How to use google forms for various purposes?

Google forms is a multipurpose integration that is used in so many online difficulties. But we all know that, google forms’ main use is to deal with online surveys, create polls and pop quizzes, and so on. It offers a heap of helpful options to save your money and yourself.

If you are new to this great integration, then there are a lot of things left for you to know. Although google forms are super easy to use, even if you are first time using them, you can easily get where to start.

However, using Google Forms for business and commercial purposes requires a little knowledge and realization of how effectively you can use google forms. We have made this guide to help all of you who are thinking to use google forms in the future.

With Google forms you are able to create any type of online survey, question answering, data collecting form within a few moments, and not only that, you can share the form directly into the platform where your audiences are.

So, let’s dive into the discussion here below to know how you can use Google Forms to accomplish your online goals and perspectives.


How do you create a google form?

Since google forms come almost free with other google workspace applications like google docs, sheets, slides, you don’t have to worry about any monthly/yearly fee for using the integration. A form is one stop solution when you need information and resources to collect from individuals about any specific issue.

If you are interested in using this helpful option, you must have a google account at first. Google is now at the top of popularity because of its huge free integrations that are making our everyday job faster and easier.

The most interesting fact is, googles all the integration come as free with just a google account. When you have a google account, that means you have access to all those platforms like google drive, Gmail, google docs, google forms, and so on.

So, if you don’t have a Google account, then you have to create immediately to use google form. With your google account, you can access google forms through the dotted option in your browser. Here you can find all the free google apps.

Inside the button, you will find google forms. Click on that to access google form and you will see an interface like below.

How do you create a google form

After opening the window, you can see the option to create a new form. If you click on the blank option, it will let you create a new form according to your desire. The other options you can see on this page are templates which you can also use if you are in the same requirement.

Simply put, if you need to create forms to collect contact information or you need an RSVP form, personal party invitations, t-shirt sign up for an online t-shirt store, you can use these offered templates to quickly implement your needs.

As you can see, the google forms interface is divided into two sections.

  • Question
  • Response

Question tab

In the question tab, you will allow creating questions as you want. Google forms allow all the possible forms of questions, for example, short questions, multiple choice questions, adding grade scale, and more.

In the question tab, you have to set all the things and make it the way you want to present it to your audiences. At first, you have to give a suitable title to your form and put descriptions about it.

Create Question Tab

After that, you have to fill the gap of untitled questions with your desired question you want to ask the audiences. Besides the question bar, you are seeing the option of multiple choice. With the option, you can create multiple choice questions with multiple options you want to provide.

But if you don’t want to make it a multiple choice question, just click on the option and it will show you a drop down list like this.

Create Multiple Choice Question Tab

As previously said, google form offers all the possible forms of questions so that users can make the form how they want. In the image above, you can see options, short answers, paragraphs, multiple choice. Checkboxes, drop down, linear scale, multiple choice grid, checkbox grid, and date.

Through these options, you can set the form with different types of questions stated above. We will show how you can use all these question types in your form when you need them.

Response tab

The Response tab shows responses you have got through the form. Since you create the form for a specific reason, it may be asking for contact information like email address, asking questions to know how they want to interact with you, or asking for feedback and reviews of consumers.

Whatever the purpose, there must be responses as it is the main goal of creating such online forms. When you have created and shared any forms to multiple platforms, the next thing you can do is wait for the responses.

Response tab Interface

You can view google form responses in two different ways, they are.

  • Link spreadsheet with the form and view responses through that
  • View responses directly with the google form

Linking a spreadsheet with your google forms is a good way to stay organized with a lot of upcoming responses from audiences in your google form. You don’t have to worry about anything, when you get a new response, it will automatically store it in the spreadsheet.

But if you are not in the spreadsheet, then no problem, you can monitor responses through the google forms interface. To make it easy for users, it offers different views of organized data. They are,

  • Summary view that shows the average score of the form with graph and percentage
  • Question view shows the result of each question at a time
  • And the last one is individual view which you can use to analyze each respondent answer as a time

However, google forms notify you every time when you will get a new response. the notification will be sent via email with a link to direct land to the response page. Although you can customize the response settings on your forms like turning on or off to the response notification, stop collecting responses, collect respondents’ email addresses.

How to use google forms for exams?

It is a great advantage of google forms that it makes distance learning flexible and versatile. Teachers can use google forms for their huge benefits for example,

  • Lesson planning
  • Sign in and sign out record
  • Daily check in
  • Quick poll
  • Pop quizzes
  • Opinion surveys for guardians
  • Exit ticket
  • Self grading quizzes
  • And so, on

Teachers can set google forms for specific purposes and make things super easy for both students and themselves. Here is how you can create these with google forms within a few minutes.

Create quiz within 5 minutes

You can follow these steps to create online quizzes for students with google forms.

