How to take online classes with google classroom?

Google Classroom is a part of google workspace formerly known as G Suite that has been integrated to make online learning easier and flexible. If online makes it possible to learn from a distance, then google classroom and other workspace applications have added turns and advances to this.

Online classes can be taken simply by making video calls with the students and briefing lectures, but that’s not all for making classes and interacting with students. Whatever it is online it should be handled very well so that students do not feel annoyed while learning from a distance.

Well, Google classroom comes with a bunch of powerful features to make both students and teachers realise that they are making real classes. Teachers can easily plan for lessons, organize chapters and topics, create assignments for the students and grade them also.

Having such beautiful aspects, google classroom is completely free to use for your own benefits. But it has a premium plan included in the premium workspace for business planning that doesn’t offer much more than the free version.

However, if you just get into it and don’t know how to take online classes in google classroom, then you have a lot of things to know. If you’re here on the same topic, you will get everything to start conducting online classes as professionals in google classroom. So, lets dive into the discussion below,


How to create a class in google classroom?

Whether you are new to google classroom or you have got a few experiences playing with this, you must agree that google classroom has got the light interface. The interface is so interactive and easy to use that anyone can understand.

To create a class in google classroom, you have to sign in on it first. Go to the browser on your device and search for google classroom. If you are a smartphone user, then you just install the application and start to use it.

After signing in with your Google account, the first screen that will appear to you is a white background like this.

create a class in google classroom

On the above right corner, you are seeing a plus icon. Click on that and you will get options ‘Join class’ and ‘Create class’. As we are about to create class, we will hit the same. Now and then, you have created the first class in google classroom and at the same time, you get the permission of,

  • Publishing announcements for students
  • Assigning classwork
  • Make lesson planning with google calendar and share that with your students
  • Share files like lesson materials from google drive

When you have started class in google classroom, the next step is inviting students that you want to join in your class.

How to invite students to your google classroom?

Classrooms are incomplete without students. Therefore, you have to invite students to arrange your online classroom. You can invite students in two ways.

  • Invite through email
  • Send class code

Inviting on email is the manual way to let students know about your google classroom arrangement. To invite students, go to the people option from the above menu bar.

invite students to your google classroom

Click on the student’s option and type the student’s email address. You have to do it individually to invite all the students. Also, you can add co-teachers to the teachers’ option. Here the email address you type will be added as a co-teacher in the classroom. Persons you have sent email will notify and offer to join directly in your classroom.

Another way of inviting students is by sharing class code. Go to the stream page, on the header of the class, you can see the class code. Click on that and invite the copy link. Now you can share the link to any social media platform to make access easier for your students.

Now we will go through google classroom activity to understand how things can be done here entirely. So, let’s post an announcement for your students in the next step.

How to post announcements in google classroom?

Teachers can post announcements in the classroom as simple posts, notices, and reminders. They can use it instead of sending emails individually to the students. An Announcement can be posted for all students or particulars. It means teachers can control the visibility of announcements.

Announcement posted on the steam window. When you have post announcements, students can see them on their stream page and can comment also. So, it is a good way to interact with students and make them discuss lesson topics.

You can attach files from your device, google drive, link to helpful resources even YouTube videos also.

Teachers can post announcements in the classroom

However, to post an announcement, go to the stream window, you will see the announcement option clearly. Click on ‘Announce something to your class’ and type as you want. In the right bottom corner of the announcement window, you will see the ‘ADD’ option. Use it when you need to add additional lesson materials in the announcement.

When you have done, just post the announcement and all the students will get email notifications to check it. As a teacher, you can edit or delete the announcement. To do that, you have to click on the three stacked dot icons in the upper right corner of the announcement.

how to assign classwork in google classroom?

