What are the pros and cons of google photos?

Being one of the best Google apps and used by a large number of people worldwide, Google Photos is an ultimate benefit for smartphone users.

It includes a lot of advantages such as free cloud storage service, photo sharing, editing, which are the basic offerings of google photos.

However, when you get used to google photos, you will find more exclusive options in it. Despite its huge advantages, it has some disadvantages.

In this article, we will go through google photos advantages and disadvantages to get a little bit more of it.


Why should you care about it?

It is true that cloud storage services play a very important role in daily corporate life. No one wants to see the device storage getting overloaded with pictures, videos, gifs, memes, and so on.

Cloud storage keeps us free by allowing us to store photos and videos from the device to the cloud. It makes the burden lighter for the device storage while ensuring a safe and secured place for all your necessary things.

Google offers google one service that comprises both google drive and google photos cloud storage. Google Drive is a very useful integration that you can call a powerful online collaboration platform as well as one of the versatile cloud storage.

Google Photos is a built-in application in android smartphones and there are currently 2.5 billion android users all over the world.

You may get used to it in everyday life. Can’t wait to talk about the usefulness of google photos. It offers free 15 GB cloud storage, automatically backups photos and videos, and includes a lot more features.

You can share photos online using google photos, can create beautiful collages and animations, and the basic level editing functions will allow you to edit images also.

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, google photos is an application that you must care about. Why? The below discussion will help you to make up the answer quickly.

Google photos pros

There are many reasons to like Google Photos. It offers a lot of advantages to help users stay organized with the large volume of photos and videos of their device.

From the full white user interface to facile user experience, google photos now means an ultimate solution for android users.

Here we are going to show you all the pros of google photos so you can use it precisely for your purpose. In the next, we will also see the cons/disadvantages and will make the final verdict. So, let’s dive into it,

Automatic backup

Google photos automatically backup all the photos and videos of your device. If you are an android user, the photos you just captured, and previous ones will automatically back up when the device is under Wi-Fi or data connection.

So, even if you unfortunately delete photos and videos from the device, no problem, it is still here in the cloud.

 Also, you can manually backup photos from your computer. You can easily access google photos through the web browser on your computer and simply backup photos by dragging.

Save your device storage

Despite having lots of benefits, the reason I like google photos most is saving my smartphone’s storage. After automatically backing up all the photos and videos from the device, one can delete the photos from the device.

In case you forgot to delete and they are eating up the device storage unnecessarily, google photos will notify you about that.

So, you can instantly delete all the photos from your device which have already been backed up on google photos.

Save images quality

Photos that are stored on google photos highly maintain the original quality. Photos and videos are stored in the same quality they have captured.

So, you don’t have to worry about losing quality with google photos. However, large photos (more than 16 MP) and videos (more than 1080p) will be compressed and resized to keep the size in 16 MP and 1080P.

It is called google photos storage saver as it resizes large photos and videos to save up google photos storage.

Some photos and videos may not be able to be compressed and will be stored at their original file size.

Access through any device

Google photos, google drive and other google integrations that you use regularly are linked on that account.

You can use the google account and password to access google photos and google drive through any device you want. It helps when you aren’t with a personal device but you have to access google photos ungently.

At that time, you can use other devices to log in to your google account and do what you want. However, don’t forget to log out of your account from other devices when you have finished.

Nicely organized

Google improves the google photos interface over time and now it integrates AI to provide more enhanced performance to users.

Google photos AI automatically detects the persons in the image. Moreover, it allows users to search photos by people where it suggests people’s faces captured previously.

This amazing feature will let you see all the photos of specific persons at once. This means no matter if you have thousands of pictures on google photos, you can quickly find specific photos you want to see.

Not only this, your photos are automatically organized by upload dates, places, etc. So, there is no way to miss anything with google photos.

Share photos

Google photos sharing will let you instantly share photos via Gmail, share photos directly to Facebook newsfeed, create shareable links, and so on.

You don’t need to download and use another sharing application; just go to google photos and click the image you want to share.

You can see the share option, click on that to select the best way of google photos sharing.

Edit photos

It is not so long google photos received editing functions that are almost okay for basic photo editing. For instance, if you need to resize the image, you can simply do it with google photos crop.

However, you can also adjust so many things such as brightness, contrast, white point, highlights, shadows, saturation, skin tone, warmth, and so on using google photos.

There are also filters to make strong effects, and an option to include text on your image.

Create movie, animation, and collage

Don’t get the google photos editing much useful? It is true that google photos editing options are good for basic photo editing but you can’t do advanced editing with these.

Although google photos lack advanced photo editing functions, you have to admit its movie, animation, and collage creation.

If you arent familiar with this google photo’s function, you can easily create beautiful, eye-popping movies, animations, and collages using google photos.

Moreover, google photos AI automatically creates engaging animations, collages, and movies and shows users to save if they like.

Powerful search option

The search option included in google photos is powerful and instrumental. It helps to get what you want within a moment from the huge amount of photos collected.

Because the search option allows searching with people’s faces, things like moon, sky, skylines, sunset, bikes, and what other the AI captured to recognize specific images.

You can also find photos through different categories such as favorites, recently added, screenshots, videos, animation, collage, etc.

So, with google photos, there is no chance to feel messy among thousands of images. As you can easily find any specific photo instantly using its powerful search option.

Limited free storage

Although it is limited, you must admit the free 15 GB storage of google photos. Google delivers free 15 GB cloud storage to every newcomer who just signed into google photos.

Before June 2021, google photos used to offer unlimited storage to users. But google stopped the service and limited the free storage.

However, photos and videos that are stored before June 2021, if they exceed the limited storage amount, won’t be counted.

Google photos AI

Google associated advanced AI to make google photos user experience seamless and versatile. The AI works for so many things, the usage of advanced artificial intelligence takes it to another level.

The AI can recognize faces in the images and can make photo collections automatically with the related images. It shows memory of the day by suggesting photos that have been uploaded previously.

Not only these, but the advanced AI is also able to create animations, collages, and movies using pictures. It selects a collection of photos that will look better with motion and create moving animation.

Google photos cons

We’ve been looking at the benefits of Google Photos for so long. Whether you find it useful or not, Google Photos is already being used by millions of people worldwide.

Although it has stopped offering unlimited free storage services, 15 GB of free storage is enough if you do not have a photo library of more than 15 GB.

At first glance, you won’t find any errors in it. As you continue to use it, you may experience a lack of options.

Our review unit found some of the disadvantages that would make sense regarding this.

No more unlimited storage

If you have started using google photos after June 2021, you have missed the unlimited storage option. However, the feature is still active for google pixel users.

Need to improve editing functions

As previously said, google photos editing is good for basic photo editing. Limited effects and lacks other necessary editing functions. Google should be aware of this and include more editing options in Google Photos.

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Lack of password protection folder

It is frustrating that there is no password-protecting option in google photos. Some photos are sensitive that you may not want to show others.

What if you just opened it in front of others and there suddenly appeared the secret one? It will not be pleasant for you at all. In such cases, the password protection system can help.

However, there is an option called Archive in google photos. It lets users keep away photos and videos that are sensitive.

Archived photos get removed from the main gallery and restored in the archived gallery separately.

Finally, there is countless online cloud storage that offers similar or sometimes better options than google photos. But you may want to keep using it because we use google everywhere and it also makes things easier for us.

Just install the google photos application (if not have) and all the captured photos and videos will automatically backup on it. This is the simplest cloud storage solution you can ever get.

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