How do google forms work?

It seems that you are brand new with this popular google integration called google forms. If yes, then we will make you enlighten in this discussion as we are going to cover up google forms from scratch to the end.

Google has included a handoff free service to let users do whatever they want. The service was firstly known as G Suite which is further changed to google workspace. Google workspace is considered as the competitor of Microsoft 365 because of its Microsoft word-like word processor called google docs, spreadsheet like data management integration called google sheets and PowerPoint like presentation and slider making tool called google slides.

However, google form googles another free implementation to its users which allow them to create survey forms, quick poll, pop quizzes, event registration form, RSVP form and so on. Google forms feature a handful of options to make them easy to use.

Thus, we can now use google forms whenever we need, no complex options, just input and order what to do with the form and make it available for your audience. Google forms can be used on any platforms like social media, web pages, and as a particular file type.

Not only that, but you can also make real time collaboration with other users with google forms and the most interesting fact is, you don’t have to worry about organizing the huge data submitted by the users on the survey you have created. Because the collected information will be automatically entered into a spreadsheet.

Although, google form has so many aspects which are enough to make you excited if you still don’t learn about them. So, let’s get them here below,


What can you do with google forms?

Google forms offer a hand of great options through which you can manage any of your online activities where you need to apply for forms. It is integrated in a way so that it can meet various purposes of users.

With Google Forms, you can easily implement a lot of personal, official, and educational works if you know the way to do that. For your convenience, here we are mentioning how many things you can get done with google forms integration.


You can use google forms to create any of your personal event invitations, creating an RSVP form to send your nearest and dearest ones, get contact information or finding the best time to meet with various people.

Professional purpose

Google form is the best option to maintain online surveys, registration forms, requiring email subscriptions, and so on. Even if it is a professional or business purpose, you can consider using google forms to make the process easy for both you and the audience.

Especially for smaller businesses, Google Forms is a kinda blessing because they need to do it cost effectively. And google form is free here for them. With google form, small retailers are way more attentive to their web page and social media audience managing.

Since it is almost easy to get accustomed to google forms, online retailers especially those who have a large customer fan base in social media, can implement a lot of things with google form such as creating order forms, feedback forms, a quick poll with the products to learn which are at the top of people’s interest.

In this way, google drive can help online business owners in so many aspects and make their job super easy.

Educational purpose

It is known to all, Google integration is too much helpful for students as they can use them free, can take a huge advantage, and use them for their own benefits. The integrations come with google workspaces has a lot of educational purposes to use and it is not only for students but also for the teachers.

For example, teachers can use a google form to create pop quizzes, worksheets, instructions to check in before online classes, take attendance, and a lot more. For this, Google Forms is highly used in educational institutions and mostly in distance learning.

How to use google forms?

As we have mentioned, google form is almost free, it comes with every new google account with Google other free services. Therefore, you must have a google account to use google form without any cost.

If you already have a Google account then you are no longer a way to use google forms because if having a google account is the first step, using google forms is the next. So, if you don’t have one, then you should immediately sign up for your google account right now.

If you already have a Google account, then you can skip the following and move to the next paragraph.

How to create a google account?

Here is the step by step guide to creating a Google account,

  • Open your browser
  • Type “google account sign up” in the search bar
  • You can directly get to the sign up page by clicking on the link
  • Click on ‘create account’ and choose ‘for myself’
  • Then it will automatically redirect to the next page where you have to provide information that google wants from you like first name, last name, user name, password, and also some additional information about yourself
  • After completing the page, you will go to the next page where you have to confirm your personal mobile number and have to verify it through google’s verification
  • Completing all the requirements, your account will be set and from now, you can use the username and password to access your google account from anywhere, any device

Whatever, we need a google account to use google forms free. When you are signed in with your Google account in your browser, you can easily access google forms with a direct link, from your google drive.

After accessing your google form interface, you can see an interface like this,

After accessing your google form interface

As you can see, we also didn’t use google form in the account I have signed in before capturing the screenshot. Therefore, it is showing ‘No forms yet’, it can be easily understood that, in your whole marketing campaign, google will preserve all the forms you have created. So, if you want to reuse any previous form, then you are allowed.

However, google forms offers a variety of questions that you can use to ask your audiences to get your preferred data and answers. Mainly, the question you will set in the form depends on what you want to hear from your audiences.

Here is an explanation in this regard, to make you understand what type of questions you need to use in which cases.

Short answers

With Google Forms, you can ask audiences such questions which they can answer as they desire. You can set a word limit for recipients so that they make the answer short. To help recipients make their answers short, you have to ask questions which can be answered shortly.

If you are setting a word limit, don’t limit it as less as people face difficulties while having their answers. Short answers are best to use personal responses.

Short answers are best to use personal responses


If you think that the question requires a briefing which can be one or two paragraphs, then you can set the type of the question as a paragraph. This option will allow users to write long answers over one or more paragraphs if they want.

Multiple choice, check box, and drop down list

This type of question comes with multiple options from where people can choose their preferred one. We are highly familiar with these types of dropdowns, checkboxes which hold a set of options. These are perfect to implement quizzes, quick polls, and getting people’s opinions on any specific issues.