Till now, we have seen some good necessary aspects of Google classroom such as creating classes, inviting students, and welcoming them through an announcement post on the stream. The next thing we are about to do is assigning classwork for students.

the classroom you just created, you must assign classwork to maintain a learning environment in your classroom and although, classwork is essential in learning programs.

you can create assignments as quiz, questions, and other materials and can include google drive files, youtube link in the assignment.

to create an assignment, you have to go to the classwork tab, then click on the ‘Create’ button. a dropdown menu will appear with options like this.

assign classwork in google classroom

choose what type of classwork you want to create. we are going to create just an assignment so we click on the same. Next, you have to set out options in the assignment like ‘Assignment title’ and ‘instructions’ about the assignment.

there are more customizable options you can use to make assignments more interactive and responsive.

more customizable options you can use

On the right side, you can see some options like the image above. If you have multiple classes, you can choose any of them to post the assignment by clicking on the 1st button. You can also select ‘All students’ or choose specifics to know about the assignment.

After that, you can set points on the assignment submission, due date to convince students to complete the assignment within the date. you should mention the topic so that students can easily understand the assignment.

We have the last option, says rubric. It is given to the teachers to make grading easy and quick. Rubric consists of criteria that teachers can set as a mark distribution for the given assignment. For instance, think you have created an assignment where you included a Google Doc with a paragraph as material. And the assignment is to read the paragraph and then create one that should be unique and creative.

Now you can set rubric criteria like, get the document and read it carefully and another criterion is submitting the assignment fulfilling the instructions. Well, you can set 2 points for the first criterion and 8 points for the second criterion.

However, you can post assignments at the time when you created or you can schedule for later. When you will go to assign the classwork, you will find the option for scheduling the assignment.

How to submit assignments in google classroom?

This is for students as they have to accomplish assignments and submit them. Doing assignments in google classroom is not so difficult when you have all the necessary options in your hand. Just do follow the steps here below to submit assignments in google classroom.

  • First of all, you have to access google classroom, open the browser and search for it
  • Select your class
  • Assignments posted on the classwork tab, so you have to go to the classwork and you will find the assignment here
  • -select the assignment and get the information by clicking on ‘View assignment’. The assignment information will appear to you
  • Now you have to act on the given instruction in your assignment. Under ‘Your work’ you can see ‘Add/create’
  • If you have already done the assignment, you can add the file and hand it in. But if you don’t have it prepared, you can skip this step. You can attach the assignment from your computer or google drive. you can also add link if your file is somewhere on the web
submit assignments in google classroom
  • if you don’t have the assignment file ready to hand on, that means you have to do it right now. Well, you can choose the platform you need to complete the assignment from google classroom. When you click on the ‘Add/Create’ option it will show options or create new docs, slides, sheets, and drawings. Choose what you need to complete your assignment
  • want to leave a private message with your submission? You can do it through the ‘private comments’ option below your assignment. You can type message clicking on it and submit it to the teacher
You can do it through the ‘private comments’
  • finally, click turn in and confirm to submit your assignment, when you turned in, your assignment will be submitted to the teacher

When any student completed the classwork and submitted it, now it’s time for the teachers to check the assignment, grade, and return. In the next, we are going to disclose how teachers can grade student’s assignments and return with necessary instructions.

How to grade assignments in google classroom?

When students submit assignments, teachers will be able to review and leave feedback in return. To see the submitted assignments, you have to go to the classwork and click the assignment you want to view and grade.

The assignment file will be open and you can see if all the given instructions were completed thoroughly. You can see the grading option on the right side of the assignment. In addition to grading assignments, teachers can comment and give feedback to make sure that students really understand the work.

Teachers don’t have to grade assignments manually; the mark distribution was determined when the assignment was created. Now, the teacher just checks the assignment inside whether the students have done things properly or not.

After reviewing, the teacher can include comments on the assignment and return it to the student. However, teachers can also grade students’ work through the student work page, the classroom grading tool, and the grades page also.

From the grades page, teachers can get an overview of the grades of the whole class. It shows the overall submitted assignments with the student’s name and grade as well. That’s all about taking online classes on the google classroom platform as an instructor. If you follow the instructions step by step from start to the end, you already have all the information you need according to this. want to learn more about google classroom features? check other blog posts from the blog section. We have covered up everything about google classroom to help both students and teachers.

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