Instant Video Ranker review – Rank your videos anywhere online

If I ask you a question what is the most effective advertising material according to the present online marketing strategy? If you are truly a marketer, an online retailer, or a common person who just spends time online for no reason, you must have known the answer is. Which is a video.

Video content is now lead generating, dominating over other conventional types of content in the present online marketplace. Video contents are so good to demonstrate any complex process simply, can cover a large topic in a few time periods to make that visualize clearly and also for many other reasons.

Marketers, advertisers, and online retailers use videos to make a strong impact on customers’ minds as people now love to watch quality videos rather than other visual content. Do you know, in every minute there are more than 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube?

Therefore, creating quality video content for specific purposes has become a headache for marketers and online content creators. Although, it is not as difficult for professionals as they have the skills to use different software’s to make things done perfectly. But what about if you don’t have the skills to use those software’s.

Well, in this review we have come with a genuinely helpful software review that will save your day ranking your videos anywhere like YouTube video platform and also in google SERP. So, take a deep breath, give full intention to the below article and you will know all about the extreme integration of Instant Video Ranker.

Rank your videos anywhere online


What is Instant Video Ranker?

Due to the high demand for video content online, it has become too difficult to make a good position with video content. Since ranking is the main factor in the field of online, you can’t make a good outcome of your effort if you don’t get a good rank for your content.

Materially, video marketing strategy seems to flow like making videos, uploading and getting visitors. But unfortunately, it is not. Even if you create quality content that is good in the storyline and visual demand, still there are some practices called YouTube SEO for video marketing that you have to consider in this regard.

YouTube SEO includes facts like keywords for your videos that you want to rank as well, titles, niche descriptions, and a few more. If you keep them well, then you can make intentions for other factors like traffic, runtime, and engagement in your videos.

Well, if you are a starter in video marketing, then it will go harder and expensive for you to create quality type video content for your marketing strategy.

create quality type video content for your marketing strategy

To save your back in such a situation and make you feel highly comfortable, here I am presenting an Instant Video ranker for you. It will go to be an extreme video ranking asset for video content makers, analysts, organizations, and brands to see their video content just in the ranking position without any hassle.

Whatever you use YouTube for, however good your video content is, it doesn’t matter what you do, or how good you are, IF NO ONE SEES IT!

This software has come with a formula that is specially implemented to rank up videos on any platform including the first page of google.

extreme video ranking asset for video content makers

Instant Video Ranker software review – At a glance

DeveloperMatt Ward
ProductInstant Video Ranker
PriceFront end price $17
Launch dateMon 10 May 2021
BonusHuge bonuses
NicheGoogle and YouTube video ranking software
Official websiteClick Here
Guarantee30 days money back guarantee
RecommendationHighly recommended for all-purpose

Instant Video Ranker features – what you will get in Instant Video Ranker

Instant Video Ranker comes with a handful of features that will automate your video marketing strategy for both YouTube and google. There are so many obstacles that will come when you are going to step your brand online. But if you don’t use videos in this regard, you can’t make it profitable for you.

So, how Instant Video Ranker will help you to overcome those obstacles? It is a magic wind that will place you in the rank through its touch? No that’s not actually, it’s like knowledge that will help you to take action to do that for you.

Since all the marketers now intend to see their video and animated adverts at the top of the rank, they put a lot of money, effort, and time to get success in this. Most of them don’t even know how to do it properly. Because of the lack of knowledge, all their money and effort go in vain.

Therefore, to keep yourself away from this situation, you should grab the Instant Video Ranker right now and rank any video advert within 15 minutes. However, you must be interested to know about the features of the software, then here are all of them to make a quick sense of it will help you in your video marketing strategy.

  • Content engine 1.0 software included
  • Step by step training
  • Works in any niche
  • Dfy thumbnail templates
  • Ranking checklists
  • Insider video creation method
  • Title done for you
  • Tags done for you
  • Title has done for you
  • Dfy keyword research
  • Over the shoulder life case study
  • More views, subscribers, more leads
  • More clicks, more traffics
  • More sales
  • Over $400 of amazing bonuses

It means, the software will make it done for you and you don’t even require any particular skills to use and implement this.

Why should you choose Instant Video Creator?

Do you know 80% of all internet traffic conducts through video adverts? Not only that, Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. And Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. 83% of marketers claim video increased leads.

