Google Photos: Your safe cloud photo storage

In a world full of visual elements, we are using images to communicate more than words. Image has become the most used content type on social media.

The massive development of smartphone cameras makes photography very easy and versatile. We take photos whenever we want just with a snap of smartphone’s button.

On the holiday when we are with friends and relatives, we often take hundreds of photos and collect them in the device or memory storage.

However, we don’t stay up with one smartphone for so long. We have to buy new phones.

What happens to those saved images when you are shifting into a new phone?

There are several ways to collect or restore all of your memorable photos from one phone to another. Using Google photos is one of the effective ways to store all the photos in one cloud storage.

In this article, we are going to introduce one of the best and safe cloud storage for your bulky personal images.


What is google photo?

As its name says, google photo is one of the Google services for photo cloud storage. It is not uncommon for anyone right now.

approximately 2.9 billion android users are currently in the world. And you know that all of the devices have google photo as a built-in application.

if you set it up on your device, google photo works to safely store images. it applies to all the images you have taken with your device camera.

So, if you delete any of them, unfortunately, and then screams oh god!

Don’t worry, this won’t happen when you have google photo installed.

Whenever you capture photo or video, it will save to google photo silently. I am personally a big fan of google photo. As I am an android user, it keeps me free from unnecessary tension to backup images safely.

Google photo is admittedly one of the best cloud storage to store any kind of photos and videos safely.

What are the functions of google photos?

Like other Google applications, Google Photo also brings simplicity with its clean organized image library.

You can see all the stored images arranged in order to their saved date. You can see details of the image by clicking any of them.

Google photo works really great as you can search to find the specific image you need right now.

Not only that, google photo has other significant functions which come in great help to the users. You can edit images from google photo and can make adjustments if needed.

Google photo share

Google has put significant work into sharing photos or videos directly from google photo.

Yes, you can share images you want in the easiest way with google photos. You can share via email, saved phone numbers, Facebook, and Twitter.

And if you need a shareable link, it will provide you that.

You can copy the link and share it with anyone in your personal inbox. Remember you can send it to google account which is in your contact list.

Google photo sync

There is actually nothing to say about google synchronization. If you use Google browser on desktop, you may observe it.

Google automatically keeps backup and restore everything including passwords, bookmarks, reading list with its backup and sync function.

It works exclusively on smartphones as users don’t have to back up images manually. Rather it will sync automatically.

If you capture the image offline, it won’t be stored in google photos. But when your device comes under a wifi or mobile data connection, the image will sync automatically and save on google photo.

However, Google has individual application called ‘backup and sync’ which works to keep all of your files, images, and video in google drive and photo storage.

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Google photos quality

When you are going to take google photo seriously, you should know about its other distinguished feature quality.

People are often highly concerned about photo quality when they use images online for any purpose.

When sharing images on social media isn’t a good idea as it causes bad image quality. Google Photos offers the original quality for images you want to share through it.

Moreover, it preserves the quality of images saved from your device. For image quality, it has two options. ‘High quality’ and ‘Original quality’.

The high quality option for images which size is above 16 MB and videos above 1080p. Google photo saved them as compressed to save space.

Images that are below in the above size, save in original quality. In original quality, Google Photo preserves the quality of original images.

Google photo storage

Let’s talk about google photo storage. We have discussed google photo functionalities so far.

So what about google photo storage? Do you save unlimited photos and videos in google photos?

If you are starting to use google photo after June 2021, then you have missed one of the big offers from google.

Before June 1, 2021, google photo has offered unlimited cloud storage to store photos and videos which is deprecated by the June upgrade.

Now you have only 15 GB of storage in google Photo which seems for free and general users.

Google photo pricing

If you think that google photo free storage isn’t enough for you, then you should upgrade the storage capacity by purchasing paid storage plans.

Don’t worry, Google won’t ask sky high prices for the increased storage. And it doesn’t have any dedicated pricing plan for google photo.

If you want to upgrade google photo storage, you have to pick one of the google ones paid plans according to your need.

For your convenience, google one has three individual plans. The basic plan costs $1.99 per month for 100 GB of cloud storage. This is the most affordable plan which anyone can purchase.

The next is the standard plan which costs $2.99 per month and offers 200 GB of cloud storage. And the last one is premium that includes high storage up to 2 TB for $9.99 per month.

To learn more about Google one as well as Google photo pricing, you can go to the website and get all the details.

Google photo security

Google always considers users’ security and the experience, it ensures users’ good privacy and security with its advanced security features.

When you store photos or videos, the data you create moves between your device, Google services, and our data centers.

As Google said, they protect this data with multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology like HTTPS and Transport Layer Security.

Besides, there are visual security options like two step verification, proactive security alerts that prevent third persons from intercept personal data from google cloud storage.

However, Google claimed that they operate one of the world’s most secure and reliable cloud infrastructures.

So, you don’t have to worry about the security of google photos.

Finally, Google photo is surely one of the simple yet best cloud storage to store video and images. It will benefit you a lot by keeping all of your images back up and storing all the new images from your device.

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