How does Google Photos preserve the original quality of your photos?

Are you a google photos user? If yes, then you are familiar with the high quality and original quality saving options including google photos.

Since most smartphone users are now using google photos to store images and videos safely on cloud storage. Google photos offer the best cloud storage functions that make mobile users worry free.

Google photos have features like synchronization that automatically sync all the device photos and videos you have captured.

It also allows to share, edit, make animations, create albums, and so on. But when it comes to storing or sharing photos online, we consider image quality.

Image quality is a concerning issue when sharing images on Facebook, other social media platforms, and sharing applications.

Regarding this using google photos won’t harm your photos and videos. It ensures the original quality of images and videos no matter how large they are.

Google photos offer different saving options according to the image. In this article, we are going to discuss google photos high quality and original quality save options. Let’s get started,


What are the google photos backup options you should know?

Like as typical google that works subtly, always confirms the best user experience through all of its applications, google photos also same.

First of all, it offers free 15 GB of cloud storage which you can use to backup all the device photos and videos.

Secondly, you can upgrade the storage when it runs out. Google offers flexible storage upgrading plans to allow users to increase their google photos storage.

However, if you are a forever free user, you may don’t want to eat up the storage fast. Don’t worry, google photos has built in options that work to save up storage.

Google photos offer different backup options you can set up before saving images and videos. Well, if you are interested, here are the google backup options for your consideration.

Storage Saver

One of the best options in google photos is storage saver. It was previously known as High quality. Since the options allow users to backup large photos and videos.

To make it a little bit clear for you, storage saver quality is used to compress large photos and videos and backup in slightly reduced quality.

Images that are larger than 16 MP and videos higher than 1080p will be counted on this category. Photos and videos are compressed to save up storage.

Images that are above 16 megapixels are compressed and resized to 16 MP. On the other hand, videos higher than 1080p got resized to high definition 1080p.

Not to worry, because photos that are 16 MP and videos in high definition 1080p quality look close to the original.

Without making any harm, you can print google photos 16 MP photos up to 24 inches x 16 inches. Above all, you have to consider its storage saving ability, an impressive offering from google photos.

Original quality

Another backup option of google photos that store all the images and videos in the same quality they are. The option applies to photos and videos which aren’t large in size.

Images that are 16 MP or below it and videos 1080p or lower, apply to this original quality backup option.

Google recommended this setting for printing large banners.

Express quality

It offers more storage saving backup options to users and also faster backup over WiFi and mobile data. This is not good for saving the drive storage but reduce mobile data consumption significantly.

For those who rely on mobile data, this is so much helpful. In express option, photos and videos are compressed to use less mobile data.

Photos that are larger than 3 MP and videos higher than 480p compressed and resized. Express mode is used to store images in 3 MP and videos in 480p.

The ultimate storage saving option you can expect from online cloud storage. You can use these 3 MP compressed photos to print in standard 6 inches x 8 inches size.

What is the difference between Google Photos backup quality options?

We have seen three different photos and videos backup quality options offered by google photos. Here you should know that you can select desired options before backup photos and videos.

These backup options let you finely control your google photos storage. You can ensure the original quality of your photos and videos, keep storing images and videos in high quality through storage saver option.

And also, there is express quality that helps users stay free from anxious storage depletion. Since google photo offers only 15 GB of free storage, if you are not intended to upgrade it, you have to care for saving up the free storage.

Therefore, for the convenience of users, Google offers these backup quality options. You should select the storage saver option to backup high quality images and videos that are above 16 MP and 1080p.

And if you are savvier, then select the express option to store photos and videos in relatively less storage.

However, if you can’t find the express option in your google photos, then it isn’t available in your region.

Tips to free up google photos storage

If you are a free user, then it’s normal to run out of storage if you are a photography lover. Since we all have good quality camera in our smartphone, we used to capture things all the time.

It can cause your drive storage to run out faster. However, you can prevent this by deleting unnecessary photos and videos from storage.

You can give check your google photos once a month or week. Besides, you can save photos and videos in extreme saving quality option (if available in your region) to save your storage.

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How to increase google photos storage?

If you want to increase google photos storage, you have to make purchase of any of google photos paid storage plans. To see all the available google photos paid storage plans, go to settings > Backup and Sync, you can see storage offers available for purchase.

Click on the available offer or select Manage Storage to clean up your storage.

How do google photos work?

Google photos automatically sync and backup device photos and videos. Whenever you capture any photos or videos with your phone, they will be stored on cloud.

But the synchronization requires stable internet connection. Captured photos won’t store google photos until the device comes under a stable internet connection.

Photo storing process can be done through mobile data and Wi fi.

How much free storage does Google Photos offer?

Google photos offer limited free cloud storage to store photos and videos. So, when it will end up, you have to think alternative way to increase drive storage.

Once google photos were unlimited. At that time, users could store unlimited photos and videos in google photos which were later discontinued on June 1, 2021.

If you are a new google photos user, you should know that google photos now offers only 15 GB free storage which is considerably fair for free users.

How to stop google photos automatic backup?

If you don’t want to let google photos store all the photos and videos automatically, you can make it stop working.

To do this, go to google photos application using your device > click on your profile on the upper right corner > Photos settings > backup and sync > Toggle the above blue button.

From now google photos won’t store device photos and videos automatically.

stop google photos automatic backup


No doubt google photos is an excellent cloud storage offering from google. Simple and well-designed interface and a huge advantage made it a regular need of android users. Hopefully, this article will be a resource for understanding google photos backup quality options.

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