How to create powerful social media content?

Content is everywhere, from website blogs to social media newsfeed, contents are entertaining and inform us of what we need. Today’s online strategy, digital marketing, social media marketing, and what others you like to count, there must include content strategy.

Content plays the main role in all online activities. Everything we see online including articles, all types of images, videos, animation, and graphics is used as content. Both visual content like images and written text content like articles have the same demand on the internet.

A significant amount of people are newly associating with online content marketing. In this way, content has become the most required thing in the twenty first century. Take a look at the statistics about content marketing to know how important a role is playing in content right now.

  • 70% of marketers are more likely to invest in content marketing and 24% of them are intending to invest more
  • 78% of companies have 2 or 3 content specialists in their team
  • More than 85% of companies have distinguished content marketing strategy
  • 89% of content marketers used blog posts in their content creation strategy
  • 80% of content marketers are relying on visual content to inform, educate and present products in 2021

These statistics clearly depict the current demand for content marketing and how much it is important to online marketers.

This is why new and existing digital marketers always want to know how to create powerful social media content. Since social media platforms have turned into the most targeted and practiced stuff to digital marketers.

In this article, we will show you how you can be a master of social media content creation and have huge benefits from this. So, here we go.

create powerful social media content


What is powerful social media content?

Let’s get the definition of powerful social media content first. You may be familiar with different types of social media user interfaces such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn. It is general that people are now getting connected with multiple social media platforms.

Statistics show that social media users spend an estimated 2 hours a day on social media platforms. Do all the social media users relate to marketing and business activities?

No, that’s obviously not. People use social media platforms as it keeps organized with all the trendy issues going on in the world, allows communication between friends and families, and has endless visual content like videos, images and so on.

Social media content is published for so many purposes. You can find entertaining, informative, educating, advertising, influencing, and viral content in social media.

Do you know, approximately 995 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second?

But does all social media content have the ability to engage people and get their attention? The answer is negative, users only engage with the content in which they are interested or find it interesting.

People love to see creative things. Images and videos that present creativity in any way, get more reach, and react on social media.

Informative, educative, problem solving, and life hack type content also in demand of social media users.

And marketing and advertising content such as product reviews, product image, video demonstration of products campaign, brand awareness, brand short video are making the highest result through social media.

We will discuss the characteristics of powerful social media content and how you can create ones for your purpose in the next.

What are the different types of social media content?

We know that there are different types of content used in social media. The success of social media marketing completely depends on the content you are uploading to engage people. Whatever types of content you are posting on social media if they aren’t engaging and attention span, you fail to reach your goals and destinations.

There are different types of content, you have to understand which type is perfect to accomplish your needs. You can consider each of them as a particular marketing strategy and implement one when you need.

According to the mass social media platforms, here are some of the different types of content described so you can consider this.

  • Written articles, blog post
  • Image
  • Video
  • Memes
  • Ask me anything (AMA)
  • Polls
  • Story
  • Live video
  • Educational content
  • Infographics

Written articles/blog posts

Blog posts and written articles are the most practiced content type in content marketing strategy. In Particular, blog posts, written articles get high consideration in search engine optimization strategy.

Written article content is at the core value of website content marketing strategy. But social media marketers also use this to educate, present informative things and also describe things in your own way.

Written articles are a good way of unique storytelling through which brands can get audience attention and drive emotions on specific selling points.

Building an effective Copyright marketing strategy is a proven way to engage the audience on social media platforms. Whatever niche you have chosen, you can write informative and interactive articles, blog posts, publish them on your website as well as social media.

By including links on your articles, you can drive traffic from social media to your website and increase conversion.

You may think that creating visual content is more effective than writing long form articles consisting of thousands of words. It is true but you have to keep in mind that people who read articles are the way to be more loyal prospects than those who just see visual content and skip.

There are approximately 70 million blog posts published each month by WordPress users and 77% of the audience prefer to read blog posts.

More than 70% of website owners acknowledge blogging strategy as their most effective SEO tactic.


