How to use Google chat bots?

Google chat is an excellent instant messaging and collaborating application for teams to make online works done simply.

Google chat is one of the simplest integrations that make users feel comfortable with its simple interface and options.

The application is not packed with huge features but provides all the necessary functions you need to organize teams and groups of friends.

You can create a chat group and room, respond from any device including a desktop, create conferences with room members when needed.

Google chat was formerly known as hangout chat and included in Google workspace. If you have a Google workspace account, you may integrate this excellent application for your purpose.

But if you haven’t a workspace account, you still can use google chat. Google chat is free to use but it has some limitations in its free version.

For instance, you won’t be able to use bots without a workspace account. Google workspace includes a collection of collaborative integrations like Microsoft 365.

On the other hand, you can say workspace is a competitor of Microsoft 365. because it has all the Microsoft software’s applications such as docs for MS Word, sheets for Excel, slides for PowerPoint, and so on.

Whatever, if you have a google workspace account or not but are interested in google chat bot. This article will introduce you to different types of chat bots and also explain how you can use google chat bots.


What is Google chat bot?

However, Google chat allows chat bots to ensure a more versatile experience for the users. You may be familiar with chat bots by other social media networking platforms. They offer various applications such as providing specific information, scheduling meetings, file tickets and doing tasks, etc.

Chat bots are awesome, they are driven by natural language processing and AI techniques. So, you can start a direct conversation with them, add in any rooms, message them and they will respond to your messages also.

You can create a custom chat bot on your own which will work as your command if you have the basic JavaScript skills.

Once you create your own chat bot, you can publish it for other google chat users. You can publish the bot within your domain or the public by configuring google chat API.

However, there are so many google chat bots available offering various applications in them. Google itself developed and implemented two bots which are @meet and @drive.

Other bots are developed by third party developers. We will introduce you to some of the necessary google chat bots that will help you to enhance your overall chat using experience.

10 google chat bots to integrate on your chat

Here we are about to show you some best google chat bots. They all are developed by third party vendors and designed to do more tasks. So, let’s jump into it,


Asana is a helpful chat bot that is reliable and trusted by chat users. Asana works with all google workspace integrations including drive, Gmail, Docs, sheets, etc.

It is mainly a task management tool that keeps you up to date about google chat tasks. Organizations that use google workspace as well as chat to organize teams to go through the specific workflow, use Asana and also recommend other members of the team.

reliable and trusted

This excellent bot notifies users about any task updates. When it sends a notification, you can see the task directly by clicking on the notification. You will receive notification for the new tasks assigned to you.

With asana, you can easily do such things like,

  • manage tasks easily
  • tack progress and goals by the dashboard it provides
  • Attach documents from Google Drive directly to your Asana tasks and projects
  • Make conversations actionable by turning emails into tasks from within your Gmail inbox
  • Ensure secure sign-on with your teams existing Google credentials through Single Sign On authentication
  • Output Asana dashboard tracking into reports within Google Sheets
  • Turn Google Forms information into trackable tasks in Asana
  • complete tasks faster


In group conversation or team based projects and works, there comes a necessary thing which is poll. Poll is necessary because we need to collect people’s opinions about various purposes in a group conversation.

For example, think your organization uses chat to connect its employees and the boss created a poll asking ‘What do you like to eat for launch today?’

There are two or three selectable options to give your decision and all you just need is to click on the specific option you like.

group conversation

Chat bot makes it happen to create polls in the google chat interface. Setting up Poly chat bot is easy, just open the conversation you want to add poly and type @Poly.

The chat bot will open with a welcome message. If you want to create a poll, you have to input a short code defining how you want to create the poll.

For instance, we are creating a poll to get opinions about what others would like to take in snacks. We would add options like sandwiches and French fry.

So, we have to input the command like this, @Polly “what do you like to take in snacks?” “Burger” “Sandwich”.

Then heat the enter button and the rest will do Polly. You can see a poll created in the conversation and all the room members will notify you about it.


