How to screen share on google duo?

Being a simple online video calling application, google duo doesn’t come with huge features but you can find necessary ones easily. Besides general video and audio calling, you can send images, and notes including important messages to the receiver.

And most users don’t know that google duo has screen share available through which users can share their mobile phone screen with others.

Screen sharing is a required option in video calls. To show important images, files, and applications installed on your device, you can start screen share and navigate to what you want to show on your device.

Here is how you can share your phone screen on google duo.


Install the application

First, you have to install the application. Go to your device-supported application store, android users go to play store, and iOS users go to the app store to download the google duo application on your device.

Install the application

Sharing screen with google duo isn’t available on the duo web. So, you need a smartphone to use this feature.

After installing the application, follow the steps given below,

  • Open google duo
  • There is a search bar at the top, you can search any contact whom you want to call or you can click on ‘New call’
  • Tap to create call
  • When call starts, you can see preview on the screen. You can see a few options at the bottom. On the right side, there is an effect icon consist three starts
  • Click on that, you can see the screen share option
  • click on screen share to share your screen and start now
  •  The other caller can accept or cancel your request to share your screen

Once both of you are engaged in screen sharing, you can show something on your device to other callers. When screen sharing is running, you can’t see the caller on your screen.

Can you use other apps while on a call in Duo?

Google duo enables PIP (Picture in Picture) option through which you can use other applications on your device while you are in a video call.

you can continue video call in a small window of your mobile screen with a picture in picture. So, how can you use other apps among the video calls with duo?

  • Open duo
  • Select a contact and start a video call
  • Now simply tap your phones button

you can see the video call minimized into a small screen and set in the bottom of your mobile phone. Now you can do whatever on your mobile while video calling is running in the back.

Quite picture in picture

You can quite picture in picture when you have done your need. to quit picture in picture or to go back to full screen, double-tap the small video window and it will become full screen. Now you can end the call or continue it.

If you can’t minimize the video screen amidst a call, then the option may be kept disabled in the settings. So, you have to enable it.

If picture in picture is disabled in your duo, go to device settings > choose Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Picture-in-picture.

Then you have to select the option ‘Duo’ and then turn on ‘Allow picture in picture’.

 In this way, you can screen share and use other apps in a video call with google duo. Google duo became so popular as a simple and entertaining video communication application.

It includes emoticons and huge effects that users can use and make fun of when you have the nearest and dearest one on the other side.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here included some frequently asked questions about google duo. If you are just starting with google duo, you may don’t know about some aspects of it.

Then look at the questions below, you may get answers you need to know about the application.

Can you download google duo on iPhone?

Yes, google duo supports iOS. If you are an iPhone user, then you can download it from the app store. Go to the app store and search for google duo.

What is google duo family mode?

Google duo family mode is a distinct feature that comes with google duo. This feature allows users to get a better-undisturbed call experience when young kids are in a duo video call.

Young kids are usually so nimble that they accidentally click on the hold button while talking in a video call. To prevent this, google duo includes this excellent family mode feature that hides in-call controls to prevent kids from accidentally hanging up or muting the call.

From now, you don’t have to worry about putting the phone in front of your children in a video call when you are using google duo.

How to take screenshots of duo video calls?

If you want to take screenshots in a video call, no problem, duo makes it available by its internal duo moments function.

If you have duo moments enabled in google duo, other people can take and share screenshots of their video chats with you.

If you don’t know where to find duo moments, open google duo > click on the three-dot icon for settings > call settings > Duo moments

When you enable duo moment, you will notice a button at the bottom left to instantly capture screenshots when you need them.

When you take a screenshot, everyone on the call is notified and the screenshot automatically saves to each person’s camera roll.

What is low light mode in google duo?

Google added low light mode in google duo for users’ convenience so that they can use it even with insufficient lighting. When most of the application has dark mode, google includes this feature that helps users to connect face to face when lighting conditions aren’t so good.

Google duo low light mode works so well that you can switch on to this when you have to make duo call at night.

Finally, google duo is an excellent video calling application that can fulfill your daily video communication requirements. It is also perfect for small video group calling activities. But if you are looking for large video conferences, you should integrate google meet.

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