  • Access google forms through Google Forms the link, you can also access google forms via google drive and other google integrations. If you want to access google forms through the drive, you have to open the drive, click on ‘New’ > more > google forms
  • After landing the form interface, click on the ‘+’ option to create a blank quiz page
  • In the top right corner of the page, you can see the settings icon, click on that
  • Click quizzes and then ‘make this a quiz’, it will convert your form into a quiz
  • Customize options for grade quiz and when finished click save
  • Give a name and description to your quiz
  • Click an untitled question to set your question and answer
  • Use multiple choice option to make whatever types of question you want to implement
  • Press “Answer Key” to choose the correct answer and assign a point value to it
  • If you want to add feedback for correct and incorrect answers to each question, click the question > click ‘Answer Key’ > Add answer feedback. Respondents won’t see the feedback until they get their results
  • You can add image, video, section, title through the right sidebar of your question form and if you want to add another question, click on the + button
  • When you have done, just click the send button at the top of the page and send your quiz through email, a shared link, or embed it on your website

How to use google forms to collect data?

Google forms is a workable option to gather data and information from individuals to implement the specific requirements. If you are a researcher and you need people’s opinion about the researching object. Then you can simply make google forms your choice in this regard.

As we see above, creating forms with google forms is so easy. It requires a few steps and a few minutes to create any type of form and send them to your audience.

If you want to use google forms to collect massive data to meet any specific requirement, then you have to follow the steps here below.

Set up questions for data collection

When you are going to start a survey for data collection, that means you have got some serious issues to research. Therefore, you have to choose questions carefully. Google forms make surveys easy as you just ask questions and your audiences will have to answer them.

So, nothing complex is there. Just prepare the questions you want to ask audiences before making the form.

Create form

After preparing questions for your data collection, it’s time to add them to your form. Create a google form and follow step by step guide to customize the forms stated above. If you read the instruction attentively, you already know the way of creating google forms.

Send the form and view responses

Well, by following the above options, hope you already created your data collection google form. Now it’s time to send it to your preferred location. It is easy and we have also mentioned the way to send the google form above. Just go through the option stated above and view the responses.

How to use google form for business

Google forms have multiple uses for business purposes. Since it is free, small retailers can get to use it to implement marketing campaigns where they need customers’ reviews about their product or services. Its simple interface could make anyone feel better using the integration.

Whether you are an online retailer or an offline brick and mortar type business holder, you must have felt the necessity of implementing marketing campaigns to keep yourself up to date with your audiences.

In business, there is nothing that is completely offline anymore, if you are a restaurant business, you must include your name in the local business directory. It is the first step to show your business name to the people who are seeking restaurants in your local area.

You may also notice that all the businesses have websites to run online activities for their business along with social media pages and groups where all of their social media fans gather and share opinions. This is why businesses whether it is offline or online, must have to use such applications to ensure the smooth run of their business.

If you are wondering how google forms will come to the benefit for your business, here are some options included to make you understand in this regard.

Getting customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential, especially for online businesses. Because people see trustworthiness when deciding to buy something online. As there is no shortage of fraud people to trap common people by fake product images and fake proposals, people are now highly aware of them. Therefore, they judge wisely before buying products online.

In addition to that, feedback is the option to get a fast and closer look at any online store. Feedback is people’s opinion, how they feel about the online service. If you have experience buying products from online, you must see the review or feedback section on the website where customers freely share their opinion about the store.

If customers find the service trustworthy, they mention that and if don’t, they boldly give negative reviews as well. Therefore, when a new customer enters the website and checks the reviews, they will see all the positive and negative reviews about the website.

In this way, feedback helps a lot to both retailers and consumers to know about each other and build a good relationship between them. Feedback provides a good look to retailers about the sides they need improvement.

However, google form is a good option to collect consumers’ feedback individually from your online store. Just create a form with the questions you want to ask about your service and send it to their email. The responses will help you to improve customer services and sales processes.

Quick Poll

Creating polls with the required terms of questions and sharing that to get answers from the target audiences is so much popular these days. Quick polls are such a helpful option for online businesses to keep customers warm with their business tactics.

You can create quick polls with multiple choice questions to understand which of your products are now at the top of consumer’s interest. You can ask them what they want to see as your next shipment. Quick polls can be a part of your successful online marketing strategy where you don’t have to spend a little to implement this.

Creating a quick poll with google forms is super easy. Just follow the above steps of how to create a google form and you will set to create the form on your own.

Customer surveys

Besides feedback which is open to everyone including with your online store, you can implement personal customer surveys to learn if your customer personas are still working or if your demographics are shifting.

In digital marketing, there is nothing more helpful than researching customer personas and target audiences. When people are spending quite busy time these days in their own reputed job, they have a short time to make decisions for shopping and buying products online.

By making customer surveys with google forms, retailers can thoroughly dig deep into the customer’s mind and know their recommendations and interests. Customer surveys will help you to successfully deploy an online marketing campaign and build a strategy that will work effectively.

Sales forms

If you are a wholesaler, then having customizable sales forms instead of sales carts is a good option for you. For wholesale customers, they want easy formulation of the final sales report where they could get options to customize as they want.

In this regard, sales carts are not so flexible as they can’t be customized and all the options included on the product page can’t be removed or negotiated finally. Therefore, you can offer customizable sales forms to the customers to make them feel that you are paying attention to their requirements.