Therefore, you can’t think all that statistics are false and mythic. If you are a practitioner in present online video marketing, you already get a clear sense of that.

You may be tired of finding strategies online that you can use to stand by in this competitive video advertising based marketplace. To rescue this situation, an instant video ranker will help you make ways to rank your videos within a short time.

There are some proven factors to make up your mind to use Instant Video Ranker to get success in your video marketing strategy. They are,

High quality in demand software product

Videos are now the point of discussion at the day for marketers. They go for various video and animation making software to create outstanding videos but most of them miss the point of workable ways to rank their videos.

Since ranking is all in this competitive field of online marketing, your video isn’t in the ranking means you won’t get the success you desire for. Therefore, if you really want to rank your videos on YouTube, Google, or wherever you want online, Instant Video Ranker will do it for you. It is the word of the founder Matt as he proved its efficiency on his own and also for international agencies purposes.

That is what Randy Smith said, “When Matt said it would only take minutes to rank a video at the top, I didn’t believe him. Well, he proved me wrong.”

Insider strategy

It comes with some insider tactics that professional marketers use as their very own strategy. The person who brought this excellent integration Matt, he suffered in the long run in his own video advertising campaign. Then he has made up his mind to build up an asset, got a bunch of experts, and invested some money in them. That has made Instant Video Ranker’s debut.  However, Matt was intended to make it beneficial to everyone. You will get a sort of important thing done for you inside the integration which you have to do before uploading them on YouTube or search engines.

High EPCs and Converting copy

They have optimized the whole funnel to convert at the highest EPCs possible. With a copy professional written by a copywriter, except high conversion rates on a high quality product.

Done for you

All the options are included in this integration highly designed to make things completely done for you. Content engine 1.0 software creates and optimizes your titles, tags, and descriptions. All you just need to do is copy, paste, and create in your own way.

YouTube set up

To get your videos in the rank, you need to set up your YouTube account as professionals. if you are a starter, you can’t do or even know how you can do that.  Instant Video ranker will help u=you in this regard to perfectly set your YouTube settings, playlist, etc to help your videos get ranked.

Miss this and Miss out

With Instant Video Ranker, you will get a thousand dollars’ worth of expert video marketers and content creator’s consultations on getting videos ranked online. It will help you to find ways of how you can share your videos effectively in this large online field, get traffic and view, and instantly hit the top of the charts.

Quality software product at value pricing

With prices of $17, $37, and $97 through the funnel, you can easily make changes to get at the top of the ranking with your videos. This quality software product will make you feel super flexible with its great video ranking options.

Even the front end offer includes software alongside training. OTO 1 has VIP software and is still valued below much other software’s front end prices.

Not only that, when you have Instant Video Ranker, you will instantly get access to some swap files that will teach you,

  • How to use google to find clients instantly
  • LinkedIn lead generation machine
  • Emails swipe that WORK, and get leads contacting you!
  • Facebook messenger swipes
  • Methods to guarantee clients that have money to spend already!

Who needs Instant Video Ranker most?

Instant Video Ranker is going to benefit all those who have business required video to engage with new people to get organic traffic, sell, and make a huge profit. Literally online, there is no one who doesn’t need to use videos to ensure a better outcome of his efforts.

Since visual contents are at the top of the demand, online marketers can’t succeed without implementing eye catching video, animation, 3D, and raster graphics content into their strategy. Besides, they have to embed proper planning to turn their efforts into sweet profit.

No matter if you are an online or offline marketer, product retailer or you just have a website for affiliate marketing, you must create videos to bring audiences to your doorstep. Then Instant Video Creator will help you to make things simply done for you.

Here is a recommendation for those who will really benefit from this Instant video ranking software,

Affiliate marketers

As they have to run campaigns to make money through their affiliation, there is nothing but video ads that can help you grow your business. But if the videos don’t get rank on top, all the efforts will go in vain. Therefore, Instant Video Ranker will help them get their affiliate videos on top of the hit list in just 15 minutes!

Online and offline agencies

 Also, need this because they have to express their brand identity widely as well as increase their brand awareness. For this, they can create videos of their brand and upload them in YouTube and search engine to show people your videos at the first position

Your own website

 Needs videos to increase content clarity and make that understandable for the visitors and readers. Those videos are not a just thing to include in your content, rather if you will able to rank them with proper monetizing, they will be a reason to bring audiences from unthinkable sources

Small product manufacturer

If you are a small product manufacturer and you create products, sell them online, and make money in this way. You are in great need of an Instant Video Ranker. Because you must have made videos of your products and share them in different marketplaces. If potential customers find your product at the top of their search, there are high chances they must go to buy the product. Get the Instant Video Ranker and make every step of your online strategy worthy.

