How to organize grades in google classroom?

In every classroom, whether it is online or offline, assignment is an important function that should be well managed by the cooperation of teachers and students. Assignments are given by the teachers on specific topics which can be written, experimental, or reading activities.

Before online class and distance learning came into the spotlight, assignment was a matter of physical class activities. But now, teachers are giving assignments to students even in online classes, and not only that, teachers can grade assignments and return to the students with feedback.

Applications like google classroom have made distance learning much easier and fruitful. In Google classrooms, teachers and students can communicate, assign classwork, share learning materials and also grade assignments.

It means google classroom provides a full classroom environment making it super flexible for both teachers and students. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the features of google classroom that is grading. Let’s see how grading works and how you can grade assignments in google classroom.


How to give assignments to students in google classroom?

After creating class and inviting students to your classroom, the next step is giving assignments. Teachers can create various types of assignments including written assignments, quiz assignments, and add materials to read about a specific topic.

To assign work in class, you have to go to the classwork tab. Click on the ‘Create’ option and it will show you different options to assign different types of classwork in the class.

How to give assignments to students in google classroom

You can see options such as ‘assignment’, ‘quiz assignment’ for quizzes, ‘Question’ to give specific broad or small questions to solve your students.

Choose what type of assignments you want to create. if you choose the ‘quiz assignment’ it will allow you to create quiz forms through the help of Google Forms. Google form is one of the Google G Suite applications that makes it easy to create quiz forms for online surveys.

Teachers can also create quiz assignments directly from google form and save them in google drive. then they can share the file in google classroom in another way.

Teachers can also create quiz assignments directly

For your convenience, here I am showing you how you can give assignments to your classroom students. We are going to create a standard assignment to click on create > assignment > add assignment file from google drive.

You have some additional options to fill up like assignment title, instruction, and then click on ‘Add’ to attach google drive, link, files from your device, or YouTube video link. The file you have attached as classwork, you can set how your students can interact with the document.

That means you can give them access only to view the file, edit, or make a copy for each student. If you make a copy for each student, it will allow you to give a particular assignment file for each student. you can also find options to set a rubric for the assignment to grade it automatically.

We will discuss rubrics in the next part of the article and will disclose how you can set rubrics and save your time grading tons of classroom assignments easily.

For now, click on the ‘Assign’ option in the right above corner of your window and the assignment will be visible in ‘Stream’ and all the students can see it there.

How do you grade assignments in Google classroom?

We have assigned classwork in the classroom and think some of the students have handed it in after completing the assignment. Now, it’s time to review the assignments and mark them according to their performance.

In addition to this, as a teacher, you can grade google classroom assignments and return in four ways, they are.

  • The grading tools
  • Student work page
  • Grade tab
  • Grade with Rubric

Grade assignments with the grading tool

Google Classroom offers a grading tool as its internal function through which teachers can grade easily, include comments as feedback, and return multiple assignments at once. To grade assignments with the grading tool, click on an ungraded assignment and it will take you to the page where you have all the grading options.

Click grading > under the grade, enter the grade.

Grading tools are included to make grading flexible and easier so that they can grade a huge assignment with less effort. Here you have a comment bank to add comments to students’ work, you can add and save comments to use later. You can also find comments using hashtags in the comment bank.

grade assignments from the student work page

You can also grade assignments from the student work page in google classroom. On the student work page, you can get all the student’s work in a particular place. you can also get information like who has turned in the assignment and who is missing yet.

grading from the student work page requires less time than other ways. If you are in a hurry, you can use this way to do things faster and smarter. even you can comment on all the turned-in assignments with a click from the student work page.

to grade assignments from the student work page, go to the classwork tab > the assignment > view assignment. then the assignment will open on the student work page and you find the default point value is 100.

However, you can change the value and include what you would like to give. the grade will save automatically or you can select the checkbox beside the student’s name and click ‘Return’.

The assignment will be sent to the corresponding student with the grade and your personal comment.