Images and videos are visual contents that are considered the most practiced content strategy in social media platforms. Images have made visual communication easy and seamless.

Today, images are used everywhere for every purpose such as websites, social media content, brand awareness, ecommerce business, and so on. In this way, images have become the most useful and effective type of social media content right now.

In the social media platform, we see endless images related to different topics. For marketers and influencers, creating visual content like images is quite strategic but drives a huge result on their targets.

23.7% of marketers find it the biggest challenge to create perfect visual content for their purpose. People engage more in visual elements like images and videos.

Statistics show that “When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retain 65% of the information three days later.”

Think about online ecommerce, everything here goes through stunning images. Sellers take product photographs and include them on their website when buyers just see the products and buy if they want.

Eye catching images are the only way to grab visitor’s attention in a faster way. Although creating effective visual content is not so easy for marketers. There are a lot of things they have to know before intending to visual content marketing strategy.

And also, there are several types of visual contents such as,

  • Product promotion
  • Meme
  • Gif
  • Motion graphics

Video content

According to HubSpot, the primary form of media used in content marketing is video. Video marketing is getting Individual attention from online marketers over all the other marketing tactics and you can get the effect easily by YouTube, the number one video social media platform.

Today video contents considered the best way to describe, show, and convince consumers. Social media users love to see funny, advertising, educating, problem solving related content all day. 54% of consumers want to see more videos from their favorite brands.

From increasing brand identity to product advertising, video content comes first. With the huge expansion of smartphone cameras, video capturing has become so easier than ever.

We capture videos whatever we want and upload social media platforms. Plus, live video, video streaming, video conferencing adds new turns in our day to day life.

Teachers are now used to cover video lessons and share with the students to make distance learning. We can find everything we want to learn on YouTube as tutorial videos.

Generating video content is not just shooting and uploading. When you have any professional purpose like brand video or advertising, you have to make it perfect in both visual and technical aspects.

Although producing high quality engaging video costs a little higher, it results way better than other types of content in the competitive field of online.


Memes are a distinguished part of visual content and effective. Memes are short, sometimes easy while sometimes complex to catch, full of humor and so highly engaging.

You can say memes are the best source of entertainment in this busy online world. Most social media users are extremely fond of this versatile content. You can find thousands of social media pages and groups on Facebook, Instagram which are popular all over the world because of their quality meme content.

However, in the present day, memes are not just used for fun. It has become an effective way to make familiar such products and ideas by presenting them in a distinctive way. Brands are also encouraging followers to create memes using brand ideas.

In this way, using memes in content marketing strategy has become a common way to engage people with brands and businesses. Especially for newly created brands and small businesses, they can implement this strategy to rapidly grow brand identity.

In addition to that, memes are easy to create. You just need to make it easy to understand so that all of your target audience can easily get what you want to know about them.

Ask me anything (AMA)

Ask me a question

Though this type of content doesn’t get so much attention yet it considers effective marketing tactics without any doubt. This type of content is highly interactive, a good way to get huge responses from the audience and improve relationships with consumers.

AMA is a proven social media marketing tactic. It works for all the typical social media platforms. Usually, Ask Me Anything is some kind of social media post where the author includes ‘Ask Me Anything I will answer honestly’, and the audience and followers will ask what they want to know about the author or the brand through commenting.

The marketing was first founded on Reddit and slightly got popularity over other platforms. You can say it as text based content.

This type of content provides clarity of sense about the brand. When followers comment on the post and the author answers which can see others. It will increase the brand’s credibility.

It is effective because it connects the consumers and brands directly. In common sense, brands can’t ask questions to the consumers about anything while AMA allows consumers to directly ask any question related to the service or the products of the brand.

Also, AMA can be implemented in live streams, website blog posts, carousels, and other forms of content marketing where you think it suits.


for survey type social media content - create a poll

Polls are survey type social media content that is simple but fructifies. It is an egregious way to interact with the audience and collect their opinions, interest in any interactive issue.