About the Author

I can’t keep you in the dark don’t mention the person who has done a really great job by making this wonderful integration and also making it available for the generals. He described the situation which has made his mind build something that could really help you to get rid of a critical situation.

The incident took place at a time when his business was going to be wiped out overnight due to the coronavirus hit. The situation helped him realize that he would have to take massive action otherwise there were no possible ways to help him in that.

Then he jumped on a ‘wealth summit’ webinar and called industry experts around the world, paid them for his own benefit. The one thing which keeps Matt motivated is that he had to invest in himself. It took two months to make his luck back.

After that, testing all the knowledge he had gathered into some real time projects and getting positive results, he was really able to rank a quick video for an affiliate offer on the first page of YouTube and Google.

And he just started to do it again and again, coaching others to do things as well. Then he intended to help local businesses and he also got success simultaneously.

This is a totally white hat integration that has no security risk or any other issues. Matt just not only wants to help you with the software he founded but also shows you all the knowledge, strategies, and experience that he got in his personal experience.

Instant Video Ranker instant buying guide

Reading the software review above, you may already have made up your mind to start using the software in your video marketing strategy. To fuel up your process, here we include an instant buying guide so that you can instantly grab the software.

Instant Video Ranker is available as a front end and three OTO sales offers. Here below, we are showing all of them with the features that come with them.

Instant Video Ranker FE at $17

The front end purchase will provide what you need to effectively use the software and tools to rank your videos in just 15 minutes. Unlike the other software’s front end price, Instant Video Ranker gives you this just for $17 only.

You don’t have to pay for features or internal access, it is a one time purchase. To access and get the Instant Video Ranker front end offer, click here. The front end offer includes,

  • Software included
  • Step-by-step training
  • No tech skills needed
  • No design skills needed
  • Insider tips
  • See results in under 15 minutes!
  • Key tasks Done for You
  • Over $500 in bonuses

OTO 1 –Instant Video Ranker VIP edition at $37

Instant Video Ranker VIP edition

Instant Video Ranker VIP edition brought some more flexibility into it with VIP software version 2.0 which will take it to the next level. With this, you don’t have to worry to find out keywords which are compatible to get rank for you.

It will help you to find multiple keywords to rank for simultaneously. Finding low competition and good search volume keywords is crucial for every online marketer. Thus Instant Video Ranker has made it completely automatic with its special software version.

Using these un-tapped keywords made a MASSIVE difference to my LONG-TERM RESULTS. To access and get the Instant Video Ranker VIP edition, click here. The VIP edition includes,

  • DfY Untapped-Keyword Finder Included
  • DfY Click Titles
  • DfY Tags Exploder
  • DfY Multiple Niche Descriptions, automatically have the perfect video description for your niche
  • Increase your Watch Times & Engagement
  • More Free Traffic
  • Improved CTRs
  • DfY Extended Tags, Hashtags, and Comments
  • Just copy and paste

OTO 2- Instant Video Ranker Agency at $97

Instant Video Ranker Agency

Would like to model Instant Video Ranker and grow your business through it in your local area to help local businesses rank at the top of SERPs? If you want your own business in this way, then it gives you the chance to do that.

Yes! You can become the Instant Video Ranker agency right now and the way is completely legal as the opportunity will be provided by the author Matthew. Be your own boss by owning this extreme video ranking software package and provide service to any business and agency.

You can contact the author at any time you want to make this event successful and also to get information and opinions from him. As long as you host and keep the video ranked, the businesses pay you. With Instant Video Ranker Agency you can get paid every month to rank local businesses at the top! Rank once, get paid again and again!