Grade assignments from the grade tab

Grade tab is one of the four visible options in the classroom navigation bar. From the grade tab, you can get an overview of the assignments of the whole class. you can see graded, ungraded, and missing work listed in the grade tab.

to grade assignments from the grade tab, click the grades tab. Here you can see all the students’ names listed along with their assignment activity in different cells. you will also notice different colors on the page like red, green, and black which means,

  • Red—Missing work
  • Green—Turned in work or draft grade
  • Black—Returned work

to grade assignments from here, choose the assignment which you want to grade, then go to the field that you want to grade and click on the three-dot icon. You can see two options: ‘Return’ and ‘View submission ‘. Select the ‘View submission’.

now the assignment will open on a new browser tab and display all the grading options. you can grade it, leave a comment as feedback or keep it ungraded. There is a particular pane you can see on the right side of the tab where the grade and comment option is available.

After grading, click on the ‘Return’ button from above and close the tab to return to the grade tab.

However, grade book is a good addition to classroom features where teachers can do a lot of things while staying in a place.

Grade with rubric

and here comes grading with rubric in google classroom. rubrics are like mark distribution or letting your students know how their assignments are evaluated. It is a new addition to classroom features to make learning more interesting for both students and teachers.

Using the rubric, teachers can set criteria to divide the total marks for specific tasks in the assignment. students can see the teacher’s instruction while doing their assignments and can acknowledge how they will be graded for the assignments.

As a teacher, you can set rubrics in assignments while posting assignments in scratch. when you are creating an assignment, you can see a particular box on the right side, check for the rubric option in that.

grade with rubric

When you click on it you will get three different options, the first option is creating rubrics from scratch, also you can reuse rubrics which you have created for previous assignments, and can also import rubrics from google shit.

Three different options

For now, we are going to create a rubric from scratch to learn how it works, so click on the ‘Create Rubric’ option and it will take you to a different window.

create a rubric from scratch to learn how it works

here you have to set criterion title, description, points, etc as a part of setting the rubric. you can set multiple criteria to evaluate the student’s work through the ‘Add a criterion’ option. you have to set the performance level for the criteria by including points, level title, and description.

you can add more performance levels by clicking on the plus sign and in this way, you can add more you want.

When done, you can click on the ‘Save’ button in the above right corner to attempt the rubric for that assignment.

Reuse a rubric

to reuse a rubric, you can have to click on the rubric option while creating an assignment and you can see the option ‘Reuse rubric’, click on that.

a short window will appear on your screen where you have the option to search for the class and assignments and which rubrics you want to use in the assignment you are creating.

short window will appear on your screen

or if you have the rubrics created on google sheet, you can use the third option after clicking on ‘Rubric’ which is ‘import from sheets’, and adjoin google sheets file as rubrics.

How to see your grades in google classroom? (For students)

When the teacher returns the assignments with grades, students are allowed to see the result. students can check the result easily from the grade tab, classwork tab, and also from stream page. just open google classroom application on your device and go to any of the tabs to see your grade given by the class teacher.

How to grade multiple assignments in google classroom?

it is a good point to ask the teachers if they can grade multiple assignments at a time in google classroom. Some assignments are too simple, maybe a few questions and the answer is going to be the same for all students.

In such cases, it is so boring and time-consuming if there are a lot of assignments that need to be reviewed manually one by one when the teacher knows all are going to pass.

If there is an option through which teachers can grade multiple assignments just by selecting and grading will be helpful. but unfortunately, google classroom doesn’t include any option like that. so, you have to grade assignments one by one no matter if there are hundreds of assignments or more.

though it is available for other options like sending emails to multiple students at once or leaving feedback to multiple assignments from the student work page.

What is auto-grading in Google classroom?

auto-grading is a recent addition to google classroom that allows teachers to import grades from google forms and grade quiz assignments automatically. so, the option can only integrate into that the quiz assignments created with google forms.

to test google classroom auto-grading function, you have to create a quiz assignment first. Go to classroom then classwork tab. Click on ‘Create’ > ‘Quiz assignment’. then you have to include title and instructions for the quiz.

in the below, you can see an option ‘Blank Quiz Google forms. it is the option that will let you create the complete quiz submission in google forms and attach that with the classroom assignment. as you are doing it through google forms, students can see their grades immediately after they submit their answers.

when the students will return assignments and you will open them to grade, you will notice a new button ‘Import Grade’ on the top right corner. when you click on that option, it will automatically import all student’s grades for your quiz into google classroom. in this way, you can save a huge time by importing grades and auto-grading google classroom quiz assignments.

And that’s it

grading assignments in google classroom isn’t any complex task to do. you can do this in several ways which all are described above. you can grade with a rubric or can go through as usual grading way you like.

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