For influencers and marketers who have a large group of audience, they have to implement a lot of ways to keep audiences connected with them. They have to publish content on a regular basis, give replies to the audience’s comments and messages, etc.

Among the other ways that marketers use to interact with social media audiences, creating polls is one of the most effective.

It will give you clear idea about the audience’s interactivity, monitor the audience’s activity, and the way they think.

Besides, it helps to go on if you are short of content ideas but you have to post something as your daily activity.

For instance, imagine you have two similar products on the market and you want to know which one users prefer most to buy. In such a situation, you can create a poll where you can ask questions mentioning the product’s name and include two options.

Audience can choose any of the options that they like and you can see all the responses come from the audience.

However, you can create poll content directly on social media as usual posts on Facebook, Instagram and you can also create the poll on your website and share the link to drive traffic into that.


Story is one of the helpful additions in social media platforms that make the social media experience versatile and more fun. Story is a distinct social media option as they are temporary. Stories have remained visible for 24 hours.

After the limited time, the story is archived to the story archive from where the owner can see it any time but friends and followers won’t see the story after the limited time.

Unlike social media posts where users can see who others react to the post and also read others’ comments, in story it doesn’t happen.

Users can post images, videos, and texts on their story and friends can see, react and reply to that if they are allowed. For every story that reacts, the owner will notify and the reply that they get from friends will send as a direct message to the owner.

The functionality makes the story the most effective part of social media marketing strategy nowadays. Marketers daily update stories with engaging offerings, product images with short descriptions, and also show interactive images and videos to gain audience attention.

As stories are temporary, it results in a high conversion rate because the audience always tries to check it before it disappears.

People are more likely to use the story option rather than posting on the newsfeed. For marketers, it is proven that consistent use of story options drives more results than as usual posts.

Live video

Social media live option makes online life more entertaining and engaging. It allows users to connect with followers and friends in real time and communicate with them while making live.

Live streams have become the most used social media option to make online events. Marketers use this option before product launching where the audience can learn about the benefits, expected price, and all other information.

In social media live video, there are two sides. One is the host and the other is the audience. The audience are those who are seeing the live stream consciously and the host is who conducts the live video.

Almost all the social media platforms are now including live stream option which can use all the users particularly. Social media live streams are now more popular among gamers as they can stream live while playing the games.

Live video option makes online business easier than ever for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. Through live video, anyone can come up with any kind of product and take direct orders from audiences.

It is a great way to make sense of urgency by mentioning powerful words like pre-order, discount, limited time offers, etc.

However, it is proven that Facebook is the most effective platform to conduct live videos for marketers and advertisers. If you are looking for online live events, you can also use Facebook to get the highest attention and engagement from the audience.

Educational content

You can also get huge attention and turn viewers into followers by uploading educational content on social media platforms.

People love to learn new things and interact with content that relates to problem solving and life hacks. Educational contents are at the top of demand.

Social media makes distance learning get at able with endless free to learn educational content. Educators, content creators, and even interested students can create educational content and upload it on social media for greater advantage. It also helps them to become familiar with the wide community.

Educational content can be created in various ways. You can make it as a discussion with words, images, and videos to interact learners with the content.

No matter what medium you choose to create educational content, you have to make it easy to digest for the audience. Unorganized presentation of information can’t be able to catch the audience’s attention and you will get no reach at the end of the day.

Whatever topics you discuss, try to present them uncomplicatedly. You can show research results, case studies, the flow of information, FAQ’s and craft unique storytelling to make the highest reach of your educational content.

For blog posts, educational content drives more traffic and increases the conversion rate for the website.


Infographics is another visual representation of information, data, and knowledge that includes imagery, texts, charts, and graphs to make it visually stunning and easy to understand.

They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. Similar pursuits are information visualization, data visualization, statistical graphics, information design, or information architecture.

Infographics are the best way to engage people with a bunch of information. It conveys data more quickly and easily than any other type of content.

