How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode? You will get the answer very easily. Our long, brilliant white vision is at last finished: You can explore how to enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android, iPhone, and work area.

Honestly, clients have been crying for a Facebook Dark Mode choice for quite a long time. Facebook Dark Mode replaces the beautiful, white interface on the portable application and site with a dark foundation. A few groups think that it’s simpler to read and trust it makes less strain their eyes.

After first inquiring about the look with beta clients during 2020, the social media monster carried out Dark Mode on everybody. Some Android clients found a glitch toward the beginning of May, where Facebook Dark Mode was damaged on their telephones.


What’s Facebook Dark Mode?

The dark mode is a changeable setting that changes the foundation of an application’s interface, like Facebook, from white to dark and text from dark to white.

Dark mode burns through less battery on your gadget because showing more obscure pixels on a LED screen utilizes less force than showing white ones. A few groups likewise find that it’s less stressful on the eyes, and many accept that the diminished blue light assists them with dozing better. However, it’s anything but scientifically validated. How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode? Stay tuned.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode at Mac and Windows Browsers

To turn on Dark Mode for Facebook in a Windows or macOS program, do the step by step:

  1. Snap-on the downward confronting bolt in the upper-right part of Facebook.
Enable Facebook Dark Mode at Mac and Windows Browsers
  • Explore Dark Mode under the settings, then, at that point, move the slider to one side to actuate the alternative. Your Facebook interface will show up in a dark mode rather than white.
Display Preferences Dark mode is on
  • Note: When changing from light mode to dim mode on Facebook (while in a program), the setting changes no matter how you look at it. Each page, including Messenger, will highlight the dim UI naturally.

How to use Facebook dark mode on Android and iOS

As recently referenced, Messenger applications in iOS and Android include the Dark Mode highlight, and they have been available for a long time. Facebook currently delivered the Darl Mode setting to iOS and Android gadgets. As recently referenced, the worldwide dull mode setting on Android 10 or above (or iOS 13 or more) doesn’t change Facebook by any time of the imagination, essentially not at present.

Enable Facebook Dark Mode in the Android App To turn on the dark mode in the Android Facebook application, follow these easy steps:

  1. On Facebook Home, tap the “hamburger” menu symbol with three-level lines.
 use Facebook dark mode on Android and iOS
  • Touch on “Settings and Privacy” in the fundamental menu.
the fundamental menu
  • Touch on “Settings” in the sub menu.
  • Touch on “Dark Mode” to open the custom choices.
open the custom choices
  • Touch  “On” to actuate Dark mode.
ctuate Dark mode

Enable Facebook Dark Mode in iOS

The rollout of Facebook Dark Mode on iOS is presently free. Follow the means below.

  1. On Facebook Home, Touch on the “hamburger” menu symbol found on the base right area.
  • Touch on “Settings and Privacy” in the primary menu, then, at that point, pick “Dark Mode” from the extended menu.
Settings and Privacy

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode in iOS

To turn on the Dark Mode setting on the iOS Facebook Messenger application, utilize the next steps.

  1. Select your profile picture, situated in the upper-left corner.
Messenger Dark mode
  • Touch on the “Dark Mode” alternative.
Dark Mode iOS


If you are a Facebook Lite client or need to change it to appreciate the Dark Mode until it shows up on the primary Android Facebook application, don’t get your expectations up at this time. The Dark Mode isn’t accessible in each country for the Facebook Lite application. Regardless, to turn this component on, adhere to the standard Android Facebook Dark Mode setting guidelines.

Advantages Of Facebook Dark Mode:

Besides Facebook Dark Mode’s constraints, you can attempt your telephone’s light and dim mode settings. Android and iOS offer the component that converts tones to make a darker foundation for further developed permeability, day or night. The iOS choice has a superior shot at working with Facebook now. Yet, there are no certifications. The worldwide Dark Mode setting applies the dark foundation to any applications that help it.

Badly, there is no ensured approach to appreciate the Dark Mode in principle Facebook application on iOS versatile except if you are adequately fortunate to get the flow roll out. For Android, Dark Mode should be Messenger for the time being, except if you have the Lite adaptation or the Beta variant, yet superior to nothing.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ):

What is the profit of dark mode?

The most ordinarily known and logical benefit of the dark mode is that it saves energy utilization on gadgets with OLED or AMOLED shows. On OLED boards, every pixel is separately lit. When the foundation is white, every one of the pixels is turned on, and the presentation requests more force.

Does Facebook app have dark mode?

It’s anything but bound to happen. Yet dark mode is accessible for Facebook on iOS and Android. To enable it, tap the menu symbol at the upper right of the application (for Android) or the three lines in the base right-hand corner (for iPhone) and select ‘Settings and Privacy’ (addressed by a pinion symbol).

What are the benefits of dark mode?

Dark Mode’s upsides are that it upgrades visual ergonomics by lessening eye strain. Working with screens to change as per current light conditions. And giving utilization around evening time or dark conditions.

What are the disadvantages of dark mode?

Light-against-dull isn’t in every case better for eye strain – text can seem cleaned out, expanding eye weariness.

It can be trying to read long bits of content or text in dark mode.

Light content on a dark foundation can be hard to read in a sufficiently bright, radiant room.

Is Facebook dark mode available on iPad?

To turn on dark mode on the versatile application, tap the menu symbol at the upper right of the application (for Android) or the three lines in the base right-hand corner (for iPhone) and select ‘Settings and Privacy’ (addressed by a machine gear-piece symbol). Here, you’ll see the ‘Dim Mode’ alternative (with a moon symbol).

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