Social media marketing 101 – Learn to Leverage social media for Business

You are a business and so you always think about ways to expand your business. What type of business you are? Is it an online or offline local business?

No matter what it is, you can grow your business, reach more potential consumers, and introduce your brand identity across your locality even around the world.

Yes! All is possible if you are integrating social media into your business strategy. Social media platforms are kinda a blessing for business owners.

Today we are connected on multiple social media platforms. We use social media to communicate, entertain, share knowledge, stay up to date with trends and what’s going on in the world.

Currently, more than half of the total population of the world (approximately 3.8 billion) are directly connected to social media platforms. It has perpetrated massive changes in our day-to-day lives.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn and so many of them come with individual features, different user interfaces, and experiences.

The way social media aggregates millions of people under an umbrella, opens the door of huge opportunities to business owners.

Once there was a time when local businesses were confined in their locality or a limited area. People used to know the brand, go there to buy and the competition was also low at that time.

But what’s up now? There is huge competition, inimitable advertising, marketing both online and offline. In this competitive field, you must have a strong plan and strategies to do better with your business.

In this article, we will show you how you can create a feasible strategy leveraging social media and you know there is so on. So let’s dive into the discussion,


What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the process and movements to connect with consumers and audiences through social media to increase your brand and business circumference. It has become an integral part of present business.

We know that online business is now dominating all over the world. And it is also considering that the time isn’t so far away when all types of buying and selling will be done online.

It is estimated that the total number of digital buyers will reach 2.14 billion in 2021. If you are still confused about starting an online business, it is the answer to get rid of your confusion and step forward to build up an online business right now.

If you are worrying as you don’t have perspective knowledge about how to become successful with online business, this article will educate you regarding this.

Besides, here you will get to know how you can set strategies to ensure that you are going through the right way.

Today, 75% of business owners are leveraging social media for business growth. As Business success depends on familiarity, audience base, active status, and sales, social media offers all of them.

Whatever you are an online or offline business, you will be benefited through the right social media marketing strategy based on your business.

social media to increase your brand and business circumference

How does social media marketing work?

If you are a little familiar with online business and marketing, you may hear a lot about online marketing such as paid marketing, organic marketing, pay per click (PPC), etc.

But if you are brand new, you have a lot of things to learn and practice. As we know above, social media marketing is all about using social media platforms to get business advantages.

Materially, Social media platforms have huge potential which marketers can use to their own benefit. At the end of the day, success will determine the tactics and strategy you have integrated to go through.

Here is one thing to remember: all social media platforms don’t work in the same way. Therefore, before going to start, you have to consider a few things. they are,

  • Where your target audience is
  • What are your business goals?
  • How do you want to reach your goals?
  • How do you engage with your audiences?

Social media marketing encompasses a lot of activities. You have to practice all of them on a regular basis. For example, to engage with people in social media, you have to publish content, run paid advertising campaigns, and give offers and discounts to hold existing consumers.

In this way, social media marketing works and you have to make it doable at anyhow, sometimes in paid and sometimes organic way.

How to get started with social media marketing?

To get started in social media marketing, you need to set up crystal clear goals. Because without specific goals, you can’t define what to do or anything else.

Every particular business has authentic goals on which the business works. When it comes to social media, most of them set goals like

  • Getting website traffic
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Convert leads into prospects
  • Building follower and audience base
  • Increasing sales by direct selling on social media

So, what are your goals for social media marketing?

Besides, you have to give close attention to know where your target is. Since there are a lot of social media platforms and people use whichever they love and get interacted with the most. But as a marketer, you have to choose the right platform for your business.

It all means you must have a plan before starting social media marketing. And therefore, in the next part of the article, we will show you step by step processing to get started with media marketing from today.

Step by step guide to creating effective social media marketing strategy

If you are about to start with a small business, you can grow up as a B2C and get huge consumers, sales, and increasing revenue from social media.

On the other hand, if you are a medium or large company that wants to start as a B2B, you can engage lots of other businesses in your niche and build healthy relationships with them.