Infographic admissibility is way better than plain text and typical visual contents. Because it represents a set amount of information with related visual elements. This is why people are more likely to engage with infographics.

But creating infographics for your purpose is a little complicated. You should have the knowledge to operate graphic design software and tools to create infographics on your own.

However, there are some options available like Canva which will help you with enchanting infographic templates. They are free to use and you can customize them with your information and design it how you want.

What makes powerful social content?

Creating powerful social media content is as important as your entire social media marketing strategy. Bad and mediocre content will hinder your success and you will not get any benefit through them.

If you are a brand already or you are looking for creating individual brand identity online, content marketing strategy is the thing you have to intend at first.

It is because, as a brand, your intention should be to engage followers and make them talk about you. To engage the audience with your brand and to make it familiar, content is the best way to give half of your effort.

There are currently more than 3 billion people connected to multiple social media platforms and they use social media an average of 2 hours a day.

In this way, Social media platforms bring together people from all over the world and have become the mainstream for online retailers, influencers, and marketers.

This is why you have to put effort into creating websites as well as social media content. If you lack the right guidelines for creating strong social media content to get the desired success, we’ve included some here for your convenience.

Decide the type of content

Before jumping into content creation, you have to consider which type of content you should create. In the above, we have seen different types of content social media marketers can implement.

Each type of content is efficacious for a particular purpose. Content type depends on the topic and your content marketing strategy.

If you are a website owner, you must consider long form articles with perfect imagery and graphics. Whatever your niche is, you have to create blog posts, share them on social media to get traffic. And if you write it perfectly, you can also get organic traffic from direct google user searches.

If you have products to sell online, you can upload product images on social media platforms. It is the best way to make your brand and products familiar to people all over the world. Videos are good to show your professionalism.

On your everyday social media content marketing strategy, you have to decide the type of content before creating it.

Do some research

Well researched content is proven to succeed. Audiences love to know things that they didn’t know before. If you do research about your topic and show information related to that, you can make the audience mind read and engage with your content.

For articles, blog posts, and what is and how to type content, if you know well about what you are writing, then you can do it better. But if you don’t have proper knowledge it is your niche so you have to cover it.

You can do online research, gather notable information, and put them in your content. Besides, digital marketers have a lot of things to research. They have to research keywords to find the perfect keyword to integrate, research about the target audience, and so on.

To succeed with your online strategy, you have to research every step.


If you are a social media content marketer who wants to engage the audience with content, then storytelling is the key to get more audience, more engagement, conversion, and prospects.

Today brands are adopting the power of social media storytelling to live their social media strategy. So what is storytelling? If you don’t know about it particularly, storytelling is the act of telling and writing stories in a persuasive way that must engage readers and audiences.

For instance, there are so many writers who publish their own books every year but how many of them can actually win the reader’s heart? Almost a few of them.

It is because readers only engage with those who can rapt the reader’s mind from first to last of the story through their storytelling.

Social media storytelling helps brands to get audience attention by present brand voice in a unique and persuasive way. Whatever you are writing on social media, you should go on with a unique brand tone.

The tone should sound real, easy to catch, and drive emotion to the audience’s mind. It should be consistent and go out through everything you are posting on social media. This consistency will keep your audience interested in the content and whenever you will publish any content, they must read that.

In this way, storytelling is one of the most important factors you should concentrate on in the entire social media content marketing.


Simplicity comes first when the question is online and social media content. No matter what type of content you are creating, it should be simple, lucrative, and targeted on your topic.

Attention spanning is short at the present busiest online marketplace. People are busy finding their desired content when they don’t have time to spend it somewhere else.

So, it is not so easy for new starters to convince the audience when they are already engaged with any other brand in the same niche.

But if you are making it simple, easy to understand, and effective, you can easily get massive attention from the users. Millions of content are published on social media every day. Among them, people only engage with the content that they are interested in and interact with.

According to experts, to make your target audience stop scrolling and get their attention, you have just 3 seconds. Within this short period, the user will get their first impression from your content and will decide whether they will engage or not.