You can also include ‘Other’ as an option that lets people type a short answer when they find no option to choose. Based on a personal answer, you can send them to a certain section of the form.

Multiple choice, check box, and drop down list

Linear scale

This type of question comes with a scale through which people can rate the questions instead of choosing an option or typing the answer. With this type of question, the answers are selected from a number scale.

This type of question lets audiences rate things or give feedback based on how they felt using the product or service. You can start the scale from 0 or 1 and end on the number you want from 2 to 10. You can set a label for each end of the scale.

You can also create a multiple-choice grid where people can select one answer per row.

Linear scale

Select a date and time

To get the audience preferred time and date to implement any online event like giveaways, you can use this type of time and date question and can make people take action. These are something like filling the box with your birthdate in any online form like this.

Select a date and time


However, you can also include images to your google form to present it more functionally to your audiences. Google forms let you upload an image to increase the form’s admissibility. You can use any images from your device or can take one instantly with your web camera. But keep in mind that the image must come as royalty-free. Here is how you can insert images in your google form.

Pictures can be inserted before or after a question. This is useful for quizzes to show, for example, maps, charts, graphs, or images related to the question.

  • Click the Add Item button or Click Insert in the top menu bar.
  • Select Image and the image window will open providing options:
  • Upload-Browse the hard drive of the computer to locate and upload an image
  • Take a snapshot-Use this option if a webcam is connected to the computer.

Take a picture with the webcam and insert it.

  • By URL-Paste the web address of an image that exists online.

D. Your Albums-Browse albums and insert any image

E. Search-Search for images from the following online sources:

● Google Drive-A search on Google images for public-domain pictures

● Life-Pictures from Life Magazine

● Stock Images-High Quality ClipArt Images


You can’t upload videos from your device to the google form as it doesn’t support the way. Google Forms only supports YouTube videos, which you can add either through search or with a link.

Google form allows you to make a little edit to the images you have included in it. Like resizing, aligning the image or video as you want. You can align it center, left, or right although.

To Add a Video:

  • Click Add Item button or Click Insert in the top menu bar
  • Select Video from the drop-down menu

The Insert Video Window will open to allow searches for a YouTube Video or to paste in the video URL

  • Click Select to select the video to add it to the form
  • Once the video is inserted on the Form, it can be moved to any location on the form

How do you create a Google Form?

We have learned above that if we want to use google form then we must have a google account. Therefore, we have seen how to create a google account, simple and easy. We also show you the way through which you can access your google forms.

In this step, we will show you how to create a simple but effective form including all the essential elements you need. Since google form allows all types of questions that you can use to get answers from your audience. You can customize your forms according to what you want to know from your audiences.

If you have skipped the above discussion of available question types in google form, then you should check it to gaze at what types of questions you can create with a google form. Here we will take steps into creating google Forms step by step below. So, let’s directly jump into that,

  • Go to
  • You will find you on the start page of google form, where you have a few options like blank to create a new form and some other ready form templates for contact information, RSVP form, party invite, t-shirt sign up
  • If you want to start from scratch, then choose the blank option to create a new form
  • Starting from scratch will allow you to learn how things are going on in google form. By clicking the blank option, it will take you to the next page where you can see an interface like figure 1 below
  • On the page, you can give your form a suitable title according to your campaign name and purpose. You can also add a little description to your form for your own references
  • The next option you can see is a box of untitled question which is editable and you can set it either for short answers or for multiple choices
  • After completing, you have to click on the send option which is placed at the top of the window, and send the form directly to whoever you want
google forms interface

Figure 1

Change the theme of your google form

With Google forms, customizing your form and making it an audience friendly theme is easy. Theme is what your audiences will view while they are filling your form. In the google form interface, you can find the theme customization option in the top right corner. It used to indicate a color pad icon. Click on that and a new theme will appear in a pane to the right.

Change the theme of your google form

On the right side of the image, look at the theme option. You can include an image for the header right here, change the theme color as it offers all the possible color options to apply in your image. You can also choose background color, font style from the theme panel.

Quick action panel

In the right of your question form, you can see a straight panel bar holding some options like the image below.

see a straight panel bar holding some options like the image

There you can see 6 options and each of them is easy to understand what they used to be. For your convenience,

  • The plus icon needs when you have to add another question on the form
  • The second option is used to add import question from another form to your current one
  • Tt button lets you add a section title and description
  • The next option is for adding images and videos
  • The last one will allow you to break your survey up into sections

The above Eye icon is used to preview the survey form quickly. And in case of changing any settings, you have to click on the above gear option.

How to send google form to any specific location?

When you have done with your google form, now it’s time to send the form to its destination. That means the form is now ready to accomplish why it has been created. Google form has all the needed options available you may need to send the form to any specific location.

Therefore, you can send the form via email, can share it as a link, or embed HTML code to make it responsible for your website audiences. You can also directly share the form on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

How to send google form to any specific location

If you want to send the form through the mail, you will get the option to insert the recipient’s mail by choosing the mailing option. Finally, after sending the form to your preferred location, it’s time to see how people respond to your google form. To see how your audiences are responding, just go to the response option in your google form and it will show you the same.

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