GitHub bot is useful for GitHub lovers who use google chat regularly. They can integrate this bot in google chat to get notifications about GitHub events, such as issues, pull requests, and comments.

If you want to add GitHub bot to any room or you want to directly message it, click the ‘+’ icon next to chat and select find a bot.

useful for GitHub lovers

Enter ‘GitHub’ on the search option and it will present to you instantly. You can start a direct conversation with the bot by clicking on ‘message’ option or if you want, you can add it to any room through ‘Add to room’ option.

Whatever you choose, you have to sign in to your GitHub account then. And you are all set with your GitHub chat bot. if you want to receive notifications, click on the down arrow under ‘choose repository’ and select the GitHub repository to get notifications.

If you want to change bot settings further, enter the room and type @GitHub settings and then click ‘edit settings. Change the settings as needed and click Save.


Doing work continuously can make you bored and affect your mind also. Which causes to slow down productivity. On the other hand, having fun while doing work with colleagues can keep you engaging with your work.

engaging with your work

For entertainment purposes, you can share GIFs in the group chat anytime. Chat bot Giphy will allow you to get topic related gifs easily. You can search with keywords to get the exact GIFs you need to make more fun in a group conversation.

Clever Ads

There are various types of advertisements we see every day on Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Ads are completely irritating for social media and YouTube as they appear in the middle of the videos.

But if you think on the vendor’s side, ads are initial for business growth and to increase traffic and revenue. If you are one who runs google ads, Microsoft ads, or Facebook ads, then this ‘clever ads’ integration is for you.

increase traffic and revenue

It is a great asset for online marketers as it is designed to create, manage and optimize Facebook and google ads campaigns easily.

Clever ads help to create both search and display ad campaigns for google. You can analyze campaign performance through the google ads audit option. It also has a keyword planner to find effective keywords for your ad campaign.

There is also a banner creator to automatically create advertising banners, and ads promo code to start your product advertising campaign free on google.

So, it seems clever ads are a must integrating application for marketers. The most interesting fact is, the company makes it available to use with bot in google chat. You can add the bot to your google chat marketing team conversation and monitor ad campaigns activity from there.

However, clever ads can also integrate with Slack and Microsoft teams.

Daily Bot

Daily Bot is a must integrating bot for Google chat users’ team. It provides a lot of helpful features that are required in online group works and collaboration such as daily standups, team check-ins, surveys, kudos, virtual watercooler, 1:1 intro, motivation tracking, and more.

Daily bot helps to reduce consecutive team meetings by automating team updates, customizing questions, team feedbacks, and reports.

motivation tracking

You can connect with all team members, manage teams or groups, configure time zones, user roles, and privacy levels. Run one or multiple check-ins at once.

You can use it conversationally on your desktop and mobile to analyze reports. Finally, you can use tools like Kudos, Mood tracking, etc with this excellent chat assistant to stay more organized with your team.

With a daily bot added to your google chat, you are more efficient in doing remote work with your team.


If you don’t know, Salesforce is one of the leading CRM (Customer relationship management) platforms that helps businesses create more opportunities no matter what type of business you are. You can connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, personalize experiences with this single integration.

Salesforce provides a complete view of consumers including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. So, you are now more targeted to win deals with consumers by offering them problem solving solutions.

leading CRM

Salesforce also offers a fully configured collaborative environment and all the functions you need to manage your team. There is a dashboard that includes real time pictures of your business at a glance.

So, Salesforce is a great business management tool for all types of businesses especially for small and midsize. Salesforce is available to integrate with google chat.

You can add salesforce chat bot and track your business goals with chat teams. When chat and salesforce combined, you will work more smartly and stay up to speed on your team’s pipeline.

Zendesk bot

Zendesk is another customer relationship management software that you can use to connect with consumers, understand their needs, and communicate with them across any channel.

connect with consumers

Zendesk is a flexible and customizable CRM you can use to provide excellent customer service. If you are using Zendesk, then you should trigger the Zendesk bot in your google chat interface. It will help you to get updates when issues occur in Zendesk.