No matter what type of business you are in, we have created a step by step guide which will come in handy for everyone. So, let’s get to it,

guide to creating effective social media marketing strategy

Know where your target audiences are

Social media marketing is all about engaging with target audiences. Target audience refers to the people who are interested in your business niche. Imagine you are a fashion business and you start as a social media marketer.

There are millions of people, thousands of particular groups, pages, and communities. If you join a tech group to get fashion-minded people, that’s the wrong way you choose to go.

Although, social media platforms have made it easy to get their business like-minded people. With your fashion business, you can easily get your target audiences by searching for similar groups and pages, using hashtags so the people who use the same hashtag, you can invite to connect with your business.

Some platforms enable paid advertising and boosting through which marketers can directly show specific content to audiences who are interested in their niche. However, if you don’t like to spend time at the first stage, then it is not for you.

To grow organically, you have to take part crucially to know where your target audiences are and get their attention. For audiences, you can focus on,

  • Facebook groups
  • Paid advertising
  • Create viral content
  • Mentioning your brand everywhere in comment
  • Invite people to connect with you

Target multiple social media platform

For digital marketers and social media marketers, it is important to target multiple social media platforms to reach the peak of social media marketing. You can say that you have a lot of followers on Facebook and you have created a strong brand presence on this platform.

But if you are just intending on only one social media platform then you are missing a large portion of the audience who used to connect on other social media platforms. Though most people are now using multiple social media platforms, you may think it is worth paying attention to this issue.

But the fact is when you have active status and activities on different social media platforms, users would have a positive sense of your brand. And if you are a brand they like, they will follow you everywhere they can see.

Having a strong brand presence on multiple social media platforms is a way to make your brand credible and reliable. It will also reveal the door to get new consumers, followers, and conversions every day.

Research to know audience’s behavior

Researching audience behavior is highly important in present digital marketing. You have a large follower base but if you don’t know about their behavior, you can’t benefit from it.

It helps to target the audience, learn what they are interested in, and put action into that. Simply put, knowing your target audience and their behavior is similar to identifying buyer personas. If you have identified the buyer persona, you should know their interest, age, location, job title, income level, social media active status, and what other platforms they use.

Researching about your target audience allows you to dig into deeper social media marketing. It will help you to define moves that would be effective.

In social media marketing, you have to set campaigns to reach your target audience. Before starting a campaign, you have to set demographics according to the audience’s behavior to whom you want to reach.

This is why you have to research target audiences to get success on your social media campaign. You can

  • Survey consumers
  • A/B test
  • Create polls to engage audience
  • Ask direct questions and encourage audiences to answer

Create strong brand presence

It is important to create a strong brand presence on social media platforms. If you want to be influential with your words and want to persuade people, you must have a strong brand presence. What makes your brand identity strong in social media?

Social media platforms offer huge opportunities for brands to create particular existence and invite people to join with them. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn whatever platform you choose, you can make your brand awareness distinctive.

Different social media platforms have different functionalities. You have to understand the platform solemnly to take part in it effectively.

For example, you can create a particular page for your brand, create groups consisting of your audience and consumers on Facebook. But on Instagram, you don’t have to create a page or group, your account will act as a particular page in it.

Twitter is a microblogging platform and Reddit is a community-based platform. In this way, each social media platform has different characteristics. You have to understand it to learn the way you can create a strong brand presence on that platform.

Learn about social media metrics and KPI

Social media metrics are the criteria of measurement to evaluate your success and determine if all the efforts are going the right way.

Social media marketers have a number of things to accomplish. They have to track the audience, increase followers, reply to comments, try to persuade consumers, publish content on a daily basis, and so on.

From social media campaigns to monitor daily activities, marketers need to assess performance. you can measure campaign success through these metrics, learn about new engagement, get clear ideas about conversions, and all about your marketing steps.

This is why social media marketers should have knowledge of specific social media metrics. Besides, there is analytics such as Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics to make easy marketers jobs and get quick insights.

If you are new in this journey, you don’t know about these metrics. Here is a list of important metrics you should care about starting.

