What is google forms?

Google form is one of the helpful integrations of google that comes as google docs, sheets, slides, drive, etc. so, google form is also a free integration that you can use without paying a single penny.

When most people are just aware of a few googles services like drive and Gmail, they even don’t know how flexible google already has been to provide them with these free integrations. We have a huge article coverage about google drive which you can easily find in the blog.

Google always thinks about the users and intends to make their entire user experience easy and smooth. If you think about the Google browser, you can understand this easily. Google keeps an eye on the user’s information and provides the most required information to them. Don’t you ever wonder by seeing that your browser suggests data and resources about which you have to think for a while?

Back to the discussion, google form is an easy-to-use solution for collecting huge data from a specific group of audiences or common people by creating forms and adding questions into them. You can share forms anywhere you want like social media, websites, and blogs to collect people’s opinions.

Not only that, you can organize the collected data in google sheets to make things easy to understand.

However, the advantage of google forms can’t be stated with a few words. As we start, we will let you know all about google forms, for which purposes you can use this, and so on. If this is the first time you have heard about google drive, then you may not know how to get started with this helpful integration. So, here we start into a deep discussion about this below,


What to do with google forms?

Google forms have a variety of usage and offer huge possibilities. It helps business owners, social media marketers, students, teachers, online activists, and so on to easily engage with their audiences.

Since information and data have become the most powerful tool in the 21st century, you can’t avoid it no matter what profession you are in. there must require data in an integral way and there is actually nothing that can run without data in the present world.

There are some cases when we have to collect data on an urgent basis to conduct experiments. In such situations, we have to run surveys as it is the quickest and possible way to get organized a lot of data within a few days/hours.

But real-life surveys require a lot of money, man force, and management to cover the different areas to collect data of what you want.

In sum, these real-life surveys are a painful and arduous process although. In the age of the internet, if you are still prior to offline surveys instead of online, then it is because you ain’t know about this.

With Google forms like integration, you can manage any survey like customer feedback, create a poll to get people’s opinions, take quizzes, and manage event registration, and so on freely.

If you are wondering about reading hereto, then prepare yourself for the next step. Here we are showing how much you can do with this single integration even in full free.

Opinion surveys

Want to conduct a survey to pick the opinions of people about a specific issue? Opinion survey is much important in community sectors where the admins need to know audiences’ opinions before starting a campaign. Opinion surveys are also needed in schools and colleges to learn students’ and guardians’ preferences. Thus, with google form, they can easily make an opinion survey form and collect opinions to fulfill their campaign.

Customer feedback surveys

Customer feedback is at the top of the importance. Both sellers and consumers are really seeking this option for different purposes. Retailers have to intend to take customers’ feedback to learn how they feel about their service or products.

Customer feedback is essential in online ecommerce business and those who have business activity in social media. Because, they always need to face new consumers who just started with them, if they find positive reviews in consumers feedback, then they can easily trust and rely on the brand.

Since social media business and marketing has been grown tremendously over these years, Google Forms is now helping social media retailers create forms quickly and collect customers’ feedback without any trouble.

Job applications

Google form makes it super easy to create a job application form to recruit some new faces in your business. It allows recruiters to easily create online forms which can be posted on their websites, social media profiles, or anywhere. The most interesting fact, they don’t have to mass up if lots of applicants submit to them. Because those submissions will automatically go into google sheets.

  If you are a social media user, then whatever platform you use, you must have seen that social media has become a strong place to manage jobs for unemployed persons.

Because it is such a platform where millions of people are connected for various purposes. Social media makes it easy for both recruiters and job seekers through a notification system as recruiters can easily set and spread recruitment posts that are landed on the needer’s timeline.

Quick poll

Quick poll is the one-step solution in this internet age where everything goes and manages online. Quick poll is a fast and easy solution to such critical situations when you need to conduct surveys between online activists.

With Google Forms, you can thoroughly create digital surveys with as many questions as you want. Or you can include multiple options to let audiences choose the correct one. At present, google forms are a versatile option to make online surveys that can be sent and answered via mail.

You can set the poll in your web pages, embed the questionnaire on a site, and share it via social media. It is so helpful for social media retailers to pick up consumers’ opinions, teachers to make quick polls for students, and so on.

Daily check-in

Daily check-in is crucial in distance learning because there are writers who need to listen to students’ opinions and make sure everything is going well. Though there are flexible video conferencing available through which distance learning has become so easy.

But sometimes video conferencing is slow, lags users, and doesn’t even understand how students are doing and if they need any help. On the other hand, google forms is a great one way option to check on a daily basis.

For instance, here is a daily check in for a group of students set to check before they start their online class every day.

  • How are you feeling today?
  • Do you have anything to tell me? This can be about school or life.
  • Were you able to find all of your work for today?
  • Do you need any help getting started with your assignments?
  • What questions do you have about your assignments?

Similarly, you can create check in forms and can set the requirement every day.

Record book

Record book is required to hold any records whether it is simply records of sign in and sign out the time of users, data entry record, attendance record in online classes, and so on. Creating a digital record sheet/book with google form is so easy and moreover, it can be linked with google sheets.

So, you don’t have to worry about organizing huge records data because it will automatically be organized if you didn’t forget to link the record book with google sheet.

