What are the features of google photos?

Google photos is the safe, reliable, and ongoing storage for all of your photos. This amazing google integration automatically backs up all the images you take across all the devices you use.

Google photo comes as a built-in integration in all android devices. You can start signing in with your Google account and boom!

From now on, you don’t have to worry about images and videos being saved. Because they will automatically save by google photo backup and sync feature.

Like other google integration, google photo brings simplicity with it. It works simply to back up device photos, automatically backup the photos you just take.

You can see saved photos anytime you want with internet access. Photos that are saved on google photos, can’t be seen offline. If you want to do that, you have to download the image.

So, when it is saved on the device storage, it can be seen even if you are offline.

Google photos come with a lot of benefits for all. Ultimately, it keeps you organized, collects all the memories safely. Besides, you can also use it to edit photos, have google lens enabled, share images to other platforms, and so on.

In this article, we are breaking down google photos features so you can ensure full benefits through this.


15 google photos feature you should know

Google photos is a feature rich cloud based photo storage solution that makes smartphone users feel comfortable.

Because of the massive development in smartphone camera features, we take photos of every single moment of our life.

You can find so many people who have thousands of picture collections and the number is growing.

15 google photos feature

According to this, the smartphone industry also made significant development in storage capacity. It results in increased device storage of 64/128/256 GB ROM.

But we have some other purposes to use smartphones that also require device storage.

In such situations, Google photos like cloud storage kinda blessing for photographers and general smartphone users.

This is the best cloud storage solution for photos and videos without any doubt. Why?

These 15 google photos features below will make the answer appropriate.

Free storage

Google photos offer limited free storage for all new users. The free storage is used to save images and videos safely.

If you are new to google photos, you will receive 15 GB of free storage to use. Though it doesn’t seem enough for professional photographers and others who have to deal with enormous images daily.

Nevertheless, this free storage will save your back by keeping at least 20,000 images safely stored on the cloud.

Google photos free plan doesn’t have any restrictions. You can enjoy all the available features with this.

However, you can increase storage by purchasing google one paid plan.

Auto backup

With Google Photos, you are free from the worry and tension of keeping backup of your images.

You can freely capture as many images as you want. And don’t even need to save the images automatically. As Google has backup and sync storage service, it automatically saves photos and videos to your google account.

Because of this feature, you can go without fear of losing any picture on your device.

Not only backup, but it also has automatic synchronization ability which works across all the devices you have signed in with your Google account.

If you take any photos with that device, you will find them on your google photos.

Image quality

Google has done a remarkable job in preserving the image quality that used to save on google photos.

To save or share photos online, we select a medium that won’t cause to eat the image quality.

If you are thinking that using google photos can make your image quality worse, then you are wrong.

Google photos provide options through which you can choose the upload size of your photos and videos. It has two saving quality options,

  • Original quality
  • High quality

When you save photos and videos to the storage if the image is more than 16 megapixels. It will be compressed to save space and stored as 16 MP.

And for videos, if it is higher than 1080p, it will be resized to high-definition 1080p.

If you choose original quality option, it will preserve the original quality of the image or video.

Powerful search option

Google photos include powerful search option that works really great. It is really difficult to find a specific picture in the crowd of thousands of pictures.

A search option can help in this regard through one can easily find the required image. Therefore, google integrates a powerful search option in google photos to save your valuable time.

You can search by name if you previously labeled the image with a specific name, place, and also using suggestions.

Pictures saved on google photos categorized by face, place, screenshots, selfies, etc.

So, all you need is to use the search option in the right way. To make your job easier, you can add label images with a name or nickname.

Gallery view

In Google photos, you can see all the images are organized in gallery view to ensure the best viewing experience.

Images stored in order to their captured date and time. They can also be saved by size and shape.

Whatever the view of the layout is so comfortable that you can smoothly roam over your memories.

Advanced editing

You can’t ignore Google photos advanced editing feature. Google photo editing tool deserves praise because it will allow you to adjust images in so many aspects.

Since it isn’t a dedicated editing application, it works significantly and you will find a lot of editing options there to make your process done.

So, what advanced editing options come with google photos built in editing feature?

  • Suggests edit- Google Photos suggests edit options based on the type of photo you want to edit, that you can apply with one tap
  • Crop or rotate a photo
  • Adjust brightness
  • Blur the background
  • Change sky color
  • Use ‘Color focus’  to desaturate the background, but keep the foreground in color
  • Use available filter
  • draw, highlight or add text
  • And there are so on

Compress image

High quality images that are above 16 megapixels are used to compress the system and save them in 16 megapixels.

Compress keeps image size short and saves drive space.

