Google one cloud drive: What do you need to know about google one?

Google is always looking forward to ensuring a seamless journey when users are online. so, it brings up new google integrations offering everything you need online.

You must be familiar with google by products like google drive, Gmail, google meet, Duo, calendar, etc. similarly google one is a popular cloud storage service plan implemented by google that facilitates online work and keeps users organized online.

Whether you have got to use it or not, google one can be a helpful asset for you. The article includes all you need to know about google one and helps you to use this properly.


What is Google one drive?

google one drive is a subscription plan for google drive. if you aren’t familiar with google one, you may know google drive as the only cloud storage offerings by google.

google drive was the only cloud storage solution for google lovers before 2018 when google one wasn’t employed.

But it doesn’t mean google now has two distinguished cloud storage services. Google one is just a subscription plan for google drive that you have to purchase to increase your google drive storage.

Using cloud storage is an integral part of our daily online activities. Therefore, there are plenty of cloud storage services that have come out by the time and you can choose any that goes to your need.

Whatever, google one offers expanded cloud storage services in various paid plans. Besides, you can do almost everything that you could do with google drive including file storing, integrating with other Google applications, collaborating, and so on.

google one membership page

How do you use google one?

To use google one, you need a google account. The account is required to get the google one membership.

If you haven’t used the account to sign in to google drive, then you will get free 15 GB of storage to use.  This is called google drive free storage offered in every new google account.

You can use this free storage in any of your cloud sharing requirements.

However, 15 GB of cloud storage is not enough amount for professional online activities. Especially, cloud storage acts as an absolute solution for small online businesses and distance learning.

If you are a business, then you must need an extensive cloud storage capacity. When you are using google drive for free 15 GB storage, you can increase the storage capacity by purchasing google one storage plans.

Google one includes three different plans offering 100 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB cloud storage. You can choose one that seems perfect for your needs by upgrading your google account.

Just go to google one and you can see different price plans to upgrade your account. you have to click on the right plan for you and a short window will appear to ensure you are agreeing with Google One terms of service and Google privacy policy.

When you select agree, it will ask you to add a credit or debit card to confirm the purchase.

Congratulations! you have now an upgraded google one cloud storage with 100 GB of cloud storage.

Can you share your google one membership with others?

Google allows users to share membership and storage with whoever they want. But here the restriction is you can share up to 5 members without any cost.

You can create a family group, add or remove any members. For user convenience, google one split the entire storage into two spaces, they are, personal storage space and shared storage space.

Members you include or share your account with will get 15 GB of personal storage space for their files.

However, the shared storage is also divided between all the members of the group. If a member’s personal storage gets filled up, they can use the shared storage space to store files.

Family members can use as much of this available storage as they want.

How to share your membership with family members?

To share your google one membership with other family members and with friends, you have to add them to the family group.

Then go to settings > manage family settings > manage family group. There should be a plus (+) icon, click on that then you have to input the Google account of that person. It will send an invitation to the person’s email.

As soon as they will accept the invitation, you can see their profile visible in your google one. you can remove anyone by clicking on their profile and selecting remove.

Creating a family group on Google One has some extra advantages such as all the family members can access the Google Family Calendar, Family Keep, Google Assistant, Family Link, YouTube Premium plans (if you subscribe), Google Play Family TV, and more.

Google one accessibility

Whether you already purchased any google one storage plan or you are about to do it, you have to access it at first.

You can access google one through a mobile or desktop browser. For mobile users, Google has created a separate application for google one.

Android users can easily find it on the play store, download and install the application to use. After installing, you can back up anything on your phone to google one cloud. You don’t have to worry about space because there are huge things you can get through purchasing plans.

Moreover, you can keep your photos and videos in full resolution, without worrying about space.

With google one, there is nothing to lose that is important to you. because you can keep all the important things back up from photos to your phone contacts in google one. besides, google ensures to get 24×7 hours of support from the google expert team. You can contact and get support from them via calling or chatting online. Finally, your team is freer and more organized if you have integrated the google one paid plan.

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