However, google forms is ideal to manage sales forms for wholesale businesses including difficult price packages, lengthy orders with hundreds of items. Just create a new checklist with forms and customize it to gather the data you need.

create job applications

looking for some new employees to recruit on your business? Well, recruitment is not a time worthy and difficult when you have online and applications like google forms. You can make recruiting forms including all the options you want to ask like a normal recruitment post.

You can also ask for CVs to the applicants to direct upload in the form. Creating job applications with google forms will keep you unworried. Because you don’t have to mass up with huge applicant’s data as they will directly store it in the linked spreadsheet and you can thoroughly examine them when you want.

In the world of online, it is now easy to get enough response on your recruitment post. Just share the form on social media, give it a boost if you want some fast response, and you will see hundreds of applicants are filling the form with the required items.

Finally, if you know the basics of using google forms, then it is no longer difficult for you to create whatever you want with this application. The procedure is the same, you need to just understand the use of those different forms of questions and in which cases you need to use them. If you have any further inquiries about google forms, you can directly ask that on the websites, we will get you any time.

Frequently asked questions about Google forms

Though we have covered the basics of using google forms in the above discussion. We hope that it will help you even if you have zero knowledge about integrations. Nevertheless, we also add some more questions that people commonly ask on the internet to know about google forms. You can look here below to find if you wanted to know any of them.

How to use Google Forms on mobile?

you may need to create urgent forms and send that to your preferred location when you aren’t with your laptop/PC. though we all have smartphones through which we are able to do almost everything in a responsive smartphone version.

you see all the integrations; websites have a mobile application form that makes it available to use for mobile users. Whether you are an android, iPhone, or other system users, you have seen google applications on your mobile which are some kinds of built in features like Gmail, google drive, google file explorer, google calendar, etc.

Unfortunately, google forms have no particular application for smartphones. if you are a smartphone user and intend to use google form for any of your purposes, you have to use it through the browser on your phone. to access google forms on your mobile, follow these steps here below,

  • on your mobile, go to the browser like google chrome
  • go to
  • you will greet with a new form where you can add various types of questions, title, description
  • You can add, edit, or format text, images, or videos in a form
  • send the form to your preferred location and then collect responses

Do Google forms have a limit?

there are situations when you will need to set the google forms response limit. especially, events like giveaways, the online contests required these settings because you don’t want to run such contests and giveaways for unlimited time.

Besides, if you are a teacher and using google forms to manage distance learning, you may also take advantage by deploying quiz contests, daily check in, assignment submissions and for so many purposes. whatever, you don’t want to allow students to access the form at any time, rather you need to set a time limit so that the form will open at that specific time. it may be at the time when you are taking lessons online.

There are so many similar conditions when one has to set a limit to the form to specify response or to any expiration criteria. Unfortunately, google forms have no automatic option to meet such requirements of users. Users have to do this manually while from the settings option. After clicking the settings option, you will find the option “Limit to 1 response”. This point ensures that only Google account holders will be able to respond to your form, with responses limited to one per account.

Do Google forms have a limit

You can also disable responses when you want manually in the google form. To do this, go to google forms, go to the response tab. In the “Responses” tab, select the “Accepting Responses” slider to disable further responses.

When you disable the response tab, you can see the slider turn into gray with a red border.

Accept Responding Mode
Response Blocking Mode Activate

But you can easily incorporate this functionality into your forms with the help of google forms add ons.

How to set google forms response limit automatically?

Doing things manually is not so standard and preferable when you can do the same automatically. Rather you may not have time to check responses every time and also you may want to make the form automatically close and open on a specific time period.

Since google form has no such options to do control responses automatically, you have to install add ons from the chrome web store to ensure this. There is plenty of helpful add ons you can use to customize your google forms experience.

To install add ons to your google forms, open the forms interface and in the upper right corner, you can see three dot options. Click on that and you will find a drop down list including the add on option. You can also find and install add ons through the link here  Form’s addon store. After clicking the link, you will get all the google forms to add ons like this.

response limit automatically

Different add ons offer different functionalities. To limit response time and access automatically, you can install the form Limiter. With this helpful add-on, you can limit the maximum response number you want to get through the form and can set a message when any respondent finds the submission close. You can also limit responses by date and time.

How to restrict google forms to allow only a single entry from a user?

It is important to know how you can restrict google forms to prevent people from submitting multiple responses from a single account. There are people who can take it as fun and ruin your goal of implementing the form if you don’t take steps against this.

As Google Forms will not record the I.P. address or the email of the form submitter, it is nearly impossible for you to separate the duplicate submissions from the genuine entries. If you were previously aware of this and didn’t find any possible solution, then you may lack the internal settings of google form through which you can restrict responses in a single entry for one user.

For this, go to settings while you are creating the google form and enable the option “Limit to 1 response”. if you enable the option in any of your forms, whoever wants to respond to the form, must have a google account sign in. their email address won’t be recorded but they can’t respond another time with the same google account.

If someone tries to fill the Google Form again, a warning message will be displayed saying “You’ve already responded. You can only fill out this form once. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.”

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