Technology is the part and parcel of everyday life in today’s world. Every nation is trying to develop its technological growth.

Every year many surveys are run by different institutions. In 2021 the world-famous Bloomberg innovation index was published. This year South Korea has secured first place. 10 ten countries of their index are like this:

  1. South Korea
  2. Singapore
  3. Switzerland
  4. Germany
  5. Sweden
  6. Denmark
  7. Israel
  8. Finland
  9. Netherlands
  10. Austria.

This innovation index is created based on value-added manufacturing, high-tech density patent activity, etc.


10. Austria

Environmental Technology

environmental technology in austria

The invention “made in Austria” is internationally appreciated. A revolutionary process has been invented by Austria to soften drinking water. And the ultra-lightweight vehicle is invented by the Austrian authority that produces less Co2 for the construction industry.

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry in Austria

Austria has developed a highly qualified automotive industry. Austria’s focal point is to provide the most efficient high-performance battery for electromobility. And it is promoting the use of artificial intelligence in this sector.

Electronics Industry in Austria

Electronics Industry in Austria

Austria exports two-third of its total electronic manufactured products in more than 150 countries as the demand for Austrian products is so high.

9. Netherlands 

IT leaders choose the Netherlands

IT leaders choose the Netherlands for its technological environment.  Many tech-joint companies like Google, Microsoft, NTT, Oracle choose the Netherlands for their Headquarters and customer service center and R&D facilities and others.

Artificial Intelligence

The Netherlands recognizes Al in the year 2019 for the first time.

Cyber Security

The Netherlands is the same home for cybersecurity-related matters.

The Dutch Government has established the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). This National Cyber Security Center has tightened the bond between the government and the business. For its high-security system, International organizations like Europol and Nato have established their operation in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is the cluster of Europe regarding cybersecurity. In the Netherlands, more than 300 private and public companies are working together for expediting cybersecurity systems. Being attracted to these security systems FOX IT, Thales and Palo have invested in the Netherlands.

Dutch Digitalization Strategy

The government of the Netherlands took the “Dutch Digitalization Strategy” in the year 2018. It took the scheme to digitize every sector like healthcare, mobility energy, and agri-food. Dutch authorities have equipped each and everyone with digital skills. That’s why the Netherlands is the digital leader of Europe.

8. Finland

 50% of all exported things of Finland is technology. It may be said that it is the most important export industry of Finland.

About 300010 Finns work in the technology sector.

The technology industry of Finland is divided into five sub-sector. That is

  • Electronics and electrotechnical Industry.
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metals Industry
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Information Technology.

And most importantly there are so many inventions of Finland that change the world.


Nokia is the most known mobile phone brand in this universe. Though it didn’t start its journey as an electronic product producing company. Firstly it was a paper production company.

But at the time it started producing mobile phones and contributed 4% of the total countries GDP and 21% of the total export amount of Finland.

The first GSM call was done on Nokia in 1991 and the first satellite call was done on Nokia in 1994

SMS (texting)

Sometimes SMS is more effective than phone calls. But this SMS was not introduced in mobile phones when it was invented. Later Matti Makkonen while working with the Nokia brand invented this technology for the first time in the universe. He used this technology for the first time in 1984.

The Internet Browser

Kim Nyberg, Teemu Rantanen, Kati Suominen, and Kari Sydanmaanlakka were four students of Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. They had run a project for their master’s project and invented an Internet browser called Erwise. Though it was not user-friendly and the project was stopped but it helped for customizing today’s user-friendly browser.

Safety Reflector

A Finnish farmer invented this safety reflector for the first time. He invented this reflector for his horse. But now it is used all over the World especially for pedestrians. Because, if the pedestrian wears this reflector then the driver can see them from a distant place and they can slow down their speed.

7. Israel

Israelis a tiny country but its technological power is so high. It invests huge money in its technological research. It has achieved a place in the tech world. Israel is called the tech giant in the world. In the last Bloomberg innovation index, 2021 Israel has placed 7th in the world. Israel is a country of the desert but it is full of technological resources.

There are so many inventions that have changed the world. Some of them are:

Sniff Phone

Sniff-Phone innovation in Israel

It is a diagnostic tool that is used for identifying the symptomatic odor caused by cancer. It can take smell to identify disease. Professor Hossam Haick is the chief scientist of the project NaNose that is developing this medical tool. It can identify the disease with an accuracy up to 86-92%. But the authority has declared that within 5-6 years it will be more accurate and more user friendly.


Pillcam is a swallowable medical camera.

Once an Israeli scientist named Gavriel Iddan had chronic pain in his stomach and with this practical experience, he designed this PillCam, and later the FDA approved this. This a pill that is digestible and can send a picture of the inner side of the stomach. So that is so easy to detect cancer or any other disease without any outsider test. The scientist won the European Inventor Award for this fantastic invention.

Disk on Key (USB Drive)

Universal Serial Bus or in the short USB is the invention of an Israeli company. In 1980 this superb invention was invented in Israel.


Agriculture-Technology invention in Israel

Desert climate is not suitable for producing good crops. So the farmers of Israel had to struggle to produce crops amid the desert climate.

In the meantime, Simcha Blass, an Israeli scientist observed two adjacent trees. One was large enough and another was tiny. But the scientist observed also that there was a water pipeline next to the bigger tree, though the water flow was so little, he could realize that only a little amount of the water supply can make a huge difference. 