As a Google workspace user, you are familiar with Google meet and probably you use it to meet to execute video conferencing among the group members.

Google meet is a remarkable video conferencing application that is the main competitor of zoom in the current marketplace. Google meet is a secured video communicating platform that is packed with various features.

With Google meet you can conduct video conferences with up to 250 participants. It allows users to send messages while meeting and also share files from drives and computers.

remarkable video conferencing Application

However, you can use meet from your chat. Google chat doesn’t have an individual video calling option to direct video calls to any users or make conferences.

But this meet bot will allow you to make 1:1 video calls and group conferences with room members. Also, it integrates google calendar in chat so you can schedule meetings.

Most interesting fact is, the meet chat bot uses NLP and machine learning to automatically schedule meetings. With this excellent bot added to your chat, you don’t have to plan for the next group conference because it will do that for you.

After adding this in your chat, type “@Meet find us a time to meet next week”, then the bot will automatically find some suitable meeting time according to the calendar of all the group members and ask you to choose one to set your scheduled meeting.

Drive bot

There are only two bots that are developed by Google, one is meet and the other is drive bot. Google Drive comes as very necessary in our daily life. We use it to store files and images, real time collaboration, share, and so many purposes.

If you are integrating Google Drive as an immediate application, then the Google Drive chat bot is something you should pay attention to stay more updated in this regard.

Drive is the best place to collaborate in text or doc files for example assignments, blog posts, research papers, etc.

developed by Google

In such cases, you can upload the file in drive, add team members who can contribute in real time to the file. Also, you can control whether members can edit the file or not.

Besides, there is a commenting option that allows putting comments as a recommendation to edit the article further.

So, what help can you get with this chat bot? Well, this simple chat bot will notify you

  • when a new file or folder share with you
  • comment or action assigned to you
  • access request for files you own
  • alerts for storage space

So, with the Google drive chat bot, you are fully alert about any modifications in your Google drive. This is a much helpful integration for Google Drive users.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the google chat bot. You can check them if you don’t know how to add google chat bot, how to give commands to bot, and so on.

How to add a bot in Google Chat?

As we can see above, integrating bot in google chat completely changes your chat experience. Each chat bot is designed to do specific tasks.

you can add which ones you need. Don’t know how to add a bot in google chat?

We are showing here the way you can add a chat bot for both mobile and desktop users.

How to add google chat bot using computer?

To add google chat bot from desktop, you have to open the chat app or access it through the website or Gmail. Now follow the steps below,

1. Next to Chat, click Start a chat ‘+’ then Find a bot
2. You can find a list of bots. You can select a bot from here or enter a specific bot name in search
3. Click the bot to add
4. You will get two options, ‘Message’ and ‘Add to room’
5. Click on ‘Message’ if you want to start a 1:1 message with the bot
6. Click on ‘Add to room’ if you want to add the bot to a specific room

How to add google chat bot using Mobile?

You can use chat bots from android or iOS devices. For this, you have to install the google chat app from the play store or App store. You can also use Gmail apps to access chat quickly.

1. Click on your name in the above or tap chat at the bottom
2. If you clicked on your name, you will get the option ‘Add bots’ in a dropdown menu or if you go through the chat option, tap new chat next
3. Message a bot
4. Enter a bot name or select a suggestion
5. Write a message and send

To add a bot in rooms, you have to select the conversation or room > click on the room name > Add peoples & bots > enter a bot name or select a suggestion > click Done.

How to communicate with a bot and give commands?

You can communicate with bots in 1:1 conversation, give commands using slash (/) to do things for you. a bot includes lots of commands, but the good thing is, you don’t have to remember all these.

When you need to use the bot, just open the conversation with the bot and type / in the reply box. You can see a list of available commands for the bot to appear. If you enter more characters, the list will be short.

Select a specific command and heat enter.

Why can’t I see the chat bot option in google chat?

The reason is you may not use google chat with a google workspace account. chat bot function isn’t available in normal google accounts. So, if you sign in with a regular google account, you won’t find the chat bot option in the application.

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