Not only images but videos also compress which are above 1080p in quality. Don’t worry, when you need these images or videos, you can download the original quality from google photos.

Free up storage

Google photos have a delete option that is used to remove unnecessary images. Google photos backup automatically.

For smartphone users, when they capture new pictures with their device, it works automatically to store them on google photos.

Whenever we use smartphone camera, we capture multiple shots in a single photography operation.

But not all of these images we use or collect. We keep only the perfect captures that seem shareable or usable.

However, Google photos don’t know which one you want to save or delete, it stores all the images that you took.

Therefore, you may find the images you don’t want to keep in google photos. No problem, you can delete those images from google photos when you want.

Moreover, those images cause burning storage which ultimately drives to end the storage quickly.

Share photos

Google Photos has sharing options through which you can share photos, videos, albums, and movies with any of your contacts, even if they don’t use the Google Photos app.

Photo sharing is made easy by google photos. You can share single image, album includes lots of images with anyone.

To share Google photos, you should have the google account of the person you want to share.

If he/she is in your contact, you can find them or you have to search by their account name.

Select the image, album, or video you want to share, you should get the share option right there.

Share directly to the person who is in your contact or search by name, phone number or email address.

You can also share with multiple people at once.

Recent highlights, show memories

Google photos show recent highlights and old memories at the top. When users open the application, they can see photos that have been saved recently and also memories like ‘On this day, 2 years ago.

To keep you engaged with your memories, this is one of the best google photos features. You can check the apps once a day to see what you did that day in the previous.

Create album

You can easily create albums with images that are related to a specific memory. For instance, if you have hundreds of pictures of a wedding event, you can keep all of them together in google photos.

You can give a sweet title to your album and select all the images you want to include in that album at once.

To create an album in google photos, go to the app > click one of the photos that you are going to create album > in the upper right corner, click on the three dot icon > you can see several options from where you have to select ‘Add to album’ > from the new window, select ‘+New album’. If you have any shared or created albums, you can see them on this screen.

For shortcuts, you can create an album by tapping a while the image on google photos, then you can see the ‘+’ icon above to create the album.

Live album

For user’s convenience, Google introduced this excellent live album feature. Live albums offer huge advantages by automating album creation.

It also allows you to bring together all the photos of a specific person in a place and share them with the person or others.

You can turn any album into a live album. To use this feature, make sure that you have enabled backups and face grouping options in the settings.

To create a live album, go to create a new album at first > you can see an option ‘Select people & pets’ click on it > after that you will be able to select faces whom you want to see in the album.

It is absolutely amazing that google photos keep record of every single person’s face you have saved an image of.

It works for live album creation by selecting all the photos of a specific person saved on your google photos.


Google photos archive will let you hide sensitive images from the main photo gallery view to archive.

Although it isn’t something like password protection, it is still useful to put away images you don’t want to show others.

You can archive and unarchive photos anytime. To archive any photo, select the photo > click on three dot icon > choose ‘Move to archive’

You can see all the archived images by going to Library > Archive.

From the archive gallery, you can unarchive images at any time.

Create animation, collage, Movie

Unless you are a new google photo user, you know how google photos advanced feature creates animations and collages automatically using the images.

Google photo’s new AI system is intelligent enough as it chooses relevant images to create stunning animations and collages.

However, if you want to create animation, collage, or movie manually by yourself, you can also do that.

Open the Google photos app > go to library > select ‘Utilities’ > scroll down to get the desired option on your screen.

You can see Animation, Collage, Movie under the ‘Create New’ option.

Creating animation or movies requires just one tap in google photos. You have to just select photos that you want to make animation and hit ‘Create’. That’s all, your animation is being created and you can now share this anywhere you want.

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Google photos trash option holds all the deleted photos and videos for a limited time period. So, images and videos you have deleted from google photos can be seen in trash for 60 days.

You can restore photos from trash before they are removed permanently. Deleted items stay in the trash for 60 days. After that, they are automatically removed by the system.

To find trash, go to the library > Trash.


You can mark up images and videos as your favorite item that will display separately under favorites menu.

To mark items as favorites, click on the image and you will see the ‘Star’ icon above. Click on the star and the image will be saved in the favorites section.

To see starred images in google photos, go to the Library > favorites.

Lets recap,

From the above discussion about google photos features, we can say google photos is a complete online cloud storage solution for photos and videos.

It is not only good for storing visual elements but also can be used as a powerful photo editing tool. You can perform precise photo editing operations and adjust images how you want with this.

In a word, this simple Google integration makes our lives easier by removing the tension of pictures and videos from our heads. It also helps us keep organized all the memories no matter how old they are.

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