Google photos obtain editing options: How to use it effectively?

Did you know google photos obtain excellent photo editing options? It is now a built-in feature in google photos.

Needless to say, Google photos is one of the most helpful applications for android users. Google photos is a straight android assistant that automatically backups all photos and videos on users’ devices.

It has some other exciting options like synchronization, preserving the original quality of your photos and videos.

Besides, you will receive free 15 GB of cloud storage to start up. All of these options make Google Photos a basic need and then it comes photo editing.

It is not so long since google enables photo editing options in google photos. The exciting news is, the editor includes all the basic photo editing options with some fair advanced adjustment tools.

In this article, we will deep dive into google photos editing options to make sense of how effective it is.

So let’s jump into the discussion below.


What are the features of Google Photos editing?

There are plenty of editing features that are currently available in google photos. And since it is Google, it will pour more new advanced editing features in the future in google photos.

For now, let’s see the features that google photos have right now. Here is the first look of google photos edit.

features of Google Photos editing

When you click on an image for full view in google photos, you can see four options like the image above.

To edit images, you have to click the ‘Edit’ option. Clicking on the edit option will take you inside Google photos editing.

Here we are describing all the google photos editing options individually.

Clicking on the edit option


The first thing you will perceive in google photos editing is the suggestion. Observing the photo you choose to edit, Google photos AI will suggest you some editing options.

As you can see in the image above, there are three AI suggestions ‘Enhance’ ‘Warm’ and ‘Cool’.

Those options allow the image to get a quick impression with one click where each has a distinguished effect on images.

Google photos advanced editing suggestions are really cool. You can use this option when you don’t want to manually edit images in google photos.

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Cropping images in google photos made facile. It also offers to rotate, crop the photo to different aspect ratios, transform options to change the perspective of your image.

Google photos crop option will let you sleep on it. You can resize images as square, 16:9, 4:3, 3:2 aspect ratios automatically.

To get the aspect ratios, go to google photos > click a photo > crop. You can see a window like the first image below.

Above the line, click on the Rectangle icon to find aspect ratios like the 2nd image. The reverse arrow icon (beside rectangle) offers 90° rotation. And the last transform option will let you easily change the image perspective by dragging dots of each corner and taking them to the edges you want.

This is useful when you want to eliminate any specific corner of the image while keeping the other corner same as they are.

change the perspective


The next editing option is ‘Adjust’. Google photos editing offers a rich collection of editing adjustment tools to precisely adjust images.

Under the google photos ‘Adjust’ option, you can find,

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • White point
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Black point
  • Saturation
  • Warmth
  • Tint
  • Skin tone
  • Blue tone
  • Pop
  • Sharpen
  • Denoise
  • Vignette

It looks like you have all the photo editing adjustment functions available in google photos. If you don’t know the use of these adjust options, brightness allows controlling lightness and darkness of your image.

Contrast changes images tone, white points adjust the brightest value and black points adjust the darkest value.

Highlights are used to adjust the detail in the brightest areas while shadows are used to adjust the detail in the darkest areas.

Saturation adjusts the intensity of colors and Warmth is used to adjust the color temperature. Tint reins the hue, skin tone adjusts the saturation of the skin-colored tones and Blue tone adjusts the saturation of the blue tones, like sky or water.

To adjust the local contrast of edges use Pop, sharpen adjust the fine details, to smooth noise you can use the Denoise option.


And here comes google photos filters. Using image filters has become so familiar. As filters can give outstanding look to the images, everyone loves to use a variety of filters to perceive how they look on it.

Image filters save our time by doing what we want to do in the image automatically. There are so many filters available in google photos and each of them has a particular name.

You can make sense of the filter by the name before using it. Currently, there are 13 filters available in google photos such as Vivid, west, Palma, Metro, Eiffel, etc.


And lastly, there is Markup option which offers three different tools including ‘Pen’, ‘highlighter’, and ‘Text’ to include text in the images.

The pen will allow you to write something through touching on the screen, just like you are using a pan.

Similarly, the highlighter option works like a real highlighter. Thick flow of colored lines on your image.

Text option will let you type something on your image. You can adjust the place for the text where you like to see it later.

highlighter and Text include in the images

How to use google photos editing effectively?

There is no complexity in google photos editing. All the options are simple to understand and use.

Today, we generally have one or multiple editing applications on our smartphones. We capture selfies, nature photos, street photography through the mobile camera and upload them on social media platforms.

In such cases, having a good photo editing app is great support for your photography. However, google photos isn’t a distinct photo editing application.

It is mainly a photo cloud storage that has built-in photo editing functions for users’ benefit. So, google photos users can accomplish basic photo editing requirements from inside google photos.

As we have seen the available editing functions in google photos above, one can effectively edit images through it.

Because it has filter, crop, precise adjustments tools with intensity adjustment scale. Personally, I’ve used other Android editing apps but in terms of simplicity, I like to keep it ahead.

Finally, google photos editing options are really helpful. It helps to edit stored images by staying on the cloud. So, you don’t even need to download separate applications to use it. Bcause google photos comes as a built-in application in all android smartphones.

Hopefully, the discussion will be helpful for you to understand Google photos editing options.

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