-purpose operations. Google duo still refers to an excellent video calling application and small group conferencing.

So, it depends on your personal need and taste to make the decision and compare google duo and WhatsApp. 

Is google duo secured?

Calls you make and messages you send on Duo are end-to-end encrypted, so Google can’t see, hear, or save any audio or call content or any message content you send on Duo. It also can’t be used for advertising purposes.

Besides, our Google Account comes with built-in security designed to detect and block threats like spam, phishing, and malware. And Duo call history is stored using strong industry standards and practices.

Finally, the above article is full of google duo tips and tricks. It will help you to optimize the google duo experience if you are using google duo regularly. In my opinion, this is a perfect video calling application for everyday purposes.

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