RSVP form

If you are new to the abbreviation RSVP, you should know its full form. RSVP is an acronym of French Répondez s’il vous plait that means please respond. The RSVP form is one of the best options to make birthday invitations, friendly parties, anniversaries, after-work dinners, conferences, or whatever event you want to make with this.

RSVP forms are considered as best because you can get an idea of upcoming guests at your party. When you send anyone with an RSVP form, the next step is expecting a response from individuals. In this way, you can easily make sense of how many guests you are going to have on the occasion.

If you want, then google form will help you create an RSVP form on your own and send it to whom you want to join the party.

Order forms

Creating order forms is highly essential for online retailers. To help them in this issue, there are so many integrations have been made to make it easy for both consumers and retailers. But with google form, it is almost free and you can present the order form exclusively to your consumers.

In the google order form, you can add multiple products and prices for sale including images and customizable quantity adjustment. You can also add questions to ask specific delivery options to consumers like their name, address, phone number.

If you are an online retailer, then it is highly recommended to you to make your order forms easily with google forms.

Marketing campaign

Search engine marketing is a kinda blessing of google, through SEM, online marketers can reach their targeted audiences easily, displaying their name in the first row of the search engine result page. However, managing online marketing campaigns and optimizing them for the best outcome isn’t as easy although unless you don’t have the knowledge to conduct them properly.

But with google form, it is pretty easy to ensure that your marketing strategy is going Ok and updated in time. You should consider implementing google Forms in your online marketing campaign as it is the quickest and simplest way to ensure your campaign is going fine.

Though google forms, you are able to,

  • Know about audiences’ interests, what types of content, products, and services they expect from you
  • In this way, you can also get feedback about the recent activities in your online store
  • You can create a simple poll including social media platforms to know which one your audiences use most
  • Understanding visitors and audiences needs and interests

So, it can be easily understood that, with Google Forms, you can implement and regulate marketing campaigns thoroughly.

Event registrations

you can set any types of event registration to form with google form and can share it publicly to let people register for the event without any cost. google form is a quick solution for any upcoming event registration fillup and probably the easiest option to stay organized with lots of registered data.

you can create an online registration form to sign up people for your event anytime, anywhere. for example, you can create,

  • create an online registration form for patients
  • Students or attendees can sign up for a course or event
  • Keep track of who signed up so you can plan your event accordingly

Collecting email addresses

collecting email addresses of your audience, visitors, and subscribers are crucial at present if you practice email marketing in your business marketing strategy. in your email marketing strategy, you must have the user’s email address to inform them about various movements of your store webpage.

Therefore, you can see most of the websites have a newsletter subscription option through which visitors are allowed to get notifications of the announcement, new blogs, product, and service discount. when you have a handful of email addresses, you don’t have to worry about user retention, response, and traffic to your online events.

When you set an email address collecting form with a google form, you can easily make it accessible for the audience and you don’t have to worry about information organization. because it is used to link with google sheets to store all the collected data automatically.

Creating pop quiz

pop quizzes seem the most important action online at present. pop quizzes require to ensure your audiences are bound to the protocols you have set for them. online marketers, social media groups and page admins, teachers, online activists all are in need of setting pop quizzes having fun or serious issues.

whatever your purpose, you can create google forms to make free, self-grading quizzes within five minutes. You can see automatic summaries for all quiz responses, including:

  • Frequently missed questions
  • Graphs marked with correct answers
  • Average, median, and range of scores

How to get started with google forms?

So, it has been clear here that google forms is undoubtedly a good integration to implement quick online surveys, polls, pop quizzes, event form registrations, and so on. The good news is, google form is completely free and it comes with your Google account.

As with other Google services such as google docs, google sheets, and slides which you can use as free with your google drive. Similarly, you can get a google form to manage your online forms whenever you want.

Therefore, it needs to know how google forms are being used to create different types of survey forms to collect opinions of people on your preferred issue. We are showing here how easily you can get started with google forms to implement any online campaigns with this.

To start with google forms, you have to be signed in with your Google account in the browser. If you don’t have a Google account, then you have to create one right now. Creating a google account is almost easy and fun, just filling up blank boxes with required information and it will be done.

Whether you already have a google account or you just created one right now, use the account to sign in to your browser. Once you have signed in with your Google account, then you are all set. To access your google forms, you can simply go to forms.google.com.

Although, you can also access your google forms in other ways. With your google account connected in the browser, look at the upper right corner, you can see three dotted options there like this.

How to get started with google forms

If you click on the option, it will show you all the available google services you can use freely. When you get the dropdown menu, scroll down to the bottom where google forms are placed.

available google services you can use freely

You can also access your google forms through your google drive. thanks to google for its user integrated interface that satisfied users providing everything in their hands. However, if you want to access google form while you are in drive, then follow this.

With your google drive, you get an option ‘New’ on the left. Click on that,

How to get started with google forms with google drive

This button holds everything you can access through google drive. to get a google form, you have to click more and you will find a google form.

Started google forms with google drive

Finally, when you have the cost-free option to manage a lot of options within a single platform, there is no need to consider going for any other integrations. With Google Forms, you can accomplish all your necessary surveys, create polls to collect audience interest, and so on. Therefore, you should use and take advantage of today if you really think you need it.

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