How to use voice typing in Google Docs

Voice typing is used in google docs by the users on a large scale. They use it to transcribe any audio into text or transcribe meetings into text. Even users use voice typing on Google docs when they need to type faster than then they can. 

A prerequisite of voice typing on Google docs is an installed microphone on a PC and Chrome.


For using this voice typing on Google docs you have to follow some steps

First step:

how to active voice typing

Firstly you have to click on the “tools” option then select “voice typing” with the microphone icon. Or you can also press Ctrl+shift+S.

Second step:

Dictating Google Docs

Chrome may ask your permission to Start the microphone. And if you click on the bar then you will be able to speak.

Third step:

Language setting in google docs

The microphone may not catch your native tongue. You have to click on this bar and select your native tongue. Then you will be able to speak on the microphone. Speak very fluently and perfectly. If you speak very first then it may not catch your speaking. Another important matter is that you have to speak louder. 

Speak very fluently and perfectly

Everything you say is visible on the body now. Even at this time if it is not working then recheck that you have selected the right language. 

In the end, if you want to stop using the microphone, again click on the icon of the microphone.

Writing Mechanism:

More surprisingly, if you speak comma, period, new line, etc then the system will catch that command. This will catch these types of command also-

    Exclamation mark

    Question mark

    New paragraph.

Point to be noted that if you speak in English, Spanish, French, Italian, or Russian then this punctuation will work.

Voice command

Suppose you want to select a group of words. Just say select and then your desired words. Like “select very easy task” Then it will select it automatically.

Voice command select


And if you say delete then it will be deleted automatically.

how to delete text in google docs with voice command

And when you want to stop voice typing then say “stop listening” it will be stopped.

However, voice typing can’t be the best tool than using a mouse and keyboard. It is used when you need to write something quickly or you need to take a note.

Speech-to-Text on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is used all over the world in a wide range. When anyone uses Microsoft Word, it is definitely for typing. Now, this typing can be done without using the keyboard on Microsoft Word. Dictate is a feature of Microsoft Word and using this, any user can convert his voice into text. 

Yes, you can do this on Word with your voice.

Most surprisingly, when you will use Dictate to convert your voice into text, you can create a new paragraph by saying “newline”.

Even you can add punctuation in voice typing by saying that very punctuation aloud. 

Though it can be thought that typing on a keyboard is the only way to create documents on the word but this is not true at this stage of science.

Most surprisingly this is not only possible but this can be done more accurately by using Dictate.

How to use Speech-to-Text on Microsoft Word using “Dictate”

For converting your voice into text make sure that a microphone is connected. Whether it is built-in or connected through a USB connection.

Without a microphone, the device you are using for converting your voice into text, can’t catch your voice.

First Step

How to use Speech-to-Text on Microsoft Word using "Dictate"

Make sure you are on the home page of Microsoft Word. Now mark the “Dictate” point. And then click on that.

Second Step

This time you will hear a beep and observe a change in the “Dictate” point. A red-colored recording light will be included in the Dictate point.

Like this photo below

recording light will be included in the Dictate point

Third Step

Now speak clearly and loudly as the device has started listening. Now whatever you say will be transcribed into text. That is why you should say only the things which you want to convert into text.

And you can say “new line” for creating a new paragraph. This will work like pressing the Enter button.

Again you can add any punctuation by saying that punctuation. Even you will be able to edit your text. You will be able to select a group of words by saying “select…..”.

And if you think of changing your language you can change it. For this click on the downward arrow on the dictate button.

Then you will see a list of languages and you can select one from this list. These languages work accurately.

Out of this, there are also some preview languages. You can also select from them. But they are not accurate as of the before mentioned language.

 speak clearly and loudly as the device has started listening

Fourth Step

When you are done with your dictating click on the “dictate” for the second time to stop listening.

Though when you use this you can also use the keyboard.

But if you go out from Word dictating will be stopped automatically.

All this about voice typing on Microsoft Word.

And please note that you are not limited to use this Microsoft Word’s Dictate for converting voice. You can use other converting apps also. As there are so many apps available nowadays.

Among them, Dragon Home can be recommended because it works almost the same as “Dictate” of Microsoft Word.

How to use voice recognition on windows 10

You can type on Windows 10 by using your voice. For this, you have to fix voice recognition on your PC first. And Cortana is your best assistant in this regard.

If Cortana is not available on your PC then it is not required mandatorily. You can use a built-in mic for this purpose.

Now check out this matter below.

Accelerate Dictation

how to Accelerate Dictation

Firstly you have to open an application on which you want to dictate your text. For this, you can Window button+H. Or you can do it manually.

Enable speech services

To Enable your speech services follow this guideline.

First, go to “setting” then “privacy” then turn on “speech, linking and typing” and a pop-up will ask you to tell you that Microsoft will collect your data. Click on the turn-on” button.

Enable speech services

Accelerate the Dictation features

Again press the windows button+H and then it will ready to listen to what you say.

Accelerate the Dictation features

Issue commands

Windows can do something automatically like it will write the first letter of a sentence in capital form. This is very smart nowadays.

Issue commands is automatically solve windows 10

Dictating punctuation and formatting

You can give the command to start punctuation like comma if you want to create a new paragraph just say ” new paragraph 

Dictating punctuation and formatting

Fixing mistakes

If you want to fix your mistakes just say “undo that” the recent word or phrase will be deleted automatically.

how to Fixing mistakes

Stopping and starting dictation

Dictation will be stopped if you don’t speak for a few seconds and you can again start dictation by clicking on the mic icon.

Stopping and starting dictation

Editing through dictation

Suppose you have completed your document but some mistakes are found. Then you can edit your file without using a trusty mouse or keyboard. But you can learn the perfect phrase for a specific purpose.

Like you want to delete the very current word. Just say delete. Then it will be deleted automatically.

Active speech recognition on your PC

For activation of speech recognition on your PC open the control panel and then do double click on the speech recognition.

Active speech recognition on your PC

Start speech recognition

Then it will take to the link “start speech recognition” and click on that link and then click on next.

Start speech recognition on PC

Select microphone

In this stage select a microphone as you wish. And click next.

where Select microphone

Read loudly

On the current page, a sentence will be shown before you and you have to read that sentence loudly so that the software can catch your voice perfectly. If your voice is perfect to catch it will be shown on screen and then click Next.

the software can catch your voice perfectly

Document review

On this page, your consent will be asked for a specific issue. The speech recognition will ask you to give consent for examining the files and emails on your device so that it can catch the words you typically use. But if you are concerned about privacy then disagree with this and then click next.

how to active Document review


On the next page select “use voice-activation mode” and then click on the “next” button.

select "use voice-activation mode" and then click on the "next" button

Run at startup

On the next page, you will see the option for running at the startup. Consent is asked from whether you want to voice recognition every time you start the PC. And then you will have a popup that contains a tutorial on how to use a voice-recognition system. And if you don’t have any interest in that tutorial you can simply skip that. And then click on the Next button.

see the option for running at the startup


You can now talk to your PC. And you can set it up at your own choice. 


Eventually, you have got the button containing the microphone icon at the right corner of the screen and can configure your voice recognition system with your choice.

configure your voice recognition system with your choice

Voice typing may be called spices, and voice recognition may be called genus. If you set the voice recognition system on your device then you will be able to do anything without touching the device. Voice typing is one of them.

As we have discussed voice typing on Google docs, Microsoft Word, and Windows 10.

Following the steps mentioned above, it will be a very easy task for you.

However, mind it, using a mouse and keyboard is better than voice typing.

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