How to use google photos editor to edit all your images?

Google photos is a widely popular google integration that everyone knows about this application and uses for their own benefit.

So, it isn’t necessary at all to describe what google photos is.

Nevertheless, google photos is an online cloud storage service offered by Google. Google photos offer a plethora of useful features such as back up all your photos and videos, free drive storage, photo sharing, creating albums, and so on.

Did you know Google photos have received photo editing functionalities that allow users to edit their photos?

No need for any subscription or extension downloads, google photos editing options come just as built-in functions and offer a heap of editing functions you may need to adjust images perfectly.

Whether you have already learned about it or not, this article will chew over how to use google photos editor in your need. So, let’s direct jump into the discussion below,


Using Google photos editor step by step

At present, we edit photos and videos through android applications which make photo editing simple and versatile.

With these applications, we can make a simple picture turn into a magazine cover photo. Although, there are advanced photo editing which requires advanced software programs and tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, etc.

However, Google photos editing also offers simple yet effective photo adjusting options such as Crop, Adjust, Filter, Markup, etc.

To get started with google photos editor, let’s open the google photos at first.

Open Google photos editing

Take your smartphone and navigate to google photos. Open the Google photos > select a photo that you want to edit > click on the photo > you can see options like Share, Edit, Lens, and Delete on the screen.

Currently, we will choose the ‘Edit’ option. It will take you inside of google photos editing and all the editing functions will show on you.

Resize images as you want

Before applying filters or adjusting brightness or any other editing aspects, we will resize the image through google photos’ powerful ‘Crop’ option.

Google photos crop is really cool as it offers to rotate, resize your image with some offered aspect ratio.

You can resize images as square, 16:9, 4:3, 3:2 aspect ratio with one click. There is another resizing option that allows removing any parts of your images diagonally.

It means you can eliminate objects that take place in any corner of the image without harming the other part.

Although, this option results in making your image unreal so you shouldn’t use this option without knowing it perfectly.

Resize images

Perform in-depth adjustments

If you have used any photo editing applications previously, you know all the editing functions to adjust every single aspect of your image precisely.

Present android photo editing applications make it so easy to balance brightness, contrast, shadow, white point, saturation, temperature, and so on.

Similarly, google photos editing includes all of these and a little bit more options to allow users to perform in-depth photo adjustments.

Using google photos editing, you can easily make changes in

Perform in-depth adjustments
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • White point
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Black point
  • Saturation
  • Warmth
  • Tint
  • Skin tone
  • Blue tone

Each of the items has particular grading scale to recognize the editing effect you applied to the image.

Also, there are some more options including,

  • Pop
  • Sharpen
  • Denoise
  • Vignette

For instance, Denoise used to control noise on images. So, if you want to reduce noise on your image, go to google photos > select the image > Edit > Adjust > Swipe left to find Denise > then adjust the effect by swiping left and right the scale.

Use filters

Google photos also offer a small collection of filters to get instant effect on your image. Photo editing filters are now very popular and come with almost all photo editing applications.

All the photo editing applications offer a huge filter where each has distinguished effect on the image.

You can see the image below where we have applied google photos effect.

Use Filter

Look at the image, you can see different kinds of filters such as Palma, metro, Eiffel, etc. We have applied the metro effect and you can see the result of how the image alters by applying the effect.

Put some context on your image

It doesn’t end here, there is one last option to describe google photos editing which is Markup.

Markup includes three options in it, they are ‘Pen’ ‘Highlighter’ ‘Text’.

With its Pen option, you can draw something on your image using fingertip. Just like using a pen on white paper. The highlighter options also work as a real highlighter pen.

You can put some thick colored lines on your image to highlight or hide objects from the image. If the image includes any unwanted objects that you don’t want to see others, you can use pen or highlighter to hide objects.

And lastly, there is a ‘Text’ option that allows users to insert some texts. Use the text option when you need to add texts to your image.

Write Something on your images

What is google photos auto suggestions for editing?

Google photos editor has a unique feature that you can’t perceive in usual photo editing applications.

It is google photos auto suggestions for editing. When you enter google photos editing, the first thing you can see is ‘Suggestions’.

The photo editing suggestions showed here through how google photos AI thinks that your image should look.

According to your image condition, it may offer to enhance, cool, warm suggestions that you can apply through a click.

If the auto suggestions don’t seem as you want, you can go to manually edit your images.

Can I edit video with google photos editor?

Along with photo editing options, google also enables video editing functions in google photos editing features.

Google photos offer simple yet essential video editing functions through which you can instantly make your videos perfect and look good.

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How to create photo album in google photos?

You can create distinguished photo album to save your photos in a separate place so that they can’t mix up with other images and get lost.

You can create as many albums as you need to classify images of different events, occasions, and with different persons.

You can save the album with specific names also. To create photo album in google photos, you can follow the below steps,

  • First of all, you have to select all the images that you want to save up on the album
  • Open Google photos, select multiple images at once for the album
  • To select multiple images, touch and hold a photo, then you will allow choosing multiple items
  • At the top, you can see a ‘+’ icon, click on that
  • A create menu will appear including several options to create from you have to choose ‘Album’
  • Then you will ask to add a title for your album and then click on ‘Add photos’
  • Your album has been created

How to add text in google photos?

To add text in any of your google photos, you should go to google photos > Click on the photos you want to add text > Click edit > Swipe right the editing panel > in the end you can see the option ‘Markup’ > inside the Markup, you will find ‘Text’.

Click on text and you will allow typing anything you want to add as text on the photos.

How to use google photos to edit videos?

Not only photo editing, but google photos can help you to edit videos also. With Google Photos, you can make some basic level video adjustments to make your videos look perfect to upload on social media.

To edit videos with google photos, you have to open the video on it. Then you will face the same interface that you have faced in google photos editor, just the options are different.

Well, what kind of video editing can you do with this? Google Photos has a few video editing options but all are effective.

You can simply trim your videos which means you can control the start and finishing of the video. You can also stabilize, rotate, and give it a little bit of effect with google photos video editing.

Not so bad! You can perform instant video editing operations with google photos video editing anytime. You don’t need to download any applications since you have google photos on your device as built-in apps.

For initiates, google photos just require sign in with a google account. That’s it.

How to create animation and Gifs using google photos?

Google photos let users select multiple photos and use them to create animations, Gifs. In my personal opinion, sometimes google photos advanced AI automatically creates animations using some of my recent captured videos.

All the time, I was just stunned to see how intelligently that AI created those. However, google photos let you manually create animations, Gifs, Collage with your static photos.

If you don’t know how to do that, Open the google photos > Click on Library on the right corner > Click Utilities > Scroll down and under create option select Animations > Here you can select 2 to 50 photos to create your animation or Gifs.

Besides, it also offers some after animation effects for your creation.


Google photos is mainly an online photo cloud storage that automatically backups and syncs all the captured images on your device.

Google has just recently revealed photo and video editing functionalities for google photos. And it has already started demanding user praise.

It is because google photos provide the simplest editing interface to its users. You can use it anytime anywhere without installing any applications.

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