Google One VS Microsoft One Drive: Which one to choose?

Google and Microsoft are competing with each other in several sectors. Both are popular with their office suite applications and have distinguished potential user base worldwide.

Google has all the similar applications that Microsoft includes in Microsoft 365. In addition to this, Microsoft one drive and google one both are cloud storage solutions for google and Microsoft users.

Cloud storage becomes the ultimate solution for safe and constructed online journeys. Cloud storage provides huge support and is all you need just right there.

Google one and Microsoft one drive are the two most effective cloud storage services at present. Both have similarities in such aspects and also have differences.

In this discussion, we will compare Google one VS Microsoft one drive to perceive which one is better for your purpose.


Google One VS Microsoft Onedrive: business or personal use?

When comparing google one and Microsoft one drive, the first thing we would focus on is the user’s intention of using cloud storage.

Regarding this, not all users have the same intention to use online cloud storage. Some want to store all the necessary files safely online while others have serious business purposes to use cloud storage.

Whatever your purpose, you should know that if your cloud storage service meets your requirements.

As Google always focuses on creating user-centric experience through their applications, google one isn’t different.

Google provides free 15 GB cloud storage that we use as google drive. if users need to update the cloud storage, they have to move on to google one paid plan.

On the other hand, Microsoft One drive also offers limited free storage of 5 GB cloud. After consuming the free storage, users can turn to paid plans.

However, Microsoft designs their online cloud storage service for more likely business intent.

While google one max plan includes only 2 TB cloud storage, Microsoft one drive max business pack includes 6 TB cloud storage.

This huge amount of cloud storage is really helpful for large organizations and industries.

So, in this comparison, the first thing we consider is google one is best for personal use. It can also be good to integrate with small and mid-sized businesses.

Microsoft has individual paid plans for home and business use. One can select any plan which matches their purpose.

Google One VS Microsoft Onedrive: Features

Both cloud storage offers the same functionalities and similar features that users need to optimize cloud computing experience.

But the way it works is different for both cloud storage systems. For instance, using google one will allow you to quickly access other google integrations like google form, sheets, docs, slides, etc.

On the other hand, Microsoft one drive allows integrating Microsoft 365 integration do what you want with them online.

Let’s make a deep feature analysis of these two cloud storages to make final verdict.

File sharing

Cloud storage is now rapidly used for file sharing between team members. Online cloud storage makes it very simple to share any files with just one click.

Both Microsoft and google offer simple file sharing options such as,

  • Sharing through link
  • Or, giving access someone to the file by adding Gmail account

You can share any drive file in these two ways. Once you upload a file, you can get a shareable link by clicking on it. you can share the link through messages and they can access the file easily.

Besides, you can add people manually to your cloud storage and give them permission to take certain actions. In google one, you can add people in any drive folder and allow them to view, edit or comment.

Microsoft one drive has more available options in such cases as Limited access, read, contribute, edit, design, full control, restricted read, approve, manage hierarchy.

File sync

Google one and Microsoft one drive both has synchronization feature that works to sync everything and keep users up to date in daily activities.

If you want to take full advantage of cloud storage synchronization feature, you should have downloaded OneDrive desktop for Microsoft one drive and Backup and Sync for google one.

After installing, you have to create a folder on your device to keep unfinished work and then finish them from anywhere.


Present cloud storage services don’t end up offering only file store and sharing opportunities. Rather, they allow real time collaboration, enable third party integrations to do more things while staying on the cloud.

Cloud storage collaboration is the best option to turn your home into a workplace and do team work with contributors.

This feature is so helpful for students as they can accomplish class assignments online by team working with classmates.

Both google one and Microsoft one drive has collaboration features available.


For users’ convenience, cloud storage services allow third parties and their own productive integrations to use. Both Microsoft and Google have a variety of integrating applications which are also included in the office productivity package.

For google one users, they can easily integrate google docs, sheets, slides, forms, and others when they need. one can easily create new google docs, sheets, or slide files from google drive and do whatever they want.

Microsoft also enables integrating third parties and their own office productivity applications while using one drive.

But integration features are only available in rich business and family plans. Microsoft Office apps include only business standards, and personal, and family plans.

If you purchase the other plan, you can’t use office apps with cloud storage.


Microsoft and Google are always serious about users’ privacy and security. When Google is accused of monitoring users’ personal interests and information for advertising purposes, they are very careful to protect users’ data from hackers.

Google implements AES 128-bit encryption to protect in transit and in motion files. And also, it has AES – 256-bit encryption protection to encrypt other files and folders in google drive.

However, Microsoft also takes permission to scan users’ data for any kind of harmful content. Despite this, Microsoft is well known for its security features. It includes business standard security options to ensure a safe user journey.

So, in the security aspect, both Microsoft and Google are good enough.

Microsoft one drive VS Google One: Plans and Pricing

Microsoft one drive and google one are almost different in plans and pricing. Microsoft has made cloud storage pricing into two categories, they are ‘Home’ and ‘Business’. Each of them includes four individual price plans for different Microsoft one drive offerings.

On the other hand, google one has entirely three paid plans. For better knowledge, we are showing the plans and pricing for both services here below.

Google One plans and price

Google one has only three paid plans, they are,

  • Free 15 GB
  • Basic 100 GB costs $1.76 per month
  • Standard pack offers 200 GB storage for $2.93 per month
  • Premium pack includes 2 TB of storage for $9.38 per month

Microsoft OneDrive plans and price

Microsoft one drive cloud storage plans and price has two categories, business, and home. Its business plans include four individual plans such as,

  • OneDrive for Business (Plan 1) – $5.00 user/month
  • OneDrive for Business (Plan 2) – $10.00 user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic – $5.00 user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard – $12.50 user/month

Moreover, it also has four different plans under home category. They are,

  • OneDrive Basic 5 GB Free
  • OneDrive Standalone 100GB – $1.99 / month
  • Microsoft 365 Personal – $69.99 / year
  • Microsoft 365 Family – $99.99 / year

Final verdict

In the above comparison, we see that google one and Microsoft OneDrive both are quite similar in features and functionalities. So, it becomes difficult to call one of these as best as the other.

Since Google and Microsoft both are industry leaders, it completely depends on the users which one they would feel more comfortable using.

But if you need extensive cloud storage for large business purposes, you should select Microsoft as it offers 6 TB storage while google one only offers 2 TB.

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