  • Conversion rate: conversion rate refers to the number of users or visitors who complete any of your desired goals
  • CTA: Call to action is the element you use to get the quick attention of visitors such as number, email, address
  • Engagement: it refers to the interaction, how visitors are interacting with your content and brand
  • Post reach: how many users are seeing your social media post
  • CTA: click-through rate is how much people are responding to your call to action
  • Conversation rate: how many people are comment on your post
  • Brand awareness: the overall brand mention in social media platforms of your brand
  • Amplification rate: number of shares on your post

There are so many. You can focus on them at the first stage and will learn more over time.

Create powerful content

Above all, creating content is at the core of a successful social media marketing strategy. integrating social media platforms for business reach and publishing content seems easy but actually, it isn’t.

Social media content is not something you will create and publish; you have to make it in a way so that people could have the interested to see it. In a word, you have to catch the user’s attention with your content.

Attention spanning is short. Thousands of contents are published every day and users get interested only in those which grab their attention at first sight.

If you are creating image content, make it simple so that the audience can easily understand it. If you are creating video content, keep it short but descriptive.

Powerful content encourages the audience to hit the share button. Share allows to reach more and more people and it automatically does brand awareness.

Here are some tips to follow for better content creation.

  • Always think about the user’s interest, what they want
  • Audience loves to get information, thus, you have to make it informative to engage the audience
  • Content should be unique and creative
  • Craft storytelling for long-form article
  • Show benefits
  • Mention to share
  • Offer discounts

Build your content calendar

Content calendar seems complicated but it is a proven tactic for social media marketers. It helps them to stay organized with a myriad of tasks that need to be done schematically.

Simply put, digital marketers need to target multiple social media platforms and execute active status daily. A content calendar is a premade schedule that helps them remember upcoming tasks and keep them in the flow.

The content calendar consists of content topics, publish date, update existing content, and other promotional activities.

A content calendar works as a reminder, it reminds you about the daily activities of your social media marketing strategy. not only social media marketing, but the content calendar is also an effective move for bloggers, and website owners in their content marketing.

A content calendar is an integral part of those social media marketers who are targeting multiple social media platforms in their strategy. If you aren’t concerned about the content calendar, then you are missing a big part of the puzzle.

You can find huge helpful resources online to learn about content calendars and how you can build one for your purpose. Also, you can find free content calendar templates to use.

Measure success

Finally, you have to intend to measure success in every step of your social media journey. You are getting so many engagements, comments, followers but how many of them are really completing your goals and targets?

You create campaigns, distribute content on multiple social media platforms but at the end of the day, if you don’t measure your success, it won’t be helpful to you at all.

Above we have learned about metrics that are used to indicate performance about different moves on social media marketing. By aggregating tools and those metrics, you can have a clear view of your marketing success.

When you measure performance, you know about KPI (key performance indicator). So, you can easily define where to target and concentrate. It will also help you to find USP (unique Selling Point) and you can increase sales by putting more effort into that point.

If you are implementing paid marketing strategy, you have to separate out the results of organic reach and paid reach.

Importance of social media marketing for businesses

From the above discussion, it is clear that social media marketing is essential in the current business scenario. It is so much helpful for local businesses also as they can easily make identity and engage the local people who don’t know about the business.

Social media marketing is targeted, which means you can find your target audience and convince them with quality content, engaging offers, and discounts to make them your prospects.

Social media universalizes business marketing, here such small businesses and brands have the same opportunities and functionalities that a big industry leader could have.

Another mentionable side of social media marketing is if you are a new brand but you offer quality products, great customer support, and satisfy customers, you can easily make your brand credible to consumers.

Moreover, if you are low on budget, no problem you can still make it organically. If you follow the right way of organic marketing strategy, you can do it even without spending a huge amount on social media marketing.

Whether you are enlisting social media platforms for your business purpose or not, you must have a distinguished presence on social media platforms.

It is the way you can illustrate your brand such as a professional who has an active profile on social media platforms. Rather, people also count brands’ social media activity and love to connect with their favorite brands online.

Finally, when you have free options to build brand awareness and increase brand visibility online, why miss it?

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