What is Google Drive and how does it work?

Google Drive is one of the popular online cloud storage services offered by Google. Being the most used search engine in the world, google manages so many different types of services such as Gmail for email, google calendar, google maps, google docs, sheets, photos, translate, and a video platform YouTube.

Among them, Google drive is undoubtedly the most familiar google bi-product. If you conduct online activities, you may be familiar with cloud storage because it becomes an important part of our online activity.

There are so many online cloud storage services specialized to provide flexible online performance. But cloud storage service comes with some other advantages also.

If you already experience google drive or you have heard the name but you don’t have an interest in us it, here the discussion will unveil all the aspects of google drive. So let’s start it from scratch,


What is google drive?

Google is a file hosting storage service of google. The service started its journey on April 24, 2012. The service lets users store files, images and other important data and information to its servers. It not only offers to store but also allows them to synchronize and share to other platforms.

Google Drive at present look

Since there are so many cloud storage services available like OneDrive, iCloud, DropBox, Google drive sets it distinct from others in some specs. Its built-in features are much more useful and flexible than other cloud storage services.

At present, most people are using Google products. We used to have a google account that makes things easier for us by combining all our necessary things in a single platform. In addition to this, we can now say that Google has made our life half easy with its different products.

However, there are a lot of advantages that come with google drive. What are they? If you really want to gaze at them, keep your eyes straight in the article until the last and you will get to know how you can use google drive for your own benefit.

How does google drive work?

Since online activity has increased tremendously these days and we are now engaged with more data, information, we have to manage important files, folders, presentations, spreadsheets and so on. In this regard, it is true that the internet has made it easier for us to get any resources we need instantly. But still, there is a situation that comes with the necessity of storing files and folders for further use.

Although flash drives fulfil the desire as we can store anything we want into them according to use by them whenever we need. But flash drives often require more intention to take care and since they are sophisticated, a little hit could damage the device like a sharp knife slicing a piece of cake.

As a result, you could lose all your important files and resources at a time and possibly it would not be a sweet dream to you.

To avoid such situations, modern technology brings us cloud storage services through which we no longer have to worry about carrying flash drives and throwing extra attention to take care of them precisely. These cloud storage services come available online and you can access them anytime from anywhere without carrying any unwanted device with you.

Cloud storage service like google drive offers huge space, you can store any types of files like images, videos, word file, datasheet, presentation and files with any extensions.

Not only just store, but you can also share these files to any platform via your google drive file link. Also, you can be a host by offering files that you have to direct download from your drive.

However, google drive includes some best applications which are mostly by users. Here showing you some of them below,

  • Google Docs – for text documents like proposals, reports, shared meeting notes
  • Google Sheets – provides spreadsheets to project plans and budget sheets
  • Google slides – for presentations such as pitch decks, training modules, team presentations
  • Google forms – to manage quick surveys like customer satisfaction surveys, group polls
  • Google drawings – so useful to create shapes, charts and diagrams for flow charts, mind maps website wireframes
  • Google sites – for websites, team, project and resume sites

How to get connected with google drive?

To get connected with google, the first thing you need to have is a google account. In the present online perspective, it is much important having a google account because everything online such as apps, games, websites use a Gmail account to synchronize previous data and progress.

Therefore, you may find so many people having multiple google accounts for multiple reasons. Creating a google account is as easy as simile and I can’t think there are people who are not able to create a google account on their own.

Even then, we are starting the process, first of all, go to the browser and type ‘sign up google’. It will land you on a page where you find registration or entry to sign up for google. Put your personal information as it wants, prove that you are not a robot by captcha, verify your mobile number and then OK.

Here you have signed up in google and you have now owned a google account. Once you have a google account, it means you can now use google’s product like Gmail, map, play store, news, meet, contacts, calendar, translate, photos, duo and google drive.

For PC

You can use any of them through your mobile, laptop or PC. You can store any of your images, files, spreadsheets, presentations from any device and can get access to use from all your devices where the account is connected to your browser.

Google Drive use computer in gmail

But in your PC and smartphone, how could you find the drive option in your device. Well, the function isn’t the same for both PC and smartphone to get into google drive and if you are a starter, it could take some time to identify where the option is.

To easily access google drive through your PC, you should open the google chrome browser and in the upper right corner, you will get 6 dots in the interface. Click on that and you will see all of the google services displaying in a particular form and of course google drive is included in that.

In addition to that, if you don’t find it helpful to you, then there is another way of accessing google drive by searching drive.google.com and you will redirect to your google drive.

For Smartphones

for mobile use google drive app

For smartphones, google has particular apps for all its services and integration. You find google drive, Gmail, google file explorer and other google products as a built in feature in your smartphone through which you can directly access your drive.

Also, you can follow the way to go to the link drive.google.com on your android browser and can upload or sync files, folders.

What is the importance of cloud storage service?

In a world full of online activity, we are spending more time online than offline. Similarly, we are completing more tasks online than we do conventionally. In Online, we have to deal with so many files, programs, images, data and information.

And, there are times when we have to do these jobs staying far from our home or office. In such situations, we haven’t got time to gather and store all the necessary information in a single device. Therefore, we need more versatility and flexibility in constructing the necessary files.

Here comes the importance of such cloud storage services. It offers great advantages as we can easily store any type of files and resources in the drive storage. The interesting fact is, once you have stored files for instance word files, PowerPoint presentations, you can access them from anywhere in the world.

Before the invention of cloud storage, people have to use social media or flash drive material storage to exchange and carry their necessary files and pieces of information. Although, you still find half of the people using and giving priority more to flash drives than cloud storage because they don’t have the knowledge to use them properly.

Rather flash drive includes virus and other threats like being broken or being lost. Besides, a high storage flash drive comes with a high rate that is not affordable sometimes for students. On the other hand, cloud storages offer some free space at the first time when users firstly sign in to the service.

So, if you still aren’t taking the advantages of google drive, then you may do such things with much effort. Using google drive can make your job easier and faster through its flexible features. Then, why are you waiting?

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