Whatever type of content you are creating, you should keep simplicity in your mind. If it is a blog post on a certain topic you discussed, you should make the discussion simple for the audience. If it is visual content, just use necessary graphics elements, typography, and color to get the audience’s attention.

Finally, it is proven that audiences also love simplicity and engage more in simple types of content. Therefore, you have to sleep on it carefully.

Therefore, you have to make your social media content simple but significant. It is proven that social media users engage more

Visually appealing

Visual contents engage more and make strong user attention to your brand. As a social media marketer, you have to create visual contents images and videos and upload them regularly. The way you are integrating visual content will define how much engagement you will get from the audience.

Social media statistics say that users are more likely to engage with visual content on social media platforms. Therefore, ecommerce retailers, influencers, public figures, and even as usual users are now taking pictures with smartphones and instantly uploading them on social media.

However, for marketers, creating visual content daily is another painful step. They have to be good at graphic design and photo editing to make visual content appealing and interacting.

If visual content isn’t created perfectly, it won’t catch the audience’s attention. As a result, you have no result through these.

Know Audience demand

Target audience and follower research are one crucial part of social media marketing strategy. Content marketers always keep themselves in the audience’s shoes. They have to look after the audience’s care, what they want and how they spend time on social media.

Researching an audience will help you to generate content that your audience really likes. If you are a blog website and you are looking for traffic, you can take social media as a source of organic traffic.

You can track trendy social media topics, cover blogs on them and share social media. If you create content perfectly, you can surely have a huge benefit in this way.

On the other hand, if you want to start with an online business, you should choose a niche and consider the products that people mostly like to have in your niche.

Whatever you want to do, it is important to know the audience’s mind and create content as they demand. It is the way to quickly draw the audience’s mind and make them realize their potential.

Strong call to action

If you are a brand and you are using social media to reach more and more consumers, you must pay attention to strong call to action (CTA). CTA is the option that directs the audience to specific actions.

CTA is the most important part of advertisement, display ads, content marketing, and social media marketing strategy. It drives visitors to the direct selling point from where they can purchase the product.

Call to action can be a clickable option like

  • Click here
  • Buy now
  • Read more
  • Sign up
  • Share button
  • Page link
  • phone number

In your social media content, you have to carefully include CTA. CTA should be clearly visible and should be able to make users mind to hit the CTA button to complete the action.

If the content is powerful and interactive so it makes users mind to learn more, the CTA button will help you to get more customers and traffic.

Which Social Media Network to Choose?

So many social networking platforms are available to content marketers to make an effort and get success on their desired option. Those who are new to content marketing hesitate which platforms to choose from in the starting.

But before choosing any platform, you have to be in mind that social media marketing is not an option to succeed overnight. You have to give huge effort, have patience and most important is activity.

You have to check audience comments, reply, share content on multiple social media platforms and mention your brand or website on public posts.

You can follow social media groups and pages where people discuss the same topic you have and try to get their attention.

Besides, one more important thing to consider is having your own content calendar. Content calendar helps to stay organized with your daily social media activities.

Content calendar is an important option for social media marketers that reminds them about their daily activities. As you have to take a lot of moves, having such a calendar that holds your daily activities will help you a lot.

You can create a personalized content calendar with the help of google spreadsheet or you can get customizable content calendar templates online.

However, if you can’t decide to choose a particular social media platform to start, you can check the top 10 social media platforms according to the active users. They are,

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn

Consider which social media platform has more engagement of your target audience and where people mostly talk about business like yours.

For instance, if you are an ecommerce retailer, you can blindly choose Facebook, Instagram, Reddit to grow your online brand identity and also make brand awareness.

In a nutshell

Integrating social media into your content marketing strategy will benefit you a lot if you are implementing the right strategy. The above discussion will not only help you to learn about creating social media content but educate you about some other important aspects of social media content marketing. By following the above instructions, you can make it quite easy and flexible for you whatever you are at the starting point or you have already started it.

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