How to effectively use google tasks?

The redesigned and revamped google tasks application provides more simplicity to keep reminding you about all the daily tasks in one tap. Using google task, you can easily track your daily tasks, create as many lists as you want.

The application is designed to keep you organized no matter wherever you are or what device you are using. Because it synchronizes across all your devices if you are signed in with the same google account to all of them.

Well, if you just came up with the google tasks application but don’t know how to effectively use google tasks for your purpose. This article will help you to get all about it.

Before starting, you should install google tasks on your device. If you have already installed it, then you just need to follow the steps below we will go through. So, let’s begin.


What you can do with google tasks?

Simply put, google tasks is an application that lets you create to do list with tasks and subtasks. You can integrate it with google calendar that enables more flexibility using the application.

To do list is an important matter for those who used to have a busy life and need to accomplish lots of work. They use to keep notes, mark dates on the calendar and implement other ways to stay alert about their scheduled work.

But when you have an application like google tasks, you don’t have to do this in the traditional way. You are all set with your smartphone and the google tasks application will allow you to make to do list simply.

Now let’s dig deeper and see what you can do with google tasks.

Create to do lists

As google tasks main use is creating to do lists. You can create individual task lists as much as you want. When you open the application the first time and create a task, it will add to a list by default. You can also create your own list.

When you open google tasks on your device, you can see a full white interface with few options showing what you need to do. If you are using an android device, then open the Google Tasks app Tasks > Tap Menu > Tap Create new list Create new list > Enter a name > Tap Done.

On desktop, you can access google tasks through Gmail, installing extensions, or downloading gTasks from the Microsoft store. We are using the google tasks browser extension where you can get the ‘Add new list’ option right there above.

Add tasks to your list

Google tasks are all about adding do, editing, and deleting tasks and checking when you finish them. You can see the ‘Add a task’ on the main window and when you click on the option, you can also do this with just one click.

  • Add details
  • Set a date and time
  • Add subtasks
  • Make it repeat on certain days

Editing or deleting tasks is simple, just click on the task you want to edit and change the info or tap the delete option. You can mark a task as complete by the check in option on the left of each task. You can create up to 100000 tasks in google tasks.

Add subtasks

You can add subtasks under a task. To add a subtask, click on the task, you can see the option of adding subtask. On the desktop, you have to right click on a task and choose the subtask option from the appeared list.


Manage tasks

To make you feel organized, google tasks offers options to manage tasks as you want. In addition to that, you can soft task, move tasks up and down, from one list to another, remove, restore or hide completed tasks.

Isn’t it exciting? Though there are lots of options you can get a hand over them easily. Here is how you can do all of them.

Move tasks

You can reorder a task by moving up and down in the list and also take it to another list. For reordering, simply point to the task you want to move and drag it up or down in the list to reorder.

To move a task to another list, click on the right edit icon of a task and select move to another list. When you select it, a drop down menu will show you all the lists where you have to choose the exact one you want to move.

also take it to another list

If you are using android, Tap the task you want to move > Tap the list name > Choose a list.

Sort task

In the task list, you can sort tasks by your order or by their due date. On the above right of the list, click on the three dot icon to get the option.

sort by your due date

There you can see the ‘sort by due date’ option, click on that and all the tasks will automatically sort by their due date. To sort tasks by your own wish, just click and drag the task and put it where you want.


To remove a task, simply use the delete button and to restore it, click undo. You can see all your completed tasks by clicking on the down arrow next to ‘completed’. When you tap the up arrow, all completed tasks will hide in it. You can permanently delete all the completed tasks from the options menu.

completed tasks will hide from list

What’s more?

What else do you need from a simple to do list application? Well, if you can’t think about it more, google tasks still has some options you may be looking for. You can also export tasks to google sheet, set the color to your list (it is a premium feature), and can share the list anywhere via copy the link.

So, it seems to be just a to do list management application, google task provides more. It is so simple but highly effective as it will help you to get all your tasks done in time. And even if you forget about any of them, it will remind you through notifications.

So, there is no chance to miss scheduled when you are a google task user.

out-put of google tasks

Frequently asked question (FAQ):

Here are some questions added by the common interest. Get a look at them if you have got any inquiries about google tasks.

How to use google tasks on desktop?

Google task has desktop accessibility and there are multiple ways you can use it on desktop. You can use google task from the desktop Gmail, installing the google task browser extension, and also by downloading gTasks from the Microsoft store.

To use google task on your browser, just install the ‘TaskBoard’ extension on your browser. Open your browser and search for it. Then navigate to the chrome app store and install the extension on your browser. Or you can click here to get it.

Also, you can get it as a Microsoft store application. Go to the Microsoft Store and search for ‘gTasks’. Then install and start using it. No matter what way you are implementing to use google task, all are the same in functions you have seen above.gTasks-on-Microsoft-Store

How to use google tasks on mobile?

Google tasks support in Android and iOS. So, what operating system your Android device is, you can get in the app store. For Android, go to the google app store and for iOS go to the supported app store for your device.

How to use Google Tasks with Gmail?

You can access google tasks from your Gmail and manage your tasks from here. If you have any important emails to respond to, you can add that to your list.

With Gmail open on your browser window, you can see the task icon in the right corner. Click on it to get started with the task from Gmail.

How to visible tasks on google calendar?

To visible tasks on google calendar, you have to add a date and time on your task. When you add the date to any task, it will automatically show on the calendar.

Does google task remind users about their scheduled task?

Since google task is interconnected with google calendar, when you set a plan on a specific date to google calendar, it notifies you by sending notifications on your device. Similarly, when you add the date on a task in google tasks, it will be added to google calendar and as a result, google calendar will notify you about your scheduled task.

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