To access and get the Instant Video Ranker agency edition, click here. The agency edition includes,

  • Ready to go Agency Business Model
  • DfY Strategy and step-by-step plan
  • Your Own Agency
  • Use it as a base to sell other services
  • Swipe Files
  • Full Training
  • Direct Access to the author
  • The Fast Start Bonus (Value $497)
  • Done for Your Email Swipes (Value $297)
  • Master Cold Calling Training (Value $297)
  • Business Geo-Targeting Bonus (Value $197)
  • Master LinkedIn Traffic Course (Value $297)

OTO 3 – Instant Video Ranker Platinum at $9.97 per month

Instant Video Ranker platinum edition

Instant Video Ranker platinum edition does not include the integration but something more than that. It is a gateway to connect yourself with the behind the scene developers who made it possible to rank any videos in just 15 minutes anywhere online.

Why do you need this? Because with this cheaper but thousand dollars’ worth package, you can contact professionals, talk to them about your business and they will instruct you what actually you need to do to grow up your online business.

With the Platinum Club, you get your 30 days to success plan, experts on call, and much more. If you want to get instant access to this and want to keep growing and learning, just click here. It will also provide you,

  • Monthly live coaching
  • 30 days to success plan
  • DfY video ranking
  • DfY Keyword Research
  • Live Video Ranking Workshops
  • Whatever you need to succeed
  • Direct Access to the author

“The coaching calls are great – Matt really listens to my needs and helps us all find solutions that work. There is always something new happening, and it is a great forum to discuss things with like-minded people.” George Hobson IVR Platinum Club Member

Instant Video Ranker Bonuses

With all these interesting features and programs, the software will also give you a few bonuses if you grab it within a limited time. For a limited time only, you get all these bonuses when you buy Instant Video Ranker today – worth $542!

If you purchase any of the front end, OTO 1 and OTO 2, you will get these bonuses. OTO 3 which means platinum package includes other bonuses that will relate to the coaching and consultation for your business growing.

Here are the description of all bonuses that come with Instant Video Ranker,


Done for your Keyword research

Often the hardest thing is researching the keywords to target.

To get you on the right track I will do this for you! Yep, you heard that right – you get me to work for you for less than the price of a takeaway!

Why on earth would I offer this?

I want you to be successful and use Instant Video Ranker to do that, again and again. So I am willing to work for you at the start to make this happen. I’ll not only guide you in the right direction, I will actually spend my time working for you to get you the best keywords to target for your first campaign!

Value $197

BONUS 2 – Checklist of all the ranking requirements

I’m going to share with you my own personal Rankings Checklist that I use to rank my own and my client’s videos at #1 on YouTube.

This has taken me hundreds of hours of learning and research and tests to compile the definitive checklist for ranking videos.

This goes beyond what is in this course and includes every element you can optimize to rank videos better.

Value $97

BONUS 3 – Done for You Thumbnail Templates

Having good thumbnails is key to getting clicks. Inside the member’s area, I’ll share access to a whole raft of DfY Thumbnail Templates.

Thumbnails are a key tool to get clicks and views and rankings. Here I showcase a simple way for you to access loads of great thumbnails.

Value $67

BONUS 4 – Over-the-shoulder Case Study

Watch live over my shoulder as I rank a client’s video at #1 for (seven) 7 Keywords at once! I will share with you my business model so you can start your own agency doing exactly this – as soon as this week if you choose to.

Value $47

BONUS 5 – Social Media Marketing – Full Additional Course

This is not just some making up the list bonus – this is a WHOLE EXTRA COURSE! Included for Free! 10 Module training course on Social Media Marketing. From strategy to channel to tactics. Everything you need to know to succeed with Social Media.

Value $97

Frequently asked question about Instant Video Ranker

Here included some frequently asked questions that will take away your doubts if you have got any of them in your mind. So let’s have a look at these,

Are there any additional costs?

No, there is no such additional cost included. Ensure only the signup purchase and grab the upsells which you need, and you will get all the features to unlock for you.

Can I really rank a video in less than 15 minutes?

The software has been tested not only in personal cases but also for other global clients by the author Matthew. And from his experience and other eye-witnesses confirmed that you can really rank a video in less than 15 minutes.

Even if you have your video ready, you can do it in only 5 minutes! Depending on how much time YouTube will take to upload your video LOL.

Can you guarantee results?

If you follow the training and choose the correct keywords to go after, yes you will rank your videos at the top of SERPs.

Do I need any skills to use this?

No, you don’t need any tech skills at all! It’s just simple copy and paste.

If you have the platinum edition of Instant Video Ranker, you can chat with the author, get instructions, step by step training on how to do everything. All you just need to do is, grab Instant Video Ranker and use it to your own benefit from today.

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