At last, he designed a water pipeline that can drip water onto the crops. Later using this technology about 70% of the Arava desert was turned into a crop field.

6. Denmark

Denmark was the most digital country in Europe according to the Digital Economy and Society Index 2017. Presently Denmark is the sixth technologically advanced country in the world according to the Bloomberg Index 2021.

About 94% of Danish people use the Internet in their daily activities. Fast broadband coverage is provided by the Danish authority throughout the country.

Denmark has invented so many technologies that enlighten the whole world.

The Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the first invention in the field of sharing. Though at present, there is so much sharing software, Bluetooth was invented first. This technology was invented by the Danish mobile phone company Ericsson.  The company named this as per their great king Herald “Blatant”. As Bla means blue and “tant” means tooth.


Insulin invention Denmark

Diabetics is a serious disease throughout the world. And insulin is a very effective medicine for this disease. This was first invented by the Danish people. They first find the relationship between hemoglobin and the concentration of carbon dioxide which is also known as the Bohr Effect. Novo Nordisk, a Danish founded company is the inventor of Insulin.

5. Sweden

Sweden is one of the most technologically advanced countries. Though it has a small population it has very strong technology. As well as infrastructure. The Swedish government has special care for technical research. The universities of Sweden are also caring for their innovation.

So many innovations of Sweden are appreciated worldwide.

Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is a compulsory tool of the toolbox. Especially when you do something, an adjustable wrench is a must. This adjustable wrench was first invented by an American in 1842  but that was not so user-friendly likely. In 1891 a Swedish engineer called Johan Peter Johansson invented this modern adjustable wrench and patented it.

The Karma APP

Today we all know about the karma app. This app was invented by a group of Swedish entrepreneurs. With this app, the restaurant owner can collect the food that is about to be expired offering a half price. So this app saves a lot of food from being wasted.


We all know about zippers. The zipper is used for many things like pants, bags and so many things. This zipper was invented for the first time by an American but that was not so effective. Later a Swedish man named Gideon Sundback invented this modern zipper that looks like interlocked teeth. This invention was patented by man Gideon Sundback in the year 1913.

4. Germany

Who dares to refuse the contribution of Germany in technology. Many tech giants want by heart to establish their headquarters in Germany for their advanced technical environment. German authorities take special initiative to create this technology-friendly environment. The innovation of Germany is also awesome. They have invented much technology.


X is a by-chance invention.  Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen is a German scientist. The x-ray was invented by chance in the laboratory of this scientist at the University of Wurzburg. The first time even the scientist didn’t catch what he had invented. That’s why he named that ray X. The picture was made with the help of this invention, was the hand of the scientist’s wife with a wedding ring. Later he could understand what he had invented.

Jet Engine

Jet Engine Germany

The jet engine was invented by the scientists of Germany. A group of scientists who first designed the jet engine later proved their imagination in the year 1939.

Tape Recorder

Fritz Pflumer invented the tape recorder for the first time. He not only invented the audio recording but also invented the first mixtape.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is the home of innovation. For at least 6 years this country has been ranked first for the innovation category. Top 3 invention of Switzerland

Wrist Watch

Wristwatch the compulsory fashion apparel in today’s world. It is also a sign of good choice. He who wears a special wristwatch signifies that his choice is also smart. This wristwatch was invented in Switzerland. Patek Philippe invented this fantastic invention in the year of 1868. The world’s most elegant watches are produced in Switzerland. Switzerland is especially known for its outstanding wristwatch design.

Electric Guitar

Music makes people charmed. Many instruments are needed to make a song more auditable. Among them guitar is special. The electric guitar is also one kind of guitar. This electric guitar was invented in Switzerland.

2. Singapore

When the rest of the world lives in 2021 Singapore lives in 2121. Its technological growth far ahead of any other country in the world. Even its inventions are so imaginary. Some of them are

Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars launch Singapore 2021

Though the concept of self-driving cars has existed for many years in the world Singapore is the first country that is going to make it true. Though it is odd for the foreigners because when they get into the cars they might be shocked, thinking that who is going to drive the car.

Hiring Robotic Police

Hiring Robotic Police Singapore

Though Singapore is not the country of habitual offenders. But it has invented a special kind of technology. With the assistance of this technology, police can catch the offender through a drone. Many countries are interested in buying this technology. The invention is equipped with cameras.

1. South Korea 

South Korea is the country that shows how a country can take its financial condition from the poorest situation to the richest situation. Korea has proved it by its technological development and innovation. 

Some magnificent technological inventions of south Korea is like:

Rollable Tv

LG is the South Korean brand that invented this technology for the first time in the world. This rollable tv has an ultra-thin OLED screen.

Walking Car

Hyundai Motor has invented this technology. This is called the ultimate mobility vehicle(UNV). Using this technology they created a car and named it ELEVATE. This Car can climb up to five feet.

Walking Car South Korea

3D Screen Monitor

South Korea created a 3D screen monitor. They have developed a unique program for the monitor only. And without using 3D glass the spectators can feel the 3D exhibition.

Today’s world is advancing day by day. It is overcoming its level by itself. In every sector, there are so many institutions working from different aspects. Like, there are so many research-based institutions for making rankings for different parameters.

If you search on google by writing ” top 10 technologically advanced countries” you will find a variation. No one is wrong. Because they saw from their view. In our article, we have discussed based on the world-famous Bloomberg index.

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