Google tasks – The simplest to-do list integration you need

If you are a busy person who has to do a lot of work in a day, you may feel sometimes it’s become quite difficult to do all these things timely. Unless you are a very active brain person and keep all the work on a schedule, it is normal to get inundated sometimes and shout ‘Oh, I’d rather do it.’

This is a common scenery for so many people. Some of them used to keep notes and make a to-do list to stay organized with all their work.

Because a simple to do list in this regard can help a lot to remind you about all the tasks on time. When you have such a list, you will no longer forget your daily task.

Fortunately, we now have applications through which we can easily create to do list. Since these applications are mobile-friendly, it requires just a few clicks to check what is on the schedule right now.


What is google task?

Google task is a similar application that comes with a simple interface and allows users to create a to-do list with lots more functionalities.

There are so many applications available that offer the same, but google task is the simplest and most productive to do list application you can find.

Personally, I used to keep notes of my important tasks in google calendar that needed to be done sharply. But since I got to know about google tasks, I really fall in love with it.

Why? Because it can integrate with Gmail and google calendar and it is super easy to use. You can use it as a Gmail integration or can go by installing the google task applications on your smartphone or computer.

Google task is not a recent thing, it has got its initial release since 2008. In its earlier time, it didn’t have access to Gmail or calendar which was allowed in 2018.

but last year, Google launched its android application with a new design and sleek interface and also made it a part of google workspace.

Implementing a google task will keep you organized with its customized functionality. You can create the list, rename, add tasks and subtasks, add notes, due dates, and so on with this.

How to access Google tasks?

Accessing Google tasks doesn’t require any installation if you are using the computer. You can access it through your Gmail, Google calendar, or desktop browser.

If you don’t know how to access Google tasks, here is how to access Google tasks in different ways from both desktop and smartphone.

Access from Gmail and Google calendar

If you are a hard Gmail user, Google made it right there on your fingertip.  So you can check and manage daily to-do list whenever you are accessing Gmail.

Have tried but can’t find where it is? Open Gmail on your desktop browser, at the top right you can see icons of Google calendar, keep, Google tasks, and contacts in a row.

How to Access from Gmail and Google calendar

Click on the task icon and you can see it open with a small window on the right side.

 Google tasks in different ways

Click on ‘Get started’ and you can see the Google task interface where you can start simply adding tasks. You can click on ‘Add a task’ and it will allow you to add a title, details about the task, date/time. Not only these, but you can also add a subtask, rename, and delete any task from the list.

Is it something you have to do on a daily basis? Then you don’t need to add it separately on your everyday list because there is an option called ‘Repeat’ which allows you to repeat the task daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually.

To delete any task, click on the ‘Three dot icon’ beside the task and you can see the delete option.

Access from your browser

Don’t like the way to open Gmail to check the to do list? No problem, you can get it on your browser taskbar from where you can access Google task with a click.

If you are familiar with the browser extensions, then you may understand what I am saying. You can get the Google task extension to install from the chrome store.

And you can see it right there, click it to add the extension on your chrome. Then pin it to the browser taskbar. And you are all set up with Google tasks.

Now you can open Google task just by clicking on the button from the browser taskbar. After installing the extension, you have to sign up with your Google account and it will open on a new tab in your browser.

At the top right corner of your browser window, click on the ‘Three dots’ icon > more tools > extensions > from here you have to open the ‘chrome web store’ and search for google task.

You can select either horizontal or vertical view, you have a search bar, refresh icon, and also you can enable dark theme from the settings option. Here is the vertical view of the google task browser edition.

How to Access from browser

Google tasks in Microsoft Store

Windows users can get google tasks applications as gTasks in the Microsoft app store. It provides more flexibility as you don’t need to go to the browser to access google tasks. You can install the dedicated application and get a desktop icon for it.

So, whenever you want to use it, just click the icon from the desktop window. Gtasks interface is almost similar to the browser edition. You can add tasks, customize them, spot tasks for today, tomorrow, or the upcoming week, all you can adjust from the left panel.

You can create new task, choose the priority, add details to a new or an existing task, add a due date, set an alert, include a note, pick the list, and add a subtask with gTasks.

Google task for smartphone

Google tasks mobile application was released in the last year when google actually realized the user’s demand. Smartphone users are more likely to integrate a to do list, set reminders on the calendar to get reminded, and not miss any important task.

Therefore, google made it is already popular to do list applications available for mobile phone users. No matter, you are an android or iOS user, it works in both operating systems.

Google task mobile application is excellent in all aspects. The best thing is, you will be notified by alarm or notification if you set any task.

how to use google task in smartphone

To install google tasks on your smartphone device, go to the supported app store from your device and search for it.

Why do Google Tasks the best?

If you forget things easily like me, then You know the importance of reminders or to-do lists in your daily life. Then applications like google tasks or gTasks kinda blessing for us. It has google calendar and Gmail integration which means you can access and monitor it from there.

As we have seen above google task offers the simplest interface and functionality. By using this excellent integration, you will benefit in so many ways such as.

Schedule your daily task

You can schedule tasks with specific times and dates in google tasks. If you are a desktop user, you can schedule tasks and check them when you need them. moreover, you can reschedule if you change the plan 


You can use google task as a reminder as you can get notifications for any specific tasks. When you have set time for the task, google calendar will remind you by sending notifications on your device.

Add emails to your task

If you have any important mail that you need to reply to urgently, you can add the mail to your task list. So when you receive the mail, you will be notified and respond to the mail.

Create a list of tasks

You can easily create a list of tasks including all you have to do in the day, week, or month. Also, you can set the list as a particular group and create another group of tasks to maintain clarity.

One-click repeating option

Have one or more common tasks that you have to do on regular basis, just use the repeat option instead of adding the task particularly on your daily checklist.

Finally, google tasks is a great application associating to-do list to stay organized with all your tasks. It is accessible to mobile, desktop, windows, mac so is no longer going to miss your schedule when